The Authoritarian Right Wingers really had quite the week pushing their Wacky Radical agenda onto a majority of Americans and South Dakotans that don’t support their ideas;


If there ever was a time I wish Jason Rumblestrips didn’t hit and kill Joe Boever, it is NOW. The SD Dem Party must dig deep to find someone to run against this guy. Remember, this is a person who covered up Gear Up and EB-5, and probably numerous other things, and if you think he has changed, you are mistaken. He has an axe to grind, and it won’t be pretty. Ravnsborg may have been a liar, a dope and a killer, but he isn’t a Marty.


In one of her more bizarre incidents, Noem said on Face the Nation that victims of rape and incest should be forced to have the child conceived in violence. It was probably one of the most despicable things I have ever heard her say. When she claims to be for Freedom and Liberty then turns around and forces raped children to have a child produced by their attacker, you have to wonder what is going on in her head. Cue the circus music.


I even tell my single male friends that this decision will have further implications in the Supreme Court. They are coming for your contraception and partner rights. A majority of Americans support safe and legal abortion clearly showing our SCOTUS is extremely out of touch with Americans.


It’s one thing for this Stop the Steal supporter to get nominated as SOS, but her extremist views on voter registration, religion and all things wacky to the right should scare the Hell out of us. I BEG the SD DEM Party to find a strong candidate to run against Ms. Johnson. What is even more strange is that they booted an incumbent who has done a fairly decent job. My feelings are they booted Barnett because he was trying to make voting easier in SD by supporting online registration and voting by mail. Even the Republicans in this state hate moderate Republicans.


While the President did sign a bi-partisan bill for more gun control, it was watered down by the Republicans involved in the negotiations. It also did not help that SCOTUS said it was A-OK to carry a concealed weapon Federally not allowing states to regulate the 2nd Amendment. A majority of Americans support comprehensive gun control.


This is only the case in states that have a voucher program. I am vehemently against vouchers. I have argued that if property tax payers can receive vouchers when choosing to send their children to private schools then I should receive a voucher for choosing NOT to have children. I especially think it is reprehensible to fund religious schools with money meant to go towards public education. The SCOTUS got this one wrong on many levels, as well as their ruling on prayer in schools. SCOTUS is virtually ignoring 1st Amendment rights and Separation of Church and state.

UPDATE: Link to oral arguments, what is so crazy about listening to this is that 17 officers showed up over 5 drops of blood on a sidewalk to watch an officer slip on a rug . . . and they say they are understaffed. LMFAO.

While I was disappointed that the court supported the warrantless search they did say the trial for excessive force can move forward;

In its recently released opinion, Supreme Court justices agree that circumstances at the time created an exception to the Fourth Amendment ban on unreasonable searches.

If you read the CASE you will see while the officers may have had a right to enter the apartment since they saw blood and heard people fighting throwing Ms. Boggs to the ground was not needed. It seems the only defense the police have is that they didn’t do what she claims. So where did her injuries come from? This is a perfect example of why body cameras are needed.

According to the 2021 salary listing both officers still work for the City of Sioux Falls as of January 1st. Officers Mark Toland and Andrew Pearson both make about $72K a year in hourly pay plus benefits.

I hope to have audio of the oral arguments soon.

Not only am very saddened by Ruth’s passing, I’m afraid even if Trump loses in November, the Republican controlled Senate will replace her with a conservative judge that will push our Supreme Court to the hard right for decades. If you think Donny has f’kd this country, you wait until the SC goes right wing.

Remember this lady? They didn’t believe her either.

I don’t like Washington, I tell people all the time what happens there is of no consequence to us locally. It is an outer space circus land.

But, I have been following the confirmation hearings, at a distance. A Supreme Court nomination DOES affect our lives on a local level and I find it deplorable that Thune & Rounds support Mr. Kavanaugh. We will get to that in a moment.

The one thing I remind people whether you are a Conservative, Moderate or Liberal, shouldn’t matter. We should be very concerned about this process because this is a life long appointment. We can’t vote Mr. Kavanaugh out of office in a few years if he makes bad decisions. He may be there for 30-40 years. The highest level of scrutiny should be given about every aspect of his life. Besides the sexual assault accusations, I have many concerns.

First off, I don’t think there has been enough study done about his years serving President GW Bush (one of the worst presidents ever besides Reagan). I also think he is way to conservative to be replacing Justice Kennedy. What we need is a strong, Constitutional Moderate. NOT a right wing ideologue who wants to put the Supreme Court backwards 60 years.

We must also remember that if the tables were turned and this was a Liberal appointment, the Republicans would be doing the same thing. That is just how Washington works. So when I hear Sen Graham chastise the Democrats on the committee I just shake my head.

But most importantly when we are trying to figure out who is telling the truth about the sexual assault, I remind people of a few simple things.

What does Dr. Ford have to gain by coming forward? What does Mr. Kavanaugh have to gain? He has all to gain, she has nothing but living with her memories of this assault. I guess I would give her testimony more weight based on this.

Maybe Mr. Kavanaugh has blacked this out of his memory, maybe he really doesn’t remember doing it. That is a distinct possibility. But it doesn’t change that it happened, and she is pretty sure it was him.

We already have a misogynist as president, hopefully he will be voted out of office and not serve a second term. But once Kavanaugh is confirmed, we can’t turn back. Remember that when defending his appointment.

You can’t make this stuff up;

In these latest documents for a rehearing with the Supreme Court, the Sapienzas’ attorney says that circuit court decision didn’t consider how remodeling, or tearing down and rebuilding will harm his clients.

That is not the concern of the courts. You own the house, you paid someone to design it and build it, so guess what, it’s your problem.

My guess is the SD Supreme Court will deny the re-hearing and inform the Sepienzas’ to hire a good handy man, one that is licensed and bonded of course 🙂