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Get your bets in!

So will he run for House? Governor? or nothing?

And if so will he run as a Democrat? Republican or Indy?

I’m going with Indy for Congress.

Whoever gets the party affiliation and run correct wins a Detroit Lewis original painting (even if you guess the same as me).


Did Mayor Huether really drop the ‘H’ word?


House! House! House!

Rumor has it that Mike recently dropped the ‘H’ word (House) when asked if he was running for governor. I guess he almost jumped out of his chair to point out he was interested in the seat. Now that he has maxed out our city’s credit card, I wonder when he will announce he is running for Congress or if all we will hear is ‘Aflac’!

Great Documentary about Barney Frank


I have often admired the work he has done as a lawmaker. This movie is worth watching, it gives you a little hope that there is still a few lawmakers in Washington that care about us.

DEM Candidate Corinna Robinson IS running for the US Congress


I have been noticing several reader comments on media websites (that I assume are plants by Republicant’s trying to dis-credit Robinson’s campaign). So I set the record straight tonight while attending a Minnehaha County Democratic fundraiser at the Falls Overlook Cafe. Sorry, I am a little hazy, I had a couple of glasses of Moscato at the event (and I thought they only served kool-aid at Republican events, my bad).

I asked Corinna if she was running (after telling her the rumors swirling around). She said definately, in fact she already has a West River and an East River director working for her (I met the East River fella tonight) and she plans to make the big announcement in January sometime.

So detractors, knock it off already.

While I am not sure if I am totally sold on Corinna, I will say that the BS smear campaign on her is uncalled for. We know the real reason the SD GOP is swinging low and early, because when you match Corinna’s credentials with Noem’s, Noem’s campaign is quickly distracting the electorate with Mitchell hair, barrel roping stories, hoop earrings and mail order college degrees. If Noem is dumb enough to debate Robinson, Corinna will pound her into submission, I can’t wait for this matchup.

Other highlights of the event was meeting Democratic Candidate for Governor, Joe Lowe.


I am usually hard to impress when I first meet a political candidate, but not only is Joe intelligent, and has great economic, public safety, and leadership skills, he is very funny, incredibly funny. He shared many personal ‘war stories’ with GP and I about his employment with the state.

Rick Weiland also talked about the benefits of a buy-in to Medicare being offered to all citizens (woot-woot).

In other news, county commissioner Jeff Barth confessed to me he is NOT running for mayor.

And a chuckle for the night, I was looking for Mayor Huether to be at the event tonight. Not only Minnehaha county’s most powerful Democrat but the state’s most powerful Democrat, according to some peeps (sorry Bernie Hunhoff). But he was a no show. I didn’t ask anyone about it, but was offered the information from an attendee. I guess he didn’t attend because he believes the Jamison campaign has a ‘tracker’ on him. Luckily I wasn’t drinking my Moscato Kool-aid, because the person telling me would have been splattered with it. I do know that in Huether’s final ‘Listening and Learning’ session before the election that someone was doing an audio recording of the session, like it matters because you can listen to it here. But if that is what Paranoid Mike considers a tracker, I want to tell him there are bigger turds and tracks in the forrest to worry about.

And the final word on Jarding, get ready for this, No one knows what the heck he is running for. He is scheduled to teach classes next Spring at Harvard, so many are puzzled as to what he is up to.

Is Jeff Barth the best guy the Dems could dig up to run against Noem?

Do I want Noem as our congressperson? Hell no! In fact I would prefer an indy in that position that does not have to tow the party line. The liberal in me likes Jeff Barth. He is about as liberal as you can get, he is even a little on the nanny-stater side.

He is all about raising taxes to spend on social programs. I don’t have a problem with that, as long as the money is spent wisely. But the fiscal conservative in me doesn’t care much for Mr. Barth.

He recently wanted to raise taxes so he could give raises to county workers. Here’s the deal, I agree they deserve a raise, but don’t we all? What goes around comes around, and while the rest of are taking it in the shorts, the county workers have to also. That’s just how the cookie crumbles. They chose to work in the public sector, the pay should be reflective of society as a whole.

But the thing that worries me the most about Jeff is his chances of beating Noem. In fact I would give her 65-70% of the vote. I hope the Dems dig up someone young, smart, progressive, moderate, and with deep pockets before the primaries. Jeff isn’t going to cut the mustard.

Maybe one of those Weiland kids ain’t busy over the next year?

Noemless (H/T – Jackilope)


Princess Steffy slams Snooki Noem at the State Fair forum

I guess Snooki better get a new talking point;

“I’ve kept my eye on our economy, on our future and on our values,” Herseth Sandlin said. “I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get the sense that perhaps Kristi Noem is moving to San Francisco to run against Nancy Pelosi. I’m running for Congress here in South Dakota, and my record reflects that I do what’s right for South Dakota.”

Snooki couldn’t handle San Fran. Residents mostly ride bicycles and public transit.

Now we’re going after staffer’s violations? Ridiculous!

As I said from the beginning, I think bringing up politician’s driving records is a bit silly, but ignoring your fines and having bench warrants for your arrest while running for office is even more silly.

It seems another anonymous blogger seems to think it is okay to go after staffer’s records because they are Federal employees.

While we are at it, why don’t we go after politician’s family and friend’s records. But let’s not stop there, why don’t we go after volunteers and supporters records, or even better yet why don’t we go after voter’s records, and if you don’t have a clean driving record your vote will not be counted. Or maybe we can dig up blogger’s driving records . . . oh that’s right, we first have to figure out who the chickenshits are that don’t have the balls to put their name behind their accusations.

I knew the Republicans would strike back with something f’ing ridiculous, and they did not disappoint as usual.

Ticket-gate was about one thing. Someone running for higher office should pay their fines or show up in court and practice their 5th Amendment rights. If they cannot grasp that simple constitutional right they shouldn’t be writing laws for our country.

BTW, Herseth-Sandlin’s staffer plead guilty and paid her fines, unlike Mrs. Noem.

Gould was cited for driving with a blood-alcohol content of .193, more than twice the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle. She pleaded guilty June 28 to a first offense of driving under the influence.

I also find a lot of irony in ticket-gate. It seems to be ‘OK’ to drag a congressional staffer through the mud (when they work for a Dem) but when you make a little joke about a staffer who works for a Republican the wingnuts go beserk and threaten you with legal recourse. What a bunch of boneheads.

And BTW, if you are going to do Photoshop editorial toons, learn how to use the software correctly so it actually looks like Steffy’s face on another woman’s body and not Chaka from the Land of the Lost.

Marking is allowed at today’s House Debate

I guess something changed, GOOD!


Herseth pointed out that Noem doesn’t understand the legislative process, and encourages her to “Stick to the issues.”

MARKING; “I’ve been snookered once, I won’t be snookered again.” (He was referring to the Republican party, and their failed plan, ‘Contract with America’.)

HERSETH-SANDLIN; She defends the healthcare bill, even though she didn’t vote for it, but does admit it will need some changes.

NOEM; Kristi slams Herseth over the deal she struck with the Democratic party to not repeal the healthcare bill. But Kristi gets off the rails when she starts talking about how much it will cost us, she first starts off by saying it will cost us $500 million, then she ends by saying it will cost us $1 trillion. So what is it? You can’t just throw numbers out there without backing them up.

ON REPEALING ESTATE TAX; Marking is on the fence, and doesn’t agree with a complete repeal, Herseth thinks we can’t afford to repeal it, but can reform it to help farmers and ranchers. Noem was crying about how her poor family (corporate) farm was hurt by estate taxes, all the while taking farm subsidies. So I guess it is okay for her to take from the feds but not to pay back in. Yet Noem fails to answer the question, and Herseth points it out. Marking goes on another rant about how great a Fair Tax is. Blah, Blah, Blah.

ON ENERGY; Herseth supports renewal energy and bio fuels. Noem blabs about Nancy Pelosi, again, and talks about how cap & trade is bad, but offers no solution. Marking sees energy independence as a national security issue. Herseth pointed out that Noem doesn’t understand the legislative process, and encourages her to “Stick to the issues.”

ON FARM SUBSIDIES; Noem says she would like to see more risk management programs then subsidies (yet her family continues to take them). Marking said subsidies are needed but should be focused. Herseth wants to lower subsidies but enhance the safety net through conservation.

INTEGRITY IN GOVERNMENT; Marking talks about advisory voting (while I like the idea, most people struggle with even showing up to the polls now every few months, let alone vote weekly on issues, it would require people to be actually know what is going on). Herseth blabs about veterans or something. Noem claims she will NOT change if we elect her. Uh, sure, you betcha! Herseth slams Noem over claiming Herseth doesn’t live in SD or ever come back here. She actually chuckles when talking about it.

In closing, Marking admits to being a Norwegian. Well he just lost my vote 🙂

HOUSE DEBATE: Marking points out the obvious & Noem gives chickenshit answer of the day

As someone who was at the debate yesterday front and center, I can tell you that Stephanie mopped the floor with Noem and Marking actually impressed me more then Noem. If I had one criticism of Steffy it is that she acted a little ‘Staggers’ like when she spoke (knowing the issues but letting her passion overflow a bit). The confusion on Noem’s face throughout the debate was priceless. She seemed confused about almost every rebuttal Steffy had. Noem also answered every question the same way, “I have spoken to the people of SD about this issue, and it is important to them . . .” Blah, Blah, Blah. Don’t you have some moose hunting to do or something? Like I said, I was more impressed by Marking, but he is sort of a hypocrite, on many levels. He talks about smaller government and opposing socialized medicine, but he has sucked from that tit his whole life as former military man and federal employee. I got mine, so screw you I guess is his philosphy, but I did like this quote;

The independent candidate, B. Thomas Marking, blamed both major parties for creating the nation’s problems, arguing that neither Republicans nor Democrats are capable of fixing the mess they created.

No doubt. Our two-party system is a f’ing joke, thanks for pointing out the obvious. And as we expected Noem trotted out her Republican talking points (which I’m sure were written on her wrist with a sharpie);

“I want you to know that I believe the U.S. House of Representatives is the people’s House,” Noem said. “It is not Nancy Pelosi’s House.”

Good one. Dumb.

But where Steffy slammed Noem was on her non-stance of Social Security. It is pretty obvious that Noem supports privatization, but when you are facing a barn full of old people it is kinda hard to spit it out, so she took the chickenshit route and claimed she doesn’t have a stance;

Herseth Sandlin accused Noem of wanting to privatize Social Security and Medicare. She was referencing an Internet chat that Noem did in May with the Rapid City Journal. In that chat, Noem said she thought a budget proposal from Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., was a “great place to start and the right direction for this country to go.” Ryan’s proposal includes giving younger workers the option to put their Social Security into private accounts.

But in the debate, Noem said she had never taken a position specifically on privatizing Social Security.

Herseth Sandlin responded: “I have taken a position on privatizing Social Security. I stand firmly against it.”

This part of debate really separated Steffy from Noem and Steffy was the one smelling like roses after that exchange.

Post-Debate guest appearance.

This one is for Patrick