For some, March madness means basketball. Not the crowd I run with. This time of year is getting ready for the NFL draft April 22nd. Pouring over mock drafts is part of that process. Dude, Sy, here’s your chance to lay it on. After all, I have not been very kind to Big 12 football.

I took the following pic in KC when the STEELERS were playing, er gettin their ass’es handed to em.  This is the play that Big Ben got  his concussion on. Big Ben might be Pig Ben. If it’s true, trade his ass while he still has value. The STEELERS are rebuilding anyway.


I wasn’t aware of this, but it seems you can improve a team’s success by changing their mascot to a more menacing animal. In light of this new discovery, the Sioux Falls Canaries will now be called the Sioux Falls Fighting Pheasants. Take THAT Wichita Wingnuts! Your days of intimidating the lowly Canaries with whimsical alliteration are over!

Granted, the new name does better reflect the local (imported) wildlife. But other than different uniforms and letterhead, what’s the difference? Will the games be any more fun to watch – especially from the right-field party zone – now that we have a new mascot? Doubtful. Will the league expand to more than five or six teams so there’s a little variety to the opponents? Not likely. Will the team break into the real MLB farm team system so we can see future all-stars instead of the odd has-been? That would be nice. In fact, all the changes mentioned above would be great, and a real improvement to our local sports scene. But all of them are difficult. Changing a name is easy. I wonder which changes local baseball fans would prefer.

I know what I’m going to do in honor of the new name. Tonight, I will take the last two pheasants out of my chest freezer, thaw them, cover them in bacon, stuff them with garlic, onions, and peppers, and roast them at about 300 degrees in a pan with about an inch of beer in the bottom until delicious.

Now there’s something I can cheer for.