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Sioux Falls School District hiring sandwich artists?

I know, at first glance, if it wasn’t real it would be laughable. This is an actual ad for substitutes in the SFSD.

Rep. Goodwin calls out voter suppression in upcoming Rapid City School Bond Election

Some of this stuff sounds familiar;

For those who do decide to fight the elements and go vote, they could be disappointed upon arriving at the school to find that their voting location has been moved. There is a good possibility under this scenario for them to say, “Heck with it,” and go home, thus not casting their vote.

You mean like only having super precincts in only the Southern part of the District?

Now, you’ve noticed that I haven’t taken a stand on whether or not we should vote for the $180 million, (actually $280 million).

Another thing that sounds familiar, hiding the ‘interest’ from voters.

Well, that’s not my point. What I’m attempting to do is hit home that in the year 2020, on said date, Feb. 25, the Rapid City schools are making a cold (no pun intended), calculated strike to stop as many voters as possible from showing up at the polls to vote, thus passing the $280 million dollar bond issue. There, I said it!

And you better be prepared for Soviet level returns. Some will be wondering if a school bond passed or if Putin just got elected as president of Rapid City.

I have heard several rumors that certain school officials from the SFSD have quietly ‘consulted’ the RCSD on how to conduct their election. I of course have no proof of this, because as we have seen, both districts operate in complete secrecy. But it would NOT surprise me, even if officials from the RCSD did not sit down with SFSD officials, that it is pretty easy to take a page from Sioux Falls by watching how it played out here.

While I still believe the SFSD bond would have passed anyway, I think some of the tricks they played along the way skewed the poll numbers (we still haven’t been able to access the ballots to count them ourselves, if they even still exist). I highly suggest RC voters demand a fair election, in all precincts, on a NICE day. If they don’t and it gets to a Soviet level, I also suggest you ask to recount the votes yourself.

Maher saddles the community with the largest bond in the history of the district, city and state than says ‘Bye’

I’m not surprised, in fact I think I just rolled my eyes when I read the news;

Sioux Falls School Superintendent Brian Maher is resigning, effective June of next year.

Dr. Maher has been leading the Sioux Falls School District for five years.

One of his biggest highlights was shepherding the passage of the $190 million school bond issue, the state’s largest.

I have heard rumors during his tenure he was hired to get the bond issue passed. While that part is obvious, I never realized he would leave so suddenly after that. So we paid him well over $1 million dollars (in 5 years) to straddle us with $300 million in debt and interest than he trots out the door. Mission accomplished.

While he says he ‘may’ not leave Sioux Falls, I wouldn’t be so sure. It took a lot to convince him to come here, and I get the feeling he really hasn’t embraced the community as much as he wanted to. I don’t fault him for that. Everyone has a sense of ‘home’ and if he feels like he needs to leave, who am I to stop him.

But what bothers me the most is how it seems he was brought in to get the job done – which he did, than leaves in a cloud of smoke. Public service really isn’t what it used to be – it seems their only mission these days is to raise our taxes and leave it to the taxpayers to figure out how to manage it.

SFSD Staff Star Michelle McIntyre

I was so happy to see this! I met Michelle years and years ago through her husband Pat. Michelle used to manage Nitwits comedy club, and she was so gracious to let me display my artwork in the establishment. She is one of the kindest people I know, and the school district is lucky to have her! She also has an amazing sense of humor (go figure).

Brandon School Bond vote crushes SFSD record

This bond election was in NO way in comparison to the SFSD.

First by the numbers, this was a $17 million dollar bond, heck, the SF City Council passes bonds like that every other week. Our bond issue was $300 million with interest.

But the bigger point was the Brandon School District asked for NO increase in taxes to pass the bond. See, they just paid off a bond, so instead of decreasing taxes they simply are keeping them where they are at currently. It’s called planning ahead, something the SFSD hasn’t been doing.

I argued at the time of the bond we could borrow half and pay the rest as we go. In fact, that suggestion came from school bond task force member, Mark Cotter. It would have roughly saved us $50 million in interest payments (but who’s counting?)

Also, the election vote turnout in Brandon was less then stellar, about 8.2%. While Brandon elections normally don’t draw many people anyway, I think the fact that taxes were NOT increasing didn’t really interest people as being that important. Even if it would not have passed, they would have found a way to keep taxes where they are. I have never known there to be a property tax DECREASE in the region, or at least lately.

I still believe, as I told a SFSD official recently that the SFSD vote was tampered with, but NOT by the counters, but by the people who entered them into the system. I guess we will never know because the district wouldn’t allow us to have an independent audit of the results without paying them to supervise our efforts. How is that independent?

Local Govt entities join forces to become ‘Sioux Falls OP-OUT’

For years, there has been a push for Minnehaha County and the City of Sioux Falls to join forces and become one. With this merger, they went even a step further. The City of Sioux Falls, the County and also the School District are now all one entity called ‘Sioux Falls OP-OUT’

County Treasurer Stan Neilson said, “So many people are confused about where their property taxes go, and with all these increases by all three entities, this will just make it easier to raise . . . uh . . . I mean ‘regulate’ your property taxes.”

So with this change I wondered if it would actually save taxpayers millions in employee salaries and benefits since a lot of the jobs could be combined.

“Highly unlikely,” said HR director for the city, Bud Da’Toole, “We are going to actually ADD more employees, mostly in management, because we will need a lot of middle managers to handle the transition, I also expect the the administrators to double in the education side of the deal.”

There was one bright spot in the whole transition though, and good news in the Parks and Rec department. Parks Director Dave Kornhole explains, “We figured since we are paying teachers a yearly salary anyway, they might as well work the entire year, so during the summer we will have teachers working in our parks mowing grass and during winter break we will have them plowing streets.”

I wondered if teachers would be qualified to plow the streets. Street director Kyle Skidmore said, “Like our current snowplow operators, if they don’t know how to use the snowgates properly, they’ll just skip a driveway or two.”

Some wondered who would be the administrator of this new unity. Would it be the mayor, the superintendent or the commission chair? Former county chair Sandy Highpants said that was an easy decision, “I’m in charge. I’m always in charge.”

We asked superintendent Bruce Mauler if he was aware of the new leadership decision. “Yeah, she may be ‘in charge’ but we all know who makes the decisions around this joint, behind closed doors of course.”

Mayor TwoSh*ts was unavailable for comment because he was busy with a SELFIE Shoot by a hat rack at Flying J Truckstop.

We also wondered what the legislative makeup would be. City council chair Marty Selless said that the first process would be asking any of the board members of each of the entities if they would want to resign. The only taker so far was Commissioner Jesse Farth who told Marty, “I’m outta here suckers!”

The second step of elimination would be done during a joint meeting with all three bodies. “Basically, whoever falls asleep during that meeting or is caught texting would be eliminated. We figured that should whittle us down to about 5 members” said Selless.

So there you have it, in the name of even higher property taxes, we have made government more efficient.

Will taxpayers be asked to bail out School Bus Inc.?

I’m just asking the question a lot of other people are asking, If School Bus Inc. has to file bankruptcy or close down for any reason, will the Sioux Falls School District (taxpayers) have to bail them out?

I’m not sure what laws are in place to make that possible, but I’m not sure if the SFSD has a backup plan if the contractor shuts down suddenly. I also wonder why the district contracts with the company instead of just owning their own buses? I’m not sure what the rules are with that either. I think a lot school districts across the state contract the services, especially the larger districts, probably helps with a lot of headaches.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, in the mean time I would make sure your kids have good sneakers and snow boots.

Is the Sioux Falls School District really that tight on money? Several administrators get massive raises

So I started reading this Argus story about across the board raises, this is what the district said;

The wage gap between teachers and administrators in the Sioux Falls School District is widening.

School board candidates in May criticized the district for its spending on administrative salaries, but later in the month the board approved a three-year contract stating that when Sioux Falls teachers get raises, so do their bosses.

This school year, all employees will see a 2.75% salary increase, but when administrators make an average of $76,000 more annually than teachers, that raise goes further for them.

But when you look at the salary increases from last year (they are approved by the school board in July) in the graphic below I created from the district’s salary data, you will see another story. Many administrators are getting massive wage increases right after they approved a $300 million dollar school bond. Here are the entire PDF docs of salaries; 2018-19, 2019-2020

“The city of Sioux Falls, the county, Sanford Health, Avera Health, it’s just kind of the way it works,” said former board member and current administrator Doug Morrison said of the district’s salary schedule. “So everyone can aspire to have a pathway to what they want to be in life.”

The problem(s) with Morrison’s statement (there are several) is that the SFSD is NOT a private corporation or private non-profit, it is a taxpayer funded entity, and our taxes are going through the f’ing roof!

Mickelson would not explain the issue further, but suggested administrator pay be set year-to-year based on performance and the financial condition of the school district instead.

However, district officials say the blanket percentage increase and not seeing the contract’s details beforehand is common practice, something that’s been ongoing for about 20 years. 

Whoa! Cynthia and I agree on something. At least Todd Vik (the business manager) admits to the secrecy and backroom deals. Someone told me recently that they overheard Alberty (who just left the board) say in reference to the Sioux Falls City Council’s very public airing of grievances that the school board makes decisions behind closed doors before the public meeting so the public can’t see the sausage being made, so to speak. Well isn’t that nice?!

Vik acknowledged the percentage allocated for increases to teacher salaries has consistently also been tied to administrative salary increases, except for four occasions. 

District officials also said the average increase isn’t as large as it seems on paper, and includes those moving up the steps of a set salary schedule.

“A wage gap is accurate, but disparity, if I were to look up the definition, that would say to me our teacher salaries are growing by a less percentage than our administrators,” Alberty said about his May vote Wednesday. “But it’s tied to the teachers increases get and that’s not a disparity in my mind at all.”

Really? The data below tells a different tale Mr. Vik and Mr. Alberty. Administrators are getting rich while the taxpayers are getting screwed.

In the graphic, the RED DOTS denote who got a raise over 2.75%. In fact out of 68 employees listed, 42 got more than that. I also listed the percentages they received. You will also notice that job titles are NOT listed, it is that way in the data the SFSD has listed.

Sioux Falls School District continues to do things A**Backwards

First they decided to push a $300 million dollar bond issue, have the finance department hand count the votes, then don’t allow the public access to the ballots.

They pushed this public funding without having a location picked for the new HS, middle school or when and if Whittier would be replaced. They also had NO plans on how to fund staffing these facilities (and still don’t) they also didn’t bother telling the public they planned a new 10 year opt-out (we all know this was in the works all along).

Now they want to draw new boundaries for the school district. While I don’t disagree this needs to be done, it should have been done way before we voted on a bond issue. The SFSD likes to do things A**backwards because they know they wouldn’t get support for the bonding if they would have drawn lines, picked new school locations and proposed a 10 year opt-out before the vote.

The SFSD has to be the sneakiest, most scheming, money grubbin’ local government agency in the state where administrators are only concerned about their own benefits and wages while local restaurants have to have bake sales to buy cheese sandwiches for the poor kids.

It’s going to be entertaining watching the new lines being drawn. Do you think the SFSD will finally become fully integrated or will the trailer park and minority students still have to go to their schools while the Lilly White still will have there’s? Will open enrollment be finally eliminated?

Just like NOT having voting precincts in the Northern half of the city in the past three school elections, I expect the segregation to continue. People who do things a**backwards often have no backbones. Now go eat your cheese sandwich and shut up!

Sioux Falls City Council does not need to raise property taxes

Besides the fact that the county and school district are going opt-out crazy (even though the SFSD has a $11 Billion in valuations and we are looking at another record year in building permits) the city council gets to vote on property tax increases at the end of September (historically).  The state allows between 2%-3%. Last year the council voted 7-1 to increase it by 2.1% (Stehly was the lone NO vote).

Yesterday during the city council meeting, councilor Pat Starr pointed out that while the city only needs a 25% reserve fund they have around 38%.

There really is NO viable reason the city needs to vote for this increase. It will be interesting to see how the city council votes on this increase since I can’t remember the last time it has ever been voted down. I think it has passed every single year for at least the last decade.

We all know that the RS5 rarely votes for the citizens, so it will be fun to listen to their reasons why they need to vote for this unneeded increase. I have often argued with record growth in our city (and valuations) we shouldn’t have to increase the percentage the city taxes.