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Sioux Falls Park Board Meeting, Tuesday


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

3:00 p.m. Regular Board Meeting

Downtown Library, 200 N. Main Ave., Meeting Room B


1. Roll call and determination of quorum

2. Approval of minutes from January 16, 2018 meeting

3. Public input

4. Report of standing committees

a. Marketing and Public Needs

b. Park System Planning and Development

c. Partnerships and Recreation

5. Unfinished business

6. New business

a. Gate Fee Applications:

Tournaments Scott Juhnke

JazzFest Jackie Nelson

b. Great Bear Management Agreement Kelby Mieras, Dan Grider, Steve Sanford

c. CIP 2019-2023 Work Session Tory Miedema, Mike Patten

7. Report of Director of Parks and Recreation

a. Community Center report January

b. Aquatics report January

c. Ice Rink Report – January

d. Golf Course December/Year End

e. Administrative issues report

8. Items added after the agenda deadline

a. The Parks and Recreation Board may include other such business as may come before

this body.

9. Reading of communications to the Board

10. Open board discussion

11. Adjournment

Upcoming events: No scheduled press conferences or ribbon cuttings

*DaCola Note: I find it interesting that they will be discussing the CIP 2019-2023 before a new administration come in.

The Pavilion is NOT comparable to our Parks System

I still haven’t figured out exactly if this editorial by the Argus is about anything, but I certainly found this line troubling and extremely inaccurate;

It is a valuable city asset akin to our parks system, one that enriches those of us who already call Sioux Falls home.

It is NOTHING like our parks system when it comes to value. Many things in our parks system are FREE due to the taxes we pay. What is free at the Pavilion? Nothing. I suppose you could sit in the lobby and take a nap on one of the benches. The Pavilion use to offer many free events and a free visual arts center. Not any more.

And that is another reason why you cannot compare our parks system to the Pavilion. Taxpayers take it in the shorts on many fronts with the Pavilion. We NOT only subsidize operations, but the city also robs the 3rd penny entertainment tax to make upgrades to a building that really isn’t that old and went almost $20 million over budget. The 3rd penny should really be used to promote tourism and FREE public art programs in our community.

The Pavilion doesn’t give any cultural value back to the community UNLESS you pay for it, TWICE. Once in your tax bill and again when you buy a ticket.

Do we need the Pavilion? Most definitely. But I think they should bring back some FREE programming so we can truly compare it to the city’s GREATEST asset, our Parks System.

Mitchell, SD pays a third of what we did for their Indoor Aquatic Center

Okay, for disclosure reasons their pool is a little bit smaller (not by much) and they were wise enough to attach it to another public facility (what a concept), a rec center;

MSH said construction costs are below the project’s total budget and construction is on schedule for a mid-June opening.

Under budget!? The only time we have heard that in Sioux Falls is when the mayor decided to put tin foil on the Denty. Not only are they paying a third what we are for the building, the operating costs are estimated at $400K a year (and the citizens freaked when that estimate jumped from $225K). Our operating costs are at $1.4 million a year with a $400K deficit.

So now we have Watertown and Mitchell for examples. Why are we paying double to 3x more for our public facilities in Sioux Falls than in these other smaller South Dakota cities and getting less? Somebody is getting rich from building public facilities in Sioux Falls, and it isn’t the taxpayer.

UPDATE: DaCola Rumor Mill

Okay, so I get odds and ends quite often with what is happening at City Hall. Here are a few things I have heard over the past week that is interesting.

UPDATE: Councilor Neitzert was kind enough to give us updates on these items. Thanks Greg!

Affordable Housing. I guess a major affordable housing project that was supposed to provide housing to middle income professionals (condo like apartments for sale) got botched and now will have to be sold as regular housing because the fire walls were built wrong and put the project in a different classification. This is unfortunate because the project got around $300K from affordable housing and now it is out of that classification. I hope to hear more details about what exactly happened.

UPDATE: Affordable Housing Solution AHS was building the “Field of Dreams” project at 14th and Sycamore (across from Casey’s) and was getting pretty far into it when they went in I think to replat and found out that the firewalls were not 2 hour walls so they couldn’t replat and sell off as individual units.  It was a major goof, and it likely had something to do with the transition from old to new people there and also this being one of their first forays into this type of project.  There are multiple players involved, someone goofed, exactly who is not entirely clear, but that’s somewhat of a internal battle.

The bank giving them the financing froze the money for a while and made them get quotes on what it would cost to make them 2 hour walls and still be sellable as the intended single units.  That pricing came in and was way too high.  They then all had to make the best out of a bad situation and looked at either apartments or doing condos.  The lesser of the evils is condos but even that has challenges.  Condos are harder to get financing for as a home buyer and now they will need to have an association to maintain.  They have an agreement with a local bank to basically hold the mortgages on the initial ones until they get at least 50% owner occupied and then they can start selling the mortgages onto the open market (they will be conforming mortgages then).  The city essentially gave them time to bring them a workable solution, and as long as their solution is something that we still get paid back, we will approve it, they may have got to that point already.  We were going to and will be a silent second mortgage that gets paid back when the owner sells the home, i.e. instead of paying 170k they pay 150k, we pay 20k and the silent mortgage is on the property and we’d be paid back on their later resale.  There is also state home loan down payment assistance and a forgivable phased out down payment as I recall too.  Its just going to be owning a condo instead of your own place, so you will own basically the space in the entire building instead of your own unit platted into its own property.  Not optimal but they are trying to make it work.

Golf Contract. Rumor has it that Landscapes Unlimited did purchase equipment from Dakota Golf Management for the city’s original offer of $475K. Unfortunately, even if that is true, the city will have to reimburse LU for the purchase.

UPDATE: Landscape bought the equipment for 475k.  Recall that we transfer what was left in the DGM operating account into the Landscape operating account, and Landscape writes checks out of that.  It is an account in their name but it is OUR money kept in trust.  So there is no reimbursement needed.  Landscape bought the equipment out of the account in their name, but again its our money.  So ‘we’ bought the equipment, although again it is owned by them ‘in trust’ until the contract is over at which point they hand it to us.  I didn’t like this odd model which was my objection to the contract, but that is what it is.

Heritage Park firehouse. There has been speculation if the firehouse that is scheduled to be sold to Stone Group Architects was sitting on parks land or regular city property. My guess is that it is probably on city property. Why is this important? Because if it sits on parks land it must go to a public vote before any parks land property can be sold.

UPDATE: They researched and the firehouse is on city property but it has never been park property so no state law issues.  Stone group is buying the land and building and will hold clear title to that parcel.

I would hope in the contract for selling it we will have a stipulation about what it can be used for and reversionary clauses.  I would think we would.

RIBFEST calls it quits, are other festivals next?

Looks like $10 for 3 bones festival is over;

“The entertainment landscape has continued to expand over recent years with the opening of Denny Sanford PREMIER Center, The District and soon to be Levitt Shell,” Torkildson said. “SMG is refocusing its resources and efforts to managing and producing events in the venues it manages in Sioux Falls.”

I find it interesting that they would cancel this event right after getting a new contract to help manage Canaries Stadium. Makes you wonder what revenues are really like for SMG in Sioux Falls, or what they are seeing for projections.

I have been hearing rumors over the past couple of months that both CityFest (used to be LifeLight) and JazzFest may be on the chopping blocks also. I haven’t had anyone confirm that yet with me, but I do know that LifeLight as an organization has been liquidating some assets and Rob Joyce is retiring from the Jazz and Blues Society.

While I could give two-sh*ts about Ribfest or LifeLight, killing JazzFest would be very detrimental to summer entertainment. Even if they have to just scale back for a couple of years to one day, I think that would be better than trying to bring it back later. Obviously there is going to be a shift to have more outdoor festivals downtown at the Levitt, which is awesome, but Yankton Trails was a perfect venue for JazzFest. I was told at one time that JazzFest attendees are around 40% out of town (not sure what last year’s numbers were) but many stay for the entire event at local hotels and campgrounds. The economic impact of JF is pretty big when you consider all the city has to do is provide a city park for about a week they we already pay to maintain anyway.

Let’s hope for the best!

UPDATE: (New Video) Sioux Falls City Council approves golf contract

I guess I saw this coming a mile away, I figured it would be a 3-5 vote (Stehly, Starr and Neitzert voted NO) or a 4-4 with mayoral tie-breaker.

A couple of things tonight I noticed that the public might have missed;

• Erpenbach flip-flopped her intentions. I figured she would, she has a record of doing so. Last week people praised her for standing up to the contract but I warned them to be careful. I’m sure she weighed her options and realized if she voted NO she wouldn’t win anyway and didn’t want to be in the bad kid’s club. It’s all about appearance for Erp, always has been.

• Kiley and other councilors who voted yes tried to make it about an attack on the RFP process. Not at all. It was stated loud and clear by those who opposed this it was about this ‘particular’ RFP. They didn’t get enough time to review the contract, the other proposals were secret, they changed the terms from lease to management with out council pre-approval and a last minute equipment deal was taking place. The RFP process does work for many city contracts, in this case it did not because it was poorly executed. But that didn’t stop the rubber stampers from trying to kill the messenger in their justifications.

As I said during public input tonight; Secret, Secret, Secret, RAMROD! The dictator in the corner office wins again.

Get out of the weeds for the golf contract

Councilor Selberg had this to say about the golf RFP;

“I think we need to get back to the facts. I think we are about three miles off in the weeds in some of this stuff, right now, ” says Selberg.

I hope there isn’t any weeds growing at the golf course. Tom Walsh had this to say about the RFP and contract;

“They’re looking at spending $375,000 a year in leasing of equipment, besides what they do up front,” Walsh said. “It’s not right for our taxpayers. If I were a taxpayer that didn’t play golf, I’d really be upset.”

Tom, this is S.O.P. from the Huether administration. Just look at the Huether tennis center. What did taxpayers get from our $500K investment in that building? Not a F’ing thing! Heck, we can’t even use the parking lot for overflow.

I have been hearing the council will probably approve the contract with Landscapes Unlimited, but not because it is the right thing to do, but that certain people in leadership and with the administration have been threatening the council with false threats of being sued by LU if they don’t approve. If that is the case, 1) Who told LU that this was a done deal before it got council approval, and 2) if that is the case, why even have the council approve these contracts?

*Walsh also talks about a meeting he had with the mayor a few weeks ago, and the mayor admitted he pretty much gets what he wants, and the only fight he has lost in 7-1/2 years is the Archives Building (he opposed that because he hates history). Well he better start getting used to losing, because I think the strikes are going to start adding up here real soon.

Tom Jansa of Dakota Golf Management is rallying the troops

Tom sent out this email encouraging people to speak out against the new golf contract with Landscapes Unlimited. I did hear late last week that Tom was planning something in retaliation for talks falling through on selling his equipment to the city. Tuesday’s council meeting should be interesting.

Dakota Golf Passholders,

First of all, on behalf of Dakota Golf Management, we would like to thank you for your support over the past 23 years.  We could not have been as successful as we were without the support of our loyal customers.

We would like to give an update on the new golf course management contract as it pertains to Dakota Golf.   While initially accepting of the City’s decision, Dakota Golf is no longer supporting the selection.  Please join us at the Prairie Green clubhouse tonight, Monday, December 18 from 5-7 to discuss the golf course management contract that will be voted on by the City Council tomorrow night.

We hope that you will spread the word and get your golfing friends to come to Prairie Green tonight and, more importantly, to come to the City Council meeting on Tuesday, December 19 at 7 PM at the City Council chambers on 10th and Dakota.

Thank you for your support over these many years and we hope to see you tonight at Prairie Green.

Tom and Dakota Golf Staff

UPDATE: Golf Contract becoming a real mess

The special NOON meeting of the parks board was held today (see below). It seems the contractor that won the bid, underbid the current contractor to win the bid, than intends to hire them back as the subcontractor. The problem is that the current contractor was unaware of such a deal and planned on turning in the towel if they lost the bid. The city also offered ‘salvage’ pricing for all of the equipment the current contractor owns, which isn’t sitting well either.

This is getting really messy, really quick. The city should just lease the property to a private golf company, and get out of the golfing business. (Full Meeting)

Good thing we bought that $300K Snow Cat Groomer

Great BEARran

You know what they say, always be prepared. Maybe the parks and rec garage could put a mower head on the front of it, may get more use that way (or better yet trade it in for a round bailer). And with all those BRAND NEW hydraulics we needed we could hook up other trimming devices to it. We could use it for Project TRIM. I just hate to see such an expensive piece of equipment sitting around collecting dust. Another prudent purchase by the city council with little debate. But hey, let’s debate for 45 minutes about a electronic church sign.