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General Mattis Mocks Trump

This is actually pretty darn funny.

Rep. Dusty Johnson says since impeachment is ‘taxing’ we shouldn’t do it

When I talk to people about impeachment and why I support it, I keep the answer short and to the point;

‘The president violated his constitutional authority and admitted to it on live television. With circumstances like that, if Congress doesn’t act, they are not upholding their constitutional authority if they choose not to impeach.’

JFK said it best, ‘. . . we do things not because they are easy, but because they are hard,’

It’s time for Congress to do the ‘hard’ thing no matter how taxing or messy it can be and impeach the president of the United States for violating his oath of office.

Best Response to the Impeachment Saga

Paul & Maria sitting in a tree . . .

The Paul Erickson/Maria Butina saga gets even more interesting by the day;

“When the person who marries you gets into trouble with the Russians and your job is to negotiate with the Russians, you have to disclose that,” a senior administration official told me. “Everybody with an intelligence clearance knows that.”

Rep. Eliot L. Engel (D-N.Y.), the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said Thompson’s situation was symptomatic of larger staffing issues plaguing the Trump administration.

“From clumsy vetting to chronic failure to fill vacant positions, it’s no wonder there’s such dysfunction in the executive branch,” Engel said. “The White House needs to get its act together to make sure the officials in charge of protecting our national security meet the highest standards and comply fully with all laws and regulations on disclosure.”

The collusion delusion continues . . .

Should we really be shocked?

While I find what this gun chuckler from Hiremorewhitepeople, SD did in a parade in a town no one has heard of kind of disgusting, I will defend his 1st Amendment right to do so;

“My stance, and the city’s stance is that every person has a right to the first amendment, to express his or her speech, and the expressions of it, we do not regulate that,” said Day.

You can actually ‘regulate’ what is in a parade. Many parades held in Sioux Falls have certain regulations. It’s kind of like requiring vehicles to have headlights to drive at night. Wait, does this town even have roads? It looks like they put out a fresh patch of gravel just for this float.

What I find funny is the failed attempt at satire, yes, I’m laughing at the fact that I don’t get the joke. First off, your jail cell doesn’t have a bottom, you know they can crawl right underneath. Also, why are they smiling? I was in jail once, the only time I laughed/smiled was when I had to show the deputy how to properly scan my fingerprints (no kidding!) Secondly, while Barry and Hillary get accused of a lot of crimes, I still have no idea what those ‘actual’ crimes are and if they have ever been brought up on charges. Trump, on the other hand has been sued thousands of times, and he most likely is a criminal.

I’m glad some sh*thole town in South Dakota is sticking up for my 1st Amendment rights, I just think they need a lesson in political satire, if only we could find the place on google maps.

Ok, this is just weird

Found on FB;

South Dakota governor Kristi Noem’s daughter Kassidy got married. Check out their souvenir button 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I hope that Kyle and Kass aren’t planning to use Trump as an example for how to make a marriage great again. He hasn’t succeeded yet.

Marriage, Real Estate, deal making, and in all due respect he did lose the popular vote by 6 million.

Drinking Liberally sums up Trump and the Mueller Report

The Mueller report is finally out and, despite Attorney General Barr’s assurances to the contrary, it confirms the worst about Donald Trump. At times it is difficult to describe the abhorrence I feel as Trump daily tramples on the customs and traditions which bind us together as a Country. But, having watched the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris burn almost to the ground this week, I would compare Trump’s presidency to that event. In his series on Civilization, Kenneth Clark famously said, as the camera panned out to show the magnificence of Notre Dame, that he couldn’t describe what Civilization is but he knows it when he sees it. That symbol of Western Civilization now lies partially destroyed for all to see, saved from total destruction only by the firemen and women of Paris. It will hopefully be rebuilt by the people of France.

Much as fire consumed Notre Dame, Trump daily attacks our institutions, the rule of law, and our international network of alliances which together provide the foundation of our Country’s prosperity and strength. Trump perceives these same institutions as a threat to the culture of White Male privilege which has nurtured him and his followers. He believe they impede his desires. He wants to pull them down and pull us back to a darker time. Whether he will succeed is still an open question but the slow burn he started is threatening to become a conflagration. We are the firemen and women of our country. We are the only ones who can extinguish the fire Trump has begun and determine what kind of country we want to be. Do we want a Country hopeful, tolerant, prosperous and open to new possibilities, or a Country of Trump, selfish, intolerant, poor and afraid of what is different? The next election will tell the story. Can we count on you?

Mueller Report doesn’t ‘Exonerate’ Trump

While Trump and his supporters may be celebrating, Barr’s summary today (DOC: AG-Judicial) made it pretty clear what Mueller determined, with this statement;

“while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

In other words, he was the ‘investigator’ who doesn’t have the power to indict a sitting president with a crime, but others could. It will be interesting to read the full report that the Dems have demanded to see.

You also have to conclude that this investigation has NOT been in vain, just look at all that have been indicted and charged, 37 people and entities, with seven people pleading guilty and five sentenced to prison. ALL associated with Trump, his campaign and presidency. No obstruction or collusion? Yeah right.

What’s the point in impeaching the president right now? He will impeach himself in the 2020 election. Maybe this time the Electoral College doesn’t ignore an opponent that received 6 Million more votes.

Trump’s payments to porn stars ‘was for love’ according to Rounds

(FF 6:30)

From Drinking Liberally;

In Politics: In an effort to demonstrate his absolute supplication to Donald Trump and Trump’s demands of total fealty to whatever his whim of the moment might be, our own Senator Rounds defended Trump’s $130,000 hush money payment to Adult Film actress Stormy Daniels by stating that Trump “made the payment because he loved his family….” Rounds really said that. I didn’t make that up.

So to follow Rounds’ logic, Trump may have sent his wife Melania a valentine card this year that read something like this, ” Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m having sex with a porn star again to show my love for you.”

Last week I speculated that our Senator’s, Thune and Rounds, could rationalize just about anything to support Trump’s right-wing and often fascist agenda. Unfortunately for all of us and for our Country, even I didn’t know how right I was.

Our Republican leadership is feckless. If you are a Republican and love our country, it is time to look elsewhere for leadership. But then again, according to Senator Rounds, you could demonstrate your love of country by having sex with a porn star.

Sioux Falls City Councilor Stehly asks Noem to reimburse city for private fundraiser

Theresa called me at lunch today and asked me if she should ask for this. She also asked many other people. I told her ‘YES’ but I also her told her to check if legally we can ask for it. She checked with the city attorney who said it was legal to ask for it, then she asked the campaign before posting the above image on FB.

I think they should reimburse since this was NOT a public event. Why should the taxpayers of Sioux Falls foot the bill for a private, partisan, fundraiser’s security detail? It is complete BS!

Other cities have agreed;

While other cities, such as Fargo, have requested reimbursement for costs associated with Trump’s visits for private fundraisers, neither the city of Sioux Falls nor the state have formally requested refunds.

It will be interesting to hear the response from Noem’s team. Heck, maybe she might even write that check. But I am not holding my breath. The GOP in SD has a long history of taxpayers funding their extracurricular partisan activities (ALEC memberships for example).

I think it took a lot of courage for a life long Republican to ask for this from the Noem campaign. Now let’s see how fast the GOP Hate machine beats up Stehly over this.

Get out the popcorn!