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Tim Bjorkman to also be speaking at Dem Forum this Friday (10/25)

US Congressional Candidate Tim Bjorkman will also speak at this Friday’s Forum. It is held at Royal Fork in Sioux Falls at NOON.

Sioux Falls Bjorkman Meet & Greet

Tim Bjorkman crushing online poll

Okay, I will be the first to say that this is an unscientific online poll, but take into account that he is getting nearly 75% of the votes (around 800 votes TOTAL) from a SD newspaper with a high readership per capita of the region. Also take into account that both Tim and his opponent are East River candidates.

American corn, not foreign oil

As people take summer drives, Tim agrees with South Dakota farmers than we need more ethanol in gas tanks.

That’s why Tim spoke with dozens of people and did several media interviews at a pro-E15 rally in Sioux Falls Wednesday morning. E15 is fuel with 15 percent ethanol in it instead of the usual 10 percent.

Tim believes adding ethanol to our fuel makes good sense, both to boost the slumping price of corn and to use American product, not oil from South America or the Middle East.

During the Tractor Rally at Falls Park Farmers Market, Tim heard from farmers and members of the ethanol industry on how they need support for their product — and a clear message to Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt to grant a waiver and allow the sale of E15 year-round.

Opie & Andy are running for Congress (H/T – VSG)

Tim Bjorkman ready to challenge Dusty Johnson

Change was in the air Tuesday night as a large, enthusiastic crowd packed Tim Bjorkman for Congress headquarters in Sioux Falls.

Tim hosted a primary watch party and invited supporters to attend. Over 150 people came to follow the returns and discuss the 2018 election! A strong speech from Tim was met with loud applause! Tim is running to restore America to the promise it has represented for decades.

At the end of the night, Dusty Johnson emerged from a three-way race to become the Republican nominee. In a speech before a small crowd at a Sioux Falls hotel, Johnson credited consultants for helping to create his image and promised a dull campaign for South Dakota’s lone seat in the U.S. House.

Tim Bjorkman on the Campaign Trail

Tim and Kay campaigned across the state, from Brookings to Custer and many points in between in the past week!

Tim spent most of a day in Lake Andes where he was Tim Whalen’s guest and addressed the Laker Club and also joined them for lunch. He also spent time in the area communities of Dante, Dimock, Ravinia, and Wagner.

Tim and Kay attended a meet and greet at Mama Mia restaurant in Brookings. A large, enthusiastic crowd – including many professors from SDSU and community leaders – came to show support for Tim, listen to him speak, and share their views. It was a great evening! We owe a debt of gratitude to organizers Lee Ann Pierce and Barb Hawley, among others, for all their hard work, and to all the many hosts!

The first day of a western campaign swing, Tim, Kay and second-oldest son John were in White Lake, Kennebec, Kadoka, and Custer.

Thanks to the White Lake Cafe for hosting us!

In Kennebec Tim met with area businessmen who shared with him the current challenge entrepreneurs all across America face as they deal with workforce shortages.

The lack of access for many to affordable healthcare plays a key role in South Dakota’s worker shortage, because so many live with untreated mental illness and addiction that keep them from working. It also contributes to a host of other societal ills: fragile homes, child abuse, and skyrocketing prison populations.

We won’t move forward as a state and nation until we begin to address these underlying problems and learn to treat addiction more like the national epidemic it is than a felony, and until we learn to offer hope to young addicted felons in the form of an education and a job skill rather than a prison sentence.

The following day in Custer Tim spoke at the Rocky Knolls Golf Course in front of a full house of the Custer County Democrats gathered for the 30th Roosevelt-McGovern Day Rally!

The 90+ in attendance appeared to appreciate his direct and clear message on this election as a test of our values as Americans, and the choice we have to invest in the lives of our neighbors in education, healthcare, good jobs, and affordable housing, or continue the failed trickle-down approaches. Many people commented on his refreshing candor and his clear plan to work for actual change in Washington instead of joining the broken congressional system in place. Enthusiasm was sustained throughout the event, with Tim receiving standing ovations both before and after his speech! It was great to be with the Custer County Dems and some Republicans who joined us there also! As we say wherever we go, Tim’s message has an appeal that crosses party lines.

The next stop was Hot Springs, with its beautiful sandstone buildings, for a radio interview and main street campaigning.

Tim Bjorkman interview at McGovern Day Dinner (4-28-2018)

On the Road with Tim Bjorkman

Tim spoke at a Town Hall event organized by Indivisible 605 and Indivisible Common Grounds at the Icon Event Hall + Lounge in Sioux Falls where he addressed some of the critical issues we face as a state and nation, gave an update about the campaign, and responded to audience questions on a wide variety of issues. Tim and Kay also spent time in Madison for a fundraiser, visiting the courthouse, library, DSU campus, and KJAM Radio where he had an interview with Sue Bergheim! Catch him this weekend at the SDDP McGovern Day dinner and next weekend at the Custer County Democrats’ Roosevelt-McGovern Day Rally!

Saturday, April 28th:

Speaking at South Dakota Democratic Party McGovern Day, 7:00pm

Ramkota Convention Center

3200 W Maple

Sioux Falls, SD 57107

Find tickets & the full weekend schedule at: www.sddp.org

Wednesday, May 2nd:

Lake Andes campaign stop, 12:00pm

Lake Andes Lakers Lunch

Tim will spend the morning and afternoon in Wagner

Thursday, May 3rd:

Brookings fundraiser, 5:00pm

Mama Mia

1300 Main Avenue S

Brookings, SD 57006

Friday, May 4th:

Kadoka courthouse

Kimball business district

Lyman County Courthouse

Custer downtown

Saturday, May 5th:

Custer County Democratic Party Roosevelt-McGovern Day Rally, 11:000am

Rocky Knolls Golf Course

Sunday, May 6th:

Custer, Hill City

Krebs & Johnson don’t hold a candle to Bjorkman

It’s only been one day since Bjorkman announced he is running for US Congress as a Democrat and the SD GOP Hate machine has already started in on him. For the most part I would probably be agreeing with some of their assaults on Democratic candidates, but with Bjorkman, (faux) insults is all they are going to have.

Just think about it? Put either Johnson’s or Krebs’ resume up against Mr. Bjorkman’s. An attorney turned judge who has compassion for the less fortunate, especially children.

Krebs is a failed shoe salesperson and Johnson, a press release writer for the governor (who quit his elected position to take the job).

The Dems finally have a contender that shouldn’t have any problem mopping the floor with either Krebs or Johnson. Hopefully Ann keeps her paws off the campaign.