Something ain’t right in the trailer park.

As we first reported Tuesday, the companies managing some mobile home communities are getting rid of individual water bills.
This means everyone pays the same amount, no matter how many people live in their household — a policy that has many people mad.
We spoke to Regional Manager Lynn Granata Wednesday. She sent us February’s water and sewer bill.
It was $8,329.27. Divide that by the number of mobile homes in the Pine Meadows Park and it equals the $55 flat rate neighbors are being charged. She says they’re not overcharging.
Why not just replace the meters? My water bill has never been higher then $14 a month. My highest was $25 before I fixed my leaky toilet. The thing that irks me the most about this is the way affordable housing slum lords screw over their tenants, and not because they are making a little extra money on the side (because as mentioned in the story that is illegal) but by being too cheap to fix an obvious problem with the water meter(s). If someone is renting from you, and paying their rent, you have an obligation to repair things that need to be fixed instead passing those maintenance costs onto your tenants.