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I am your child

Why are the NEO-CONS so afraid of Obama-san?

Chuck Norris is a pussy

Because he’s a god damned NINJA, that’s why!

I guess PETA is furious too… making it even more AWESOME!

Freedom’s strongest front in Iran: Twitter?!?!?



Ever since Iran’s presidential election a few days ago, there have been massive protests in the country’s urban centers. While the government has been successful in shutting down most communications coming out of the country, they have thusfar been unable to quash the thousands of tweets coming from the protestors.

Helping the twitterers out by setting up over 9,000 proxy servers and launching DDoS attacks on Iranian government websites, the guys with plenty of time on their hands at 4chan.org seem to be this country’s major cyber warriors – all those jokes about the 101st fighting keyboard brigade must have struck a nerve. Even the Pirate bay is getting in on the action by seeding torrents of videos taken down by youtube for their graphic content.

The information coming out has included pictures of injured and dead protestors, video of the Basij thugs shooting into crowds, and communications to other protestors about which places in Tehran and elsewhere are safe to gather.

From all the information coming out, this appears to be the beginning of a big revolution in Iran. Let’s hope they can change their country for the better. Here are their demands:

Demands from the protesters  

1. Dismissal of Khamenei for not being a fair leader
2. Dismissal of Ahmadinejad for his illegal acts
3. Temporary appointment of Ayatollah Montazeri as the Supreme Leader
4. Recognition of Mousavi as the President
5. Forming the Cabinet by Mousavi to prepare for revising the Constitution
6. unconditional and immediate release of all political prisoners
7. Dissolution of all organs of repression, public or secret.



I’ll be back to update this with links when I can.

JImmy Kimmel Impersonates Octuplets Mom Nadya Suleman

Stop Me If You Heard This One…

Bill and George Herbert need to start an Ex-Presidents of Comedy tour.

FOX’s Wallace: Is Obama Really Prez After Bobbled Oath?

This is the reason FOX & Wallace is a joke.

Hat Tip = Talking Points Memo

The Pomp Room in Second Life

Not sure what to say about this.

Top That!

Thanks to Kenneth of 30 Rock for reminding me of this gem.

Al Franken Zings Ann Coulter

This clip is kind of old, but considering both Franken and Coulter are in the news today, I figured it would be worth a laugh.

Fireside Chats on the Internats

Obama will be the first president to use the internet and YouTube to deliver his weekly address. Here is his first pre-presidential address.

This is pretty cool considering McCain didn’t know how to use a computer and Bush had to have staff members load his 13 favorite songs onto his I-Pod.

Change is coming . . . one can only hope.

UPDATE: Kevin Woster seems to be fearful of this new medium (yes, he is talking about the internet).

I’m with Susan Stamberg.

Like her, I’m sad that the weekly presidential radio messages will now be on YouTube.


And the newspaper business wonders why they are going in the toilet.