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Arc of Dreams has arrived

I went over and snapped some pictures. It was interesting to watch them piece it together. While this will be a ‘neat’ sculpture, I still think that the $2.6 million spent on this project could have have been put to better use doing HUNDREDS of art and beautification projects all over Sioux Falls, hiring local contractors, landscapers, artists, artisans and craftsman. Instead we spent it on a fabrication shop in Colorado. At least the artist was from South Dakota. As I have stated in the past, this is just a monument to egos.

Does the Pavilion and SculptureWalk realize this is a Knockoff of the Dutch Boy logo?

safe_image.php precious-americana-dutch-boy-paints-lw1gb-433x600

People’s choice award, a house paint logo image. Maybe I should submit an Aunt Jamima or Pillsbury Dough Boy sculpture?

I often chuckle about the people who make the public art selections in this (boom)town.

Remember this People’s Choice winner from Sculpture Walk 2014 (created by Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby)? It will soon have a new home in the Washington Pavilion’s main lobby as you walk up to the VAC. Thank you City of Sioux Falls – Municipal Government and SculptureWalk!


There is a sucker born everyday, and probably 2 or 3 in Sioux Falls. I also find the irony of the ‘Dutch Boy’ (Girl? Boy? Transgender?) actually painting a REAL painting and not a house to be funny. Do you think that Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby (the artists) are having a little joke with us? Nah. They are not that clever.

$25,000 for Sculpture toothbrush cleaning, and zilch for mosaic wall

I don’t think this was a mistake, I believe with all the Downtown development, they kind of want the wall to go away, but a bad way to go about it;

But the maintenance has been sparse since the last segment of artwork was installed in 2009. And time is taking its toll.

Creators of the mosaic believe vibrations caused by the demolition of the nearby River Ramp in 2012 caused many of the tiles to loosen. Ice melt and other chemicals applied to the adjacent road in winter splashes up on the mosaic and contributes to a leaching that is staining the tiles.

“Having that type of wall next to a busy street with our winters just makes it problematic,” said Sue Quanbeck Etten, director of central services for the city.

But chemical splash isn’t the only issue here. The wall sits along a triangular piece of land that the city believes is prime for redevelopment. It’s trying to gauge private interest now in building on that site. Depending on the interest, the city wants to expand the River Greenway to that side of the Big Sioux much the same as has been done next to Cherapa Place and the Hilton Garden Inn on the east side.

No surprise though, like most things public art wise in Sioux Falls they mis-manage funds to support it, and when they do get it right they fail on maintenance. I think the Statue of David jinx us years ago.

2015 Sioux Falls SculptureWalk

Besides the normal Biblical themes, silly dogs and bears, there are some good surprises. This is my favorite.


Looks like Potato Man’s twin brother needs waders

Statue familiar

My ‘Fort Collins’ connection sent me this picture of the ‘Potato Man’ in Loveland, CO who seems to be up the creek without a paddle. How many of these bronzes exist anywho? Original art in Sioux Falls? Who needs it?

UPDATE: City hires firm to maintain outdoor BRONZE sculptures? LOL!

Even Sodapop THINKS the city is silly.

When I read this story and got a H/T from a DaCola foot soldier, I said to myself, tell me it is not true. I mean, the city spends money on some pretty stupid shit (just recently they bought a film projector for a private non-profit). But this takes the cake;

The City of Sioux Falls has hired a firm to maintain nearly 40 pieces of artwork.

The California Company has been signed to a three year contract at $25,000 a year to maintain the city-owned artwork throughout Sioux Falls.

Oh, but this explains how the city got roped into this boondoggle;

The California firm is also working with local Sioux Falls artists to take care of the city-owned art.

So let me get this straight, the city had to hire an out-of-state contractor, to contract local artists to clean sculptures with soap and water? And that is the crux of this. Bronzes are used in outdoor sculptures because of there durability, and if you don’t like a little bird shit on them, you simply get out the hose and a scrub brush, something a city parks worker could do very easily. But for some reason the city seems to think (or got suckered) into thinking they need to pay $625 per year, per sculpture to essentially check welds and give a bath to sculptures.

I did my research (even though I already knew the answer);

One of the wonderful things about bronze sculptures is that they need little care or maintenance and will last for hundreds of years.

The best cleaner for bronze sculptures (now get ready) is plain soap and water.

Maybe we should hire a private firm to maintain the amount bullshit coming from City Hall, of course that would take more then $25,000 a year. CALL FEMA! WE HAVE AN EMERGENCY SITUATION!

I have often thought the city was getting the shaft on SculptureWalk. But not financially, to be fair, SW funds most of the project each year privately, the city provides space, some liability insurance (I think) and purchases a couple of sculptures each year (even though SW could probably raise this money privately and gift the sculptures to the city). My beef has never been with the money or even the sculptures themselves. I have never agreed with the fact the jurying process has been closed to selected individuals by SW, though SW uses public funds. And now those funds are apparently going to California to buy Ivory dish soap. Go figure.

UPDATE: The contract was approved at the October 9, 2012 Council Meeting in the consent agenda. It only took the city 10 months to make a formal announcement about it. (DOC: art cleanup) scroll to the bottom

DT Sculptures are not ‘Play Things’

IMAGE: SculptureWalk

From a reader’s email;

I was driving down Phillips on Saturday afternoon and there were a bunch of people downtown looking at the sculptures, etc and there were two ADULT women on the bicycle having their picture taken.

They were SITTING on it like it was a play thing.  Then on the 0ther side of the street there were three younger females and one looked around before climbing on top of the stone/rock to have her picture taken with the rabbit.

This is not an adult playground…it is ART.

Some of the pieces are probably durable enough to do stuff like this, but like the reader said, they are not play things. Please appreciate them from a distance.

SculptureWalk 2011

Dave will be one of the featured sculptures.

SHOCKED! Sculpture Walk finally admits to taxpayer contributions

Yesterday at the SF City council informational meeting, SF Sculpture Walk dictator, Jim Clark, admitted that the city (taxpayers) give $25,000 yearly to SW (of course after Staggers asked him the question). And just out of curiosity I went to their website to see if that claim was repeated, and it was;

WOW! While Mr. Clark and I don’t see eye to eye, I am glad to see he is coming around. I have often said, give credit where credit is due, and it seems he finally gets it, kinda. Public art is just that, public. And when you shut out the public (after digging in their wallets) you are not encouraging people to give to the arts, it only makes them suspect, that is why public art has gotten such a bad rap. Tell the public what their money is being spent on, and they will support it, keep them in the dark, and they will not.

SculptureWalk Park Idea

I suggested a few years ago that SW should just be in Fawick Park, it would make it more accessible to people with special needs and would centralize the program. I still think it is a good idea, and maybe when the new mayor takes over, whoever it is, I can convince them of my idea.

Here is a mockup of my idea.


UPDATE: Amphitheater picture (H/T – Sy)

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