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Help support The SF Roller Dollz @ the 6th annual SF Zombie Walk

The SF Roller Dollz have an amazing opportunity;

The Sioux Falls Roller Dollz are heading across the pond in November to compete for the first time internationally.

The roller derby group plans to take on three United Kingdom teams in London in mid-November: the Lincolnshire Bombers Rollergirls, the London Rollergirls and the Central City Rollergirls.

This is pretty cool considering the grassroots foundation of the team and league. You can help contribute to their travel fund by attending the ZombieWalk this year.


Sioux Falls Zombie Walk – Z minus 2 Days!

Play Dead for Charity

There is a great Zombie Walk write up in the Argus Leader today.

There are two corrections I’d like to submit here:
1. The Zombie Walk starts at 6PM, not 5PM as stated in the article. You can get your makeup done by our crew of experts, Get Dead Inc., from 3PM – 5:30PM.

2. There is a 4th band that was omitted. The Blues Bashers are closing out the night.


the poet aka hearts of war movie download


SF Roller Dollz Season Closer – Saturday Night


Fist Of The Warrior aka Lesser of Three Evils full

Two of my favorite SF entertainers get covered by my favorite newspaper

Well two out of three ain’t bad.


Image; Argus Leader

Jayme Nelson is the co-founder of the Sioux Falls Roller Dollz

The Roller Dollz play there season closer next Saturday at the Expo.


Image; Argus Leader

Jesse Christen from the Blues Bashers plays a set with Bobby in apparently what looks like the supply closet at the Argus Leader. At least he’s playing his new toy, a seafoam green stratocaster.

Jesse and the Blues Bashers play Latitude 44 tonight!

Roller Derby – This Saturday @ The Convention Center

Roller Dollz Season Opener