An old high school classmate posted this blog on Facebook the other day. Basically, a friend is trying to set up her sister on a date.

From the blog Date My Sis:

I am the protective sister (I’ve been known to shoot a gun, but only at non-living targets {wink}).
In all honesty, I only want what is best for my sister. Read below, and if you’re cool with it all, we can arrange a fab date between you and the most adorable girl on the planet.
Whatcha got to lose?
  • Suitor MUST believe in Jesus. That is non-negotiable.
  • Suitor must live in the Greater Columbus area (Ohio). My sister works four ten-hour days a week, and she spends her off-days catching up with friends and family. It just wouldn’t make sense for her to travel an hour each way to meet up with someone during her downtime. Now, if you have a private jet and prefer that mode of transportation – that’s a different story.
  • Men only. Enough said.
  • Technically, there isn’t an age limit or range, but my sister has never dated anyone considerably older or younger. Dating someone 10 years older would be quite a stretch, and let’s be real, she isn’t looking to date anyone whose lifestyle mirrors the average frat boy. She’s been financially independent and career-driven for several years, thus she deserves someone who is equally stable (not to say she doesn’t enjoy a fun night out on the town every now and then. My sister is way more fun than I ever will be).
  • My sister has the right to say NO to anyone whom she does not deem appropriate. If she ain’t feeling it, oh well.
  • Assuming you do go out with her, you will meet up at the arranged location (no carpooling), and you will leave the arranged location separately. Face it, anytime the Internet is involved, there is a risk. My sister’s safety WILL NOT be jeopardized. I (along with my gun-happy husband and the rest of his hunting buddies) will be VERY aware of her exact location. She will have her cell phone with her at all times. Heck, I might even be waiting for her outside in the car {wink}.
  • The results of your date will be blogged about. Neither your name nor any telling information will be published, but the highs and lows of the date will be. Think about it, this is a win-win situation. If you are wondering how things went, all you have to do is check the blog. Full disclosure.
  • Most importantly, this should be fun. As long as you go into this with a hey-why-not attitude and an honest disposition, I promise you will be impressed. Only God knows what will come of this Date My Sis idea, in the meantime, have some fun!
  • So, if you’re interested or know someone who might be interested, go to Date My Sis and leave a comment. I left a suggestion, but I don’t know that they’ll jump on it. Let’s help this fine Christian honey find a man.

    Sometimes you pick shit up and you go WTF? This happened tonight. I was going to my favorite parking spot Downtown SF in the Washington Pavilion parking ramp and I spot a t-shirt laying on the ground, the skull and cross-bones caught my eye. So I stopped and threw it in the back seat. If it sucked I figured I would use it as a snot rag. I often go to St. Vincent DePaul and buy $.33 t-shirts, so I enjoy this kind of stuff. But when I got home I discovered what a gem it was. Not only was it my size, and apparently brand new, the saying was perfect.

    Who says life sucks?

    BTW, if you read this blog and this is your shirt – tough shit – you are not getting it back.