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Is the Pavilion going to take over the Orpheum?

There has been a rumor circulating for awhile that Mayor TenHaken had been thinking about changing the leadership of that building. In fact, when I met with him before the election (April) we briefly talked about it and he sent me a text asking if I had any ideas.

But this isn’t the first time the Pavilion wanted to get their claws into the Orpheum, they actually asked during the Munson administration, but the Pavilion’s finances were so bad at the time, the answer from city hall was a resounding Hell No!

I guess over the past couple of days some SMG employees have been gossiping about the fact that they were told that the Pavilion would take over the Orpheum this summer. Not sure about all the details of the transfer of power. But if the rumors are true, it would be no surprise, because Mayor TenHaken himself told me he was looking at a better use for the facility, and this just might be his grand idea.

Former Operations Manager of Pavilion finds a job, in Michigan

It looks like Jon Loos got a job at the Midland Center for the Arts in north central Michigan. I guess he couldn’t find anything in SD. Say what you want about Jon, but it further shows how the Pavilion takes management, grinds them up than boots them out of town.

Jon Loos Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

It looks like the place he works is similar to the Pavilion, museum and theater and about 50 years old. I wonder what kind of shape the place is in?

I think Jon hasn’t worked at the Pavilion for about a year and half. Good Luck, I’m sure you will be missed . . . .

Washington Pavilion President Darrin Smith openly laughs at Councilor Stehly’s questions

It was pretty pathetic to watch Darrin openly laugh at councilor Stehly when she was questioning him about a budget amendment for the Black History Museum. Once the video comes up you will see him. Sadly, Stehly couldn’t see this because she was tele conferencing due to family issues. It is incredibly disrespectful for anyone to laugh at the councilors when they are being questioned about budgets, it is even more egregious for a Director of a Facility that the city owns, subsidizes and maintains with our tax dollars to laugh at the very person who is allocating the money on behalf of the taxpayers. Darrin learned well with his brief stint in city government from one of the best. Avoid, confuse and embarrass your foes. Sad really. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from a guy who hired a cartoonist youth pastor to help run an arts facility.

UPDATE: Washington Pavilion delaying Annual Report AGAIN

UPDATE: Apparently the city received the 2017 financial report from the Pavilion a couple of weeks ago. So they must of had their annual meeting without little fanfare.

DOC: WP-2017-FS

As you can see they are up $490K from the year before. What I found interesting was that ticket sales were up $1.2 million from the year before, but expenses were up $1.1 million.

Well, you have to give them credit, they are staying consistent with last year.

But what makes the delay interesting is that there is a new sheriff at city hall. Mayor TenHaken is probably eye balls deep (or at least his COS is) in budget meetings. So how can you justify the yearly subsidy to the Pavilion and all the extra goodies they get from the entertainment tax when you have no idea how did last year?

Well the rumors are out there. I guess due to good ticket sales and fundraising they are up almost $500K. Maybe they are keeping that under wraps from the public so they keep their yearly subsidy? Not sure?

It would be wise for Mayor TenHaken to pressure the Pavilion to release that annual report before the budget hearings start. In other words RIGHT NOW.

TenHaken will not be attending Diversity Forum on Sunday

Paul says his faith prevents him from attending;

Paul TenHaken This event was promoted before I had the opportunity to accept and my schedule does not allow for me to be there. The mayor’s office is a 24/7 job, but Sunday’s are for faith and family and not campaigning. I have had a chance to meet many of you over these past few months and I look forward to talking with all of you in the near future.

While I won’t defend Paul’s excuse, because I do not attend religious ceremonies on Sunday, I have a feeling he knew the piling on would occur. All the better for Loetscher I guess.

Is local Sioux Falls arts funding in the toilet?

I have had an idea for awhile that a percentage of the Entertainment tax (3rd penny) should be put towards local arts projects and local artists. Community theatre would be a perfect recipient of these monies;

After 15 seasons, the Sioux Empire Community Theatre is making a plea for donations to stay afloat.

“The reality is, community theatre can no longer survive on ticket sales alone,” board president Kimberly Jacobson and producing artistic director Patrick Pope wrote in a post on Facebook.

Rumor has it that SECT even asked the city to write-off rental debt last year. Not sure if that is true, but if it is that’s not good.

Right now the 3rd penny has been used for building upgrades to the Pavilion after the bonds were paid off. SMG has asked to get some that money also to use towards the Orpheum and Canaries Stadium. I have often argued that since the 3rd penny brings in around $6.5 million a year, they could easily split off $1 million of it to go towards local arts organizations and projects. Besides, it is a local tax we pay, shouldn’t it go towards local projects?

The Pavilion has been in turmoil for a long time, and the multiple terminations at the end of 2017 shows there is a major restructuring going on at the institution. The Sioux Falls Arts Council is also seeing some major changes. This would be a perfect time for the new mayor and city council to take a hard look at how this money is being spent. It’s obvious the money is there, it just needs to be spread out better. The board members of the Pavilion need to be reigned in and shown there are other artistic opportunities in this city that contribute to a more diverse economic impact. Diversifying this funding would help the community as a whole.

You have to realize not everyone is into going to a concert at the Denty or a musical at the Pavilion. People want local artistic options also, let’s give it to them by spending the LOCAL tax on LOCAL arts.

The Pavilion is NOT comparable to our Parks System

I still haven’t figured out exactly if this editorial by the Argus is about anything, but I certainly found this line troubling and extremely inaccurate;

It is a valuable city asset akin to our parks system, one that enriches those of us who already call Sioux Falls home.

It is NOTHING like our parks system when it comes to value. Many things in our parks system are FREE due to the taxes we pay. What is free at the Pavilion? Nothing. I suppose you could sit in the lobby and take a nap on one of the benches. The Pavilion use to offer many free events and a free visual arts center. Not any more.

And that is another reason why you cannot compare our parks system to the Pavilion. Taxpayers take it in the shorts on many fronts with the Pavilion. We NOT only subsidize operations, but the city also robs the 3rd penny entertainment tax to make upgrades to a building that really isn’t that old and went almost $20 million over budget. The 3rd penny should really be used to promote tourism and FREE public art programs in our community.

The Pavilion doesn’t give any cultural value back to the community UNLESS you pay for it, TWICE. Once in your tax bill and again when you buy a ticket.

Do we need the Pavilion? Most definitely. But I think they should bring back some FREE programming so we can truly compare it to the city’s GREATEST asset, our Parks System.

Art is Art

Here we go again, the Pavilion seems to think fine art should be split into age appropriate categories;

“We want to implement a concept where we get more kids and families into the Visual Arts Center,” said Smith, who hopes to boost attendance numbers by 25 percent in 2018.

I think historically it’s been more of an adult-oriented area,” continued Smith. “Certainly much of it will continue to be focused on high quality art that adults are interested in, but we really need to get more young people interested in visual art and coming so they become lifelong patrons.”

Unless it is highly political in nature or pornographic (I’ve seen neither at the Pavilion) fine art is age appropriate for EVERYONE. If people think art is ‘more adult like’ or challenging, it is a perfect opportunity to have a conversation with your children about that art. Art can inspire but it should also be thought provoking.

It is troubling to me that one of our publicly funded art museums has management and directors that think visual art needs to be split up into age categories. I’m all for kid’s art classes and play areas at the Pavilion, but I don’t believe we need to turn the VAC into a childrens or family art museum. Art is subjective, it has always been. When it comes to taste or what you personally like in art, it has nothing to do with your age, it has to do with your preference. If your children don’t like an 18th century landscape, maybe it is because it bores them, not because they are too young to understand.

This is what happens when you remove art professionals from an art center. Chaos.

Pavilion adds a Development Officer after an absence

Image: Siouxfalls.business

I’m glad to see the Pavilion is finally getting a development person back on staff;

Kerri DeGraff will join the Washington Pavilion as the chief development officer Feb. 12. DeGraff most recently served as the development director for Feeding South Dakota for six years. Before that, she worked for five years with the Sioux Empire United Way as the community impact director.

I think Kerri has done a good job at FSD, I just find it interesting she is taking her talents to a different kind of non-profit model. Of course, development officers are in charge of raising private donations and other gifts. Obviously she is probably going to tap into her current list of contacts for these donations and you wonder what kind of toes may not like being stepped on. Raising money for the arts and raising money to feed the less fortunate are two different beasts. I wish her luck!

Pavilion ‘creates’ mysterious position

The new position appears to be an assistant to Mr. Folkerts.

In the past the Pavilion has had either a curator or an assistant to the director.

It’s an Exhibitions and Collections Project Assistant.  A new title that the Pavilion has never had, and when you read the job description, you will be scratching your head (DOC: Exhibitions & Collections Project Assistant Jan18)

‘Bachelors Degree in related field’ What does that even mean? What field?

The new position, like Mr. Folkerts, doesn’t require experience or professional museum training.

It seems the Pavilion is getting away from ANY museum/science professionals. The rumor in artists circles is the Pavilion is going to get away from having a ‘real’ arts center and ‘real’ science center, and I guess when you hire cartoonist pastors to take over these positions, what do you expect?