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Poor turnout at Stop the Steal event shows MOST people have accepted the POTUS election results

I was actually surprised to hear only around 100 people showed up to a rally in Sioux Falls to protest the POTUS election results 🙂 no I wasn’t.

As a person who follows politics as a hobby, I can tell you that most Americans have something in common; they hate politics. Most have already moved on and have accepted the results of the election. While a lot of them are not happy about it (I still think Biden was the worst pick the Dems made) they have moved on.

We all know the flat out lies and misinformation that is being spread around by both camps and it is hard to keep track, but the one that sticks out for me is that MOST Trump voters are still concerned about voter fraud. The best poll numbers show that around 40% of them ‘think’ there was fraud, but I guessing even a smaller number will try to do anything about it, like we saw in Terrace Park yesterday.

I do agree with Senate Republicans that there should be an election commission to study how reliable the election was, BUT, it should be conducted in every state to give an overall view. I believe that they will find very little fraud (there will always be minor instances) and I think they will find that Biden may have gotten even more votes.

That’s where the Stop the Steal voters seem to have a hollow argument, claiming that only fraud occurred in swing states that Trump lost (even though several Republicans down ballot got elected in those states). It’s a ludicrous argument. If you want to have a commission on studying voter fraud in a national election, you have to include all the states. Which I am all for.

They also seem to have a unique misunderstanding of how you count mail in votes. In most states, including South Dakota, they get fed in last to the counting machines, it’s always been done this way and since Trump effectively said one of the stupidest things a POTUS candidate could say – Don’t vote by mail – Donny shouldn’t be surprised that Biden got those votes.

So why do I think most people will just move on from this? Because I put Trump voters into several categories and two sub categories (some are intertwined).

Sub Category 1; Trump voters that will move on, or already have

• Independent Conservatives. These are people that don’t trust the party system (because it is a joke) but are so conservative they would never in their lifetime vote for liberal or even a moderate Democrat. So they voted for Trump, not because they like him, but they believe as I do I need to make a choice. So they plug their noses and vote. They are probably not to broken up that Trump is gone.

• Registered Republicans that will never vote for a Democrat. Better known as straight ticket voters. They always vote for an R and they always will. After the election they move on and don’t care. These people are probably the least engaged of Trump voters. They will probably forget his name by March.

• Rich people (Republican or Indy) These people really don’t have a moral or ethical compass. They are rich and greedy and don’t give a sh*t who sits in the oval office as long as they get tax breaks and are anti-regulation. They make a lot of money and don’t want to share. They actually like Trump because he hasn’t paid taxes. While Biden may make them nervous, they aren’t too worried about his term(s) they always have some loophole to fall back on. They are like ‘oh well’.

• Anti-Liberal. No matter how many times you show these folks the facts they don’t seem to care. To them anything that is NOT conservative is just evil. They love Trump, because like I said already, they are not interested in facts and they believe his horse puckey that we are becoming a socialist nation. Folks, we already are a socialist democracy. Google it, go to the library, the proof is there. In fact we as an American society use social programs everyday, all of us. These people are on the lower end of the IQ spectrum, and since they are, in a couple of months, they will forget about the Orange Menace.

Sub Category 2; Trump voters that will not move on (okay, maybe by July or August)

• Poor Stupid people and old bigots. I tried to find a more sophisticated name, but they aren’t sophisticated so why should I be? These are the ass clowns you see at events like yesterday or at Trump rallies across the nation. You have probably seen the news coverage, in one breath they claim to be Christian and that Trump was sent by God and in the next breath they are telling news reporters to F’ck off because the reporters confused them with math and facts and stuff. These are the supporters that are mad about Trump losing but won’t do much about it in a couple of months, because all these people are good at is bitching, and they will go back to their old routines of complaining about their minority neighbors or how they found out their pastor is mentoring a transgender teenager. They can only handle one controversy at a time, so Trump will be ancient history for them when their teenage daughter tells them she is pregnant and the father’s name is DuWayne Jr.

But what is the best way we can all move on? Well it starts with the mainstream media, locally, nationally and internationally. I make a plea to you;

DON’T COVER DONALD TRUMP AFTER JANUARY 21ST unless he is arrested. Seriously, he lost, by a lot. Not having to hear that name or listen to his trap flap ever again would be a blessing. Ignore him. Trust me, the Biden administration has so many challenges to face that the news should have little time to broadcast the sniveling of a two-time loser former POTUS. The quicker we put Trump in a media blackout the quicker the Trump voters I mentioned can move on.

Trump has always been a loser

This doc was set to be released in 1991 about how big of a fake and loser he was 29 YEARS AGO! He blocked it through legal threats, etc. It wasn’t released until a couple of months ago.

UPDATE: Experience Sioux Falls ‘Covid Tourism’ still rolling

Looks like they are still promoting covid tourism in Sioux Falls using $250K of our taxdollars that were funneled thru the CVB to Mayor TenHaken’s former(?) ad agency, Click Rain. Not only is promoting tourism during a raging pandemic completely idiotic and stupid, you question the recipients of this contract.

So it seems councilor Erickson’s casual plea to the CVB to put the promotion on hold went no where, as I suspected.

Maybe people should ask Paul tomorrow night on his FB live feed if he is benefitting in anyway from this dubious transfer of money?

UPDATE: During Paul’s fireside chat tonight he talked about political division in our community and blamed Facebook and told people they should spend less time on Facebook. Ironically, he was telling us this while rolling a live video on Facebook. I know, the guy enjoys tripping over himself. I have often suggested that the mayor, any mayor of Sioux Falls, should have a weekly press conference, stream it on YouTube and take questions from the press, just talking about the weekly business of the city. 15 minutes of agenda, 15 minutes of questions (and give the media a microphone so we can hear their questions). I agree, stop playing FB games and take your job seriously.

In other news, I see that the South Dakota Fascist Republican Party’s chair, Iowa Dan will be replacing Noem as a presidential elector, it seems Noem is in Washington at some dumbass Trump rallies (someone should really tell these children he lost the election 5 weeks ago)

UPDATE: I guess this is untrue, not sure where she is? The rumor going around is that she is quarantining due to her exposure to Covid this past week. If Noem has Covid or is just simply playing it safe by quarantining I wonder if she will ever tell the public?

I wonder if they have to meet in Jason Ravnsborg’s basement on Monday to vote? Can a Iowa businessman even be a South Dakota Elector? Oh, nevermind, SD Republicans are not real big on rules, ethics, morality, truthfulness, open government or high IQ’s.

Governor Noem’s communications office spreads ‘Fake News’

There are a few things that irk me, okay, there are quite a few, but hypocrites in government really takes the cake. As an elected official doing this kind of stuff, I kind of just say it is SOP, but when taxpayer funded employees do it, it really chaps my hide.

How can you say ‘fake news’ when you are the ones spreading it?

I will admit, I was a little taken back when Noem admitted that indeed Biden will be president in her speech yesterday. I thought maybe she saw the light. We of course have known this truth to be self-evident, heck, I knew this all the way back in 2016. Trump lost by 3 million popular votes back then and I knew he would lose by more this time around. He is a two-time loser and has always been a loser. He has never won at anything in his life. He has always lost. How could you possibly imagine he was going to win this time around? It was logistically impossible. I almost encourage the Biden campaign to bring lawsuits in the states he lost in just to prove how wide of a margin it was.

Either way, we get this from our Governor who I think has lost her mind, let’s break it down;

Gov. Kristi Noem (R-S.D.) said today that she “expects the road could be a little bit rough under the Biden administration with some of the policies that they’ve embraced.”

I agree 100% in her statement, but not because I think Biden is a raging liberal (he is far, far, far from it) it is because Noem parading around the United States campaigning for Trump is going to come back to bite us in the ass in South Dakota. I have a feeling the Biden administration is going to be giving a very cold shoulder to South Dakota. If Noem had any screws left in her head she would congratulate Biden personally and beg for forgiveness. That’s not going to happen, so we will be left in the cold.

“We can expect that they may try to raise taxes, they have said that,” Noem said. Noem also said Biden would try and eliminate fossil fuels by passing the Green New Deal.

Yes. Biden has said he would raise taxes, but you have to be in an income bracket that about 90% of South Dakotans or more are not. And I agree, the super rich in this country have gotten away with tax dodging for way to long. As for fossil fuels, it’s just good old fashioned science that tells us we must move away from them, but that is not going to happen overnight. Ironically, the State of South Dakota is in a very good position to go all green. We could easily supply our state with enough green energy to eliminate all fossil fuels with wind, hydro and solar, it just takes the will to do it.

“And whatever else the administration might do, it would certainly give us a lot more regulation,” Noem said.

This is actually something we have needed in SD for a long time, we have some of the worst worker safety laws in the nation. Just look at what happened at Smithfield recently with Covid and the numerous fines filed against them environmentally.

But Noem decided to have her staff play some games with what she actually said and what she sent out after the speech;

Noem’s verbal presentation differs from a copy of her written speech provided to media. Noem replaced the word “a” with word “the” twice today when she referred to Biden and an administration twice.

A copy of Noem’s speech refers to “Frankly, I expect the road could be rough under a Biden administration” and not “the Biden administration” as Noem said in her speech. Also, “whatever else a Biden administration might do…,” and not “whatever else the administration might do” as Noem said in her speech.

Pretty slimy. Actually very slimy.

You can’t stand on the street corner every 20 minutes yelling ‘Fake News’ Kristi when you are the creator of this fake news. And your staffers who participated in this sloppy game? Pathetic sycophants that don’t deserve one penny of my tax dollars for their salaries.

But the news gets even better, even though South Dakotans voted for Trump, we somehow hitched our horse to this;

The State of South Dakota believes in free and fair elections.  Our office has received thousands of calls and emails from concerned citizens and we have listened to our constituents and voters.  That is why South Dakota has, today, joined the Amicus Brief of the State of Missouri in support of State of Texas v Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, State of Georgia, State of Michigan, and State of Wisconsin.

What were South Dakotans mad about? HE WON HERE! Our election in South Dakota went pretty smoothly. What are we protesting?

I would also like to see these ‘thousands’ of emails. Give me a break. Never happened. More ‘fake news’ from a ‘fake governor’.

The one thing I have learned about the average voter is that while they may be upset for a few months (or more like a couple of hours) if their candidate lost, they really don’t make much of a fuss and move on. It’s time for us to stop playing word games and filing useless lawsuits (at our expense) and move on.

Trump lost! Twice! And that’s FACTUAL News.

What would 4 more years of Trump look like?

Well, as you know, anything is possible. Trump could win another 4 years legally. The Senate could also stay in the Republican majority.

So what does a Trump presidency and Republican controlled Senate look like over the next 4 years?

• The SCOTUS will get a new member and it will take a hard right turn. I think Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed no matter how the election turns out. I think the court will overturn Roe v Wade and only allow abortions for health of a mother, or at least turn those decisions over to the states. I also think they will eliminate the ACA.

• There will be more violence in the streets. I think what we are seeing right now is just the tip of the iceberg. I also think there will be more gun violence and NO gun control reform.

• While a Corona virus vaccine may emerge after January 1st I think most Americans will not have access to until late of 2021. I also think the vaccine will not be that reliable. Just look at testing, you would think by now we would ALL have access to fast testing whenever we wanted it. So how is developing an effective vaccine any different?

• We will engage in a deep cold war with China and I wouldn’t be surprised if our military gets into some skirmishes with their military.

• Our weather will get even more drastic and hazardous and Trump will continue to ignore it.

• The DOJ will indict Biden, Clinton and Obama.

• The economy will continue to be volatile with extreme peaks and drops in the stock market and employment.

There are many more scenarios I could play out, but if Trump wins he will come after his enemies and try to destroy them.

Frankly, I’m not too worried. The closer we get to the election the more I think it will be a landslide for Biden. I even think he will get enough electors (270) the night of the election. And while Trump will likely challenge the results (many absentees will not be counted until weeks after the election) I think it will only secure an even larger lead for Biden. Hillary beat Trump by about 3 million popular votes. I think Biden will beat Trump by 12-20 million popular votes.

I also think the Senate will have a Democratic Majority and the House will remain Democratic. While I don’t think it will be by much, I think they will at least be in the majority by 1 or 2 seats. I think this will set up an opportunity for both houses and the white house to make abortion federally legal with legislation and expand the ACA (even eliminate it) by providing Medicare to people who want it. I also think you will see a stronger stance on gun control, police reform, institutional racism and climate change.

I will concede though that Washington will NOT be kind to South Dakota, especially because of our Trump loving bootlicking governor. I don’t expect much help from a Biden administration except a stronger economy, God willing.

I encourage people to vote for Biden, because another 4 years of Trump and a Republican controlled Senate is a nightmarish reality we cannot endure.

TenHaken’s Mayoral Poll reveals Biden leads in Sioux Falls

One of the more revealing parts of TenHaken’s poll is the presidential race. Even if Trump got all 6% of the undecided it would be a tie.

As of October 1, 2020 there is 121K total active voters in Minnehaha County (I believe in the City of Sioux Falls there is about 80-90K registered voters). In the county about 50K are Rep, 36K are Dem and 34K are Indy. About 17K are inactive. This tells me that not only are indies leaning Biden I’m guessing there is a ton of Republicans leaning Biden.

None of this is surprising. Even if you are a hardcore Republican who usually leans always Republican, there are some disturbing things about Trump that would scare off a lot of Republicans. His lack of morality sticks out the most for me. I think Biden will take Sioux Falls with well over 50% and probably even win Minnehaha County. Of course the rest of the state will lean Trump and ultimately he will get our 3 electoral votes from AG Speedracer and the gang.

It takes a foreign journalist to call out the Trump B.S.

If this video wasn’t so sad, it would be hilarious.

Below is the uninterrupted interview;

The stark similarities between Covid and 9/11

There are many things we did not learn from 9/11 and the wars we started based on lies. How is Trump’s misadventure any different?

On 9/11 about 2,977 Americans died that day. We were attacked by extremist terrorists who mostly originated from Saudi Arabia, yet instead of putting sanctions on that country we attacked the Taliban in Afghanistan and Iraq. Over 7,000 American soldiers have died and as of 2019 we have spent $6.4 trillion.

It seems we have been down this path before; lies & miscalculations are costing Americans lives and capital, and what do we have to show for it? Millions unemployed, without healthcare, around 200K dead and millions infected, yet we keep steaming down the Sadaam Hussein path. When will we learn from history? When we lie to the public it costs us, dearly.

Dusty Johnson ONLY dignitary to wear mask at Rushmore event

All I can say is ‘BRAVO’ to Dusty to have the courage to wear a mask and not be worried about being shamed. Of course he was in the back row and not sitting with Rounds and Thune on the president’s stage. I guess Rounds was wearing a mask to but took it off before the Great Pumpkin showed up.

A lot of people took notice also that the governor must have been hitting the weights, the tanning booth and popping the water pills in preparation for the big night. It’s funny how she had time to get her appearance perfect but couldn’t memorize a couple of minute speech. Oh, that’s right, it’s only about appearance with these folks, substance is for another day.

Happy Independence Day!

This is a great story about what it means to be American, remember our country was born on protests;

On July 9, 1776, a rowdy group of American colonists banded together at a political rally in New York City and did something that today would be called “badass.”They had just been treated to a public reading of the Declaration of Independence, which Congress had officially adopted less than a week earlier.

After hearing calls to “dissolve the political bands” of tyranny, they marched to a public park that featured a statue of King George III, Britain’s ruler, and knocked the 4,000-pound statue off its 15-foot pedestal.The head of the statue was then decapitated and perched on top of a spike, and much of the rest was melted down to make 42,000 musket balls for American soldiers.

The historian Erika Doss thought of that scene recently while watching protesters toppling statues of Confederate heroes. Doss, who recounts the 1776 episode in her book, “Memorial Mania,” sees a parallel between the colonists who fought against Great Britain and protesters who rail against Confederate monuments today.

Of course our All-Knowing SD AG has a different take on history (as he reads off of piece of paper – I mean really Jason, you can’t remember 4 minutes worth of commentary? Doubt he wrote the talking points).

I watched most of the event last night and also got a good chuckle out of Noem reading the teleprompter in the podium (why didn’t she use the president’s? Or better yet, have the speech memorized?) Often when have done public input, I either just do it from thoughts I have or 5-10 words I wrote down on a piece of paper. It often amazes me how our supposed leaders who are supposed to be so passionate about their role can’t make a 5 minute speech without reading it. It is because they are not ‘passionate’ about anything except enriching themselves. I hope in November this country has a reckoning where the Senate and White House is turned over to the opposing party so we can go back to progressive ideals in this country like equality, higher education and healthcare for EVERY American. And while our founding fathers where mostly white Christian men they still believed this country was founded for everyone. Let the protests continue this is the only way we will topple this destructive regime that is persistent on burning it to the ground.