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A Blast of Cheer from MSM to start your day out right.

2012 is going to be a great year!

I hope it happens while I am in Belize.

“I’m not going to make it to work for the rest of the year, the Sun Gods are angry.”

San Fran Vacaction – The Beach (final set of photos)

When we got to San Francisco, this was one of the first things I got to see. The friend we stayed with lived about six blocks from the beach. Since the time we were out there was considered there ‘summer’ it was actually pretty nice (but very cold water). I would usually walk down there every morning and watch the surfers.

These are ‘Snowy Plovers’ they are endangered birds, so this stretch of the beach is a habitat for them and you are not allowed to bother them (mainly with your pets). They are pretty funny because they have skinny little legs and kinda look like quails with pointy long beaks that they use to dig in the sand. When the waves come in fast instead of flying away they run really fast in a group. They reminded me of chickens.


Yes they surf in this freezing water. I’m sure the suit helps, but it can’t be very nice on the head and feet. Yow!

San Fran Vacation – Odds and Ends

Apparently every town has a Top Hat Bar, and this was San Fran’s (and apparently the same people hang out and work there to).

Cool sculpture of something downtown.

Sailboats in San Fran Bay.

Chinatown’s Moose Lodge (I think?)

San Fran Vacation – Pfeiffer Beach – Big Sur

Big Sur National Park was closed, so we were told to go here instead. You have to drive down a very bumpy 2 mile road to get to the beach, but it is pretty surreal. There is a chemical in the sand that when it mixes with ocean water it turns the sand purple. You can see streaks of it on the beach. This beach was also a popular place for surfers and the wind. I’m spitting sand out of my mouth.

San Fran Vacation – Big Sur Surprise

We got into Big Sur kinda late and had trouble finding a hotel room, so we just started stopping at little Inns along Highway 1. It was dark when we found our room, and we got the last one. She told us we had an ocean view, of course we couldn’t see it. When we got up the next morning we only had to walk a few steps out the back door to see this. It was pretty cool, because the hotel was built on a cape and surrounded by the ocean.

San Fran Vacation – Peace Garden in Big Sur


We found this little hideaway behind a roadside cafe in Big Sur. It’s a hippys dreamland.

San Fran Vacation – Golden Gate Bridge

This is after we crossed the bridge on our way to Sausalito

This is at the end of the bridge looking towards San Francisco.

We rode partially around the Bay and over the bridge on bicycles.

This looking at the bridge towards Sausalito.

San Fran Vacation – The Tonga Room

I had the pleasure of going to the Tonga Room in San Fran, one of the oldest Tiki Bars in the country. (More photos here)

Enjoying a booze heavy tropical drink (The Scorpion) by the giant Tiki

That’s right, kiddies, the band plays on a boat in the middle of a pool (the occasionally rains).

Another wicked Tiki above the bar.

San Fran Vacation – Sea Lions, Jails and Cable cars

Not sure if you have ever been around a large group of Sea Lions like this one in the San Fran bay sunning themselves, but not only are they a rowdy bunch (constantly biting and barking at each other) but they smell like a combination of dead fish and a cow lot. In fact a cow lot smells better.

We rode an open air cable car to the Tonga room, I can’t believe it made it up the hill after a busload of senior citizens jumped on with us.

Fagatron and I making our best Escape from Alcatraz faces, this is on our fairy ride from Sausalito to San Francisco.

San Fran vacation – Creepy Masonic Temple

This place was a trip. Our friend Jay who we stayed with in San Fran works in this old Masonic. They still rent out the halls and office space. The above picture is the ceiling of the concert hall / ballroom. They put on a lot of rock shows there.

The building also has a manual operated elevator in it. There is only two of them still in existence in San Fran. The elevator operator is Union and has his own little office by the elevator. You have to ring him. His only job is to operate the elevator.

This below picture is one of the party rooms, complete with creepy red velvet wallpaper and dark stained wainscotting. I know you are jealous Zed – what a perfect place to do a ZombieWalk party!