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Do we just break wind or do we Harness it? Lincoln County Commission 2016

Here we go, the great questions of Lincoln County are debated. Do we grow or do we die? Do we just break wind or do we use it? To wind or not to wind? Is it selfishness or purity? The County Commission on November 22, 2016 heard several versions of these questions.

The rural southern part of the county has had a serious hurt on the more urban sprawl northern section and it seems the two will never meet until the farmers are pushed out. Farmers are important and so is peace of mind but as you listen to this meeting keep in mind, no one wants to find a way to compromise.

What noise from a wind turbine?

Here is a video of a new wind turbine getting started up. The DaCola foot soldier who shot this video works on them. Notice he is standing directly next to it, and you can barely hear it run.

Ignoramus of the week

2009 Ford E-Series Super Duty Ambulance Prep Package.  (03/03/09)

Just happen to come across this story today on KDLT. A group of, I am assuming, FOX News watching, tea-bagging, KOCH Brother loving wanna stop the wind farms by Canton;

“We would like to preserve this for our kids and our grandkids so they can come out and not look at wind mills, and so we can still farm this land,” Dean James, a board member of WE-CARE said.

For 25 years James and his wife Becky have enjoyed their peaceful, scenic, 12 acres of land just south of Canton. And he wants to save it.

“The noise levels, the effect it could have on people’s health, the shadow flicker from the blades, the stray voltage effect it has on animals and people,” James said.

James’s biggest concern is how loud the some 500 turbines will be.

“The sound level out here, we’ve done our own study, and it’s about 25 to 30 decibels,” James said.

But according to Lincoln County Ordinance, the turbines can be twice as loud.

President of Dakota Plains Energy Rob Johnson said, “The zoning law in Lincoln County says that we cannot be any louder than 60 decibels at the property line away from the turbines, and that’s probably what you and I are talking at right now.”

Oh, the tired old arguments. The ‘Save the grandchildren mantra’ is ironic, because wind energy is renewable and puts off no carbon emissions, so I guess if you are concerned about your grandchildren’s health and future, you would be supporting this project. As for hurting animals and farming the land. You can still farm around the towers and talking to someone who has worked on over 500 turbines all over the continent, he said he has yet to find any dead birds by the turbines. The only reason these people oppose the turbines is because they didn’t sell their land to the cooperative, because then they could be cashing in. Call a Whammbulance. It’s called progress, and it is progress that is better for our environment. I wish I could put a personal one in my backyard, but our ordinance happy city would never allow it.