Since the city likes to play musical precincts over the past few elections, it is no wonder;

More than 1,650 absentee votes have been cast for the city election as of Friday, a record for Sioux Falls.

City Clerk Debra Owen noted that the central district is seeing exceptionally high absentee voter turnout.

That is because central district council candidate Stehly was the ONLY council candidate to advertise it on her campaign materials, hopefully it equals votes for her.

I think this editorial about Stehly, written by close friends of hers, says it all;

Hard work, citizen advocacy, persistence and faith make Theresa Stehly the clear choice for the Sioux Falls city council central district. Her kindness, honesty and fairness also add to her broad appeal that will be an asset to city government. Her knowledge on the issues facing our city is superior. Theresa has been politically active in our community for several years. She studies the issues thoroughly, seeking figures and data to forecast the effect council decisions have on citizens. She goes the extra mile when urging citizens to get involved with their city government. Whether that is circulating petitions, urging people to attend council meetings or to dissent our local politicians. She successfully headed up the movement to keep Drake Springs as an outdoor pool and to resist the poorly planned, extravagant indoor pool, bringing the issue to a vote of the people, and they agreed. Just as she speaks out against actions and proposals of the council that she perceives will have a negative effect on the city and its citizens, she also speaks in favor of decisions and actions that are beneficial. She pays attention to the economics and financial situation of citizens from agencies that serve low-income families and individuals, and tries to educate the public to get involved. Whether it is going to events or going door-to-door to talk with people, Theresa has gone the extra mile for not just the central district but for all the citizens of Sioux Falls. Theresa also knows we live in a great community, and doesn’t take that for granted. But Theresa also believes great communities are built around the citizenry and not city hall, she will bring that community pride in citizenry back to city government and will work diligently to provide the highest level of customer service to the ones that count, you, the citizen tax payer of our great city.

There are many things I could say personally about Theresa, but one thing stands out to me; SHE IS DILIGENT. Her diligence would serve our city well. It is time we have a city councilor who WANTS to work, but not just work, but WORK FOR US! The  CITIZEN TAXPAYER.