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South Dakota leadership is getting dumber by the day

First, let’s go with Noem’s idiotic statement of the week;

“I was on a call with the White House today with all of the governors talking about the specifics of this package and I was shocked by how much doesn’t go into infrastructure,” Noem said. “It goes into research and development. It goes into housing and pipes and different initiatives, green energy. And it really is not an honest conversation we’re having about what this proposal is.”

In Noem’s mind, she thinks infrastructure is corporate welfare to Canadian oil companies or spending Covid relief money on go kart tracks, hunting lodges and developer bailouts. Her statement kind of reminds me of this clown from Alaska who said, “The Internet is a series of tubes,” the late Sen. Ted Stevens infamously remarked in a 2006 speech on net neutrality. Even Transportation Secretary Pete Beuttigieg made fun of her on the Sunday political shows saying that ‘Yes Governor Noem, pipes are infrastructure.’


Trust me when I heard Paul say this last week, I literally fell out of my chair laughing;

When Dykstra first met TenHaken, he was starting his business ‘Click Rain’ and became the Mayor’s first client. At the time, Dykstra was running for U.S. Senate against then South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson. While the political backgrounds have been prevalent between the two, both say their conversations revolve around life.

After I caught my breath I soon realized that it explained not only Paul’s leadership(?) style but his relationship with the SD GOP and developers in town. As many may or may not know, Dykstra was a frequent target of the blog when he was running against Tim Johnson and got his butt whooped. Joel often appeared in my toons with a bag over his head like the unknown comic, because I called him the unknown candidate.

There was also a rumor swirling around City Hall that Mayor TenHaken was out of the office last week with little explanation. I agree the mayor deserves personal time off, but strangely his Chief of Staff was also gone. Not sure if they took a family vacation together, but my guess is the trip was political in nature. Wonder who was footing the bill this time?

If the trip was political in nature, that should be disclosed to taxpayers. Of course the Hatefest on transparency is alive and well at City Hall, so we may never know.


Believe it or not, I couldn’t really find anything in the agenda that sparked my interest except item #66;


Some have questioned if the city can receive this money, and the answer is yes since the bridge crosses a federally mandated waterway (Corp of Engineers manages the Big Sioux River).

In the Planning Meeting it seems the old track on the School for the Deaf land has found an occupant. Item 2I will provide space for the new Children’s Inn Facility. Surprised it was on the consent agenda. I have heard from people in the neighborhood they have concerns. The item can be pulled if people want to comment.

Count Jensen’s endorsement list disappears from Facebook

While this endorsement list still is on ‘another’ blog, the post was deleted from Jensen’s and SF Politics Facebook pages. I’m not sure why. I wonder if some of the people listed got a little nervous? I wasn’t reading the comments, but I heard there was some negativity about the big wheels on the list. Here is the list. I don’t know all of the people that are listed, but the ones I do know are heavy hitters in the bankster and development community;

James Abbott
Jaclyn and Micah Aberson
Jake Anderson
Vince Anderson
John Archer
Katie Ashmore
Catherine and David Barranco
Lisa and Miles Beacom
Tanner Beukelman
Deb and Jack Billion
Raquel Blount
Paige and Matt Bock
Dennis Breske
Ryan Brown
Vernon Brown
Molly and Ryan Budmayr
Dr. Seri and Shad Carney
Dr. Tom and Ginny Christopherson
Dan Costello
Kent Cutler
Emily and Chris Daugaard
Linda and Dennis Daugaard
Dan Doyle
Drew Duncan
Dana Dykhouse
Joel Dykstra
Troy and Natalie Eisenberg
Jim Entenman
Councilor Christine and Tony Erickson
Scott Erickson
Julio Espino
Rick Everist
Rob Fagnan
Lucas Fiegen
Laura and Ryan Gardner
Shelly and Mike Gardner
James Gaspar
Tyler Goff
Dustin Haber
Craig Hagen
Alex Halbach
Larry Hamre
Chad Hatch
Brent Hodgkiss
Jordan Huisman
Tom Hurlbert
Mike Jamison
Russ Janklow
Anna and Brad Jankord
Maren and Max Jensen
Maria Harrington and Sam Jensen
Paula and Bill Jensen
Brendan Johnson
Troy Jones
Macy Kaiser
Jon Kirby
Steve Kirby
Ryan Konz
Kate and Nick Kotzea
Molly and Josh Kuehl
Reggie Kuipers
Scott Lawrence
Mark Lee
Mark Lovre
Alexis Konstant and Marcus Mahlen
Alissa and Eric Matt
Eric McDonald
Amanda and Tom McKnelly
Mark Mickelson
Doug Muth
Martha and Tom Nelson
Tony Nour
Erik Nyberg
Rob Oliver
Karine and Matt Paulson
Marianne and Steve Perkins
Deb Peters
Rachel Petersen
Lucas Peterson
Kia and Ryan Pidde
Nikki Rassmussan
David Ratchford
Tony Reiss
Dave Roetman
Joel Rosenthal
Amber Rouse
Dave Rozenboom
Steve Sarbacker
Darrell Schmith
Matt Schoppert
Cindy Schoppert-Pickett
Dr. Ryan and Cady Sivertson
Alex Soundy
Ryan Spellerberg
Brad Stearns
Bob and Lori Sutton
Chris Thorkelson
Bobbi and Luke Tibbetts
Kevin Tupy
Carol Twedt
Ryan Tysdal
Tony Venhuizen
Sara Waldner
Anna and Dane Yde
Bishop Emeritus David Zellmer

A complete waste of the “search Function”

Guest Post, Bruce Danielson

Have you heard the expression “hiding in plain sight”?

The city of Sioux Falls has found a way to once again hide data while claiming transparency. The webpage is absolutely worthless.

The basics of open government is present data simple choice of options, in a usable form, with a functional sort order and a presentation of results best usable by requestor.

The City Clerk’s public access page is a failure of huge proportions. First off you have to know the names or phrases before you start or you will receive no results. In other words, you have to know the exact spelling of the report before you can ask the system if it exists. The secret PACs are not listed so anyone could easily review the activity or even if a filing was made.

BTW, do the secret PACs still have money? Notice in the date stamped 1/6/2020 Greg Neitzert filing how the Mayor TenHaken secret Next Generation Leadership PAC gave $250. Now try to find any information on the Next Generation Leadership PAC. Why is the Mayor of Sioux Falls hiding with Joel Dykstra behind a secret PAC to influence who is going to be on the City Council? Any good political operative would have stayed out of (at least publicly) the City Council races. Just think, if Neitzert is defeated, how close do you think the eventual winner is going to be willing to help the loser mayor?

Now back to the unfriendly City Clerk’s search system. There is no simple way to follow a series of events.  The results do not a have any dates on the results so you have to research everything presented to see how it fits. A long and frustrating process designed to stop real searches from happening or being attempted.

We have a “supposed” web expert in the big office of City Hall and it actually shows. It shows how to hide data at the same time claiming transparency.

Will Sioux Falls Mayor TenHaken and Council Chair Selberg recuse themselves next Tuesday?

Next week’s City Council meeting agenda item concerning the Canterbury – Paddington development is bringing up ethical concerns. (Watch the fiery exchange at the last planning meeting, items 5B-C). The adjacent property owners wondered why the planning department and planning commission ignores it’s own ordinances. The short answer; MONEY & GREED. The only reason the SFPC gave (and their typical answer when big money development rolls up to the podium at these meetings) is they own the land they can do what they want to. Sounds great, I think I will get started on my nuclear reactor in my backyard this summer – neighbors be damned. But make sure you put up a sign warning about bees in your yard! You know, those naturally occurring insects that provide life giving pollination.

It appears there will at least two conflict of interest issues which might be raised and at least two recusals may likely be needed.

Mayor TenHaken’s Next Generation Leadership PAC has Joel Dykstra involved in the management of the campaign / PAC organization. Joel will be asking for a RE-ZONE and PRELIMINARY SUBDIVISION PLAN approval from the city council after the Planning Commission already approved it.

Councilor Selberg works for Van Buskirk Companies. The company was involved turning this development into a cluster to begin with by not finishing a promised road in the beginning of this development.

As we research more business connections, we see potential conflicts and believe full disclosures with recusals are required. Hopefully Marsh and Pauly will be recusing themselves next Tuesday on this item. If they don’t there could be legal and ethical ramifications from the adjacent property owners. We will see if they do the right thing.

Next Generation Leadership PAC

I guess one of the reasons the PAC cannot be found is because somehow the filings for the PAC have disappeared off the city’s website. I was able to get a screenshot of the last page of the PAC’s July 3rd filing thru a city contact. Curious that city employees have access to this document but citizens don’t. But I don’t have time to go into that rant and how our new innovation department is finding ways to hide information from citizens unless you have a traceable login.

You will see below in PTH’s July 3rd filing he received an almost $25K donation from the PAC. The same day, the PAC filed itself. It seems they are on a mission to recruit more candidates like Paul. God help us all!

(The rumor in political circles, and the reason Dusty Johnson had a freakout on a fellow Republican in RC recently is because they believe Rounds will not run again for senate, leaving Johnson to run for that seat and TenHaken to run for Dusty’s current seat, but like I said,  just gossip at this point.)

I also find it interesting that Joel Dykstra was not only the treasurer of PTH’s campaign but also the PAC’s. Well isn’t that convenient? You may know Joel who got his rear end kicked by Tim Johnson. But Joel is also a well known developer around town that likes any developer welfare and zoning breaks he can get from Sioux Falls taxpayers. I guess this is what they mean by ‘Next Generation’. Republican elected officials taking money from the working poor and turning into big profits for his ilk.

Joel also gave money to Alex Jensen. This must be their first ‘recruit’ in the PTH Next Gen movement. I expect more recruits from this PAC that has seemed to slide under the radar up until this point. I guess it helps when public officials conveniently hide your filings (if someone can provide a link, I will gladly retract that statement).

At least we have cleared the air on who they are so far, it will be interesting to watch them dump bundles of money into ineffective campaigns and lose. (PTH’s full report: 20180703-TenHaken-CFDRT (1)

Click to Enlarge

Who is behind Sioux Falls municipal candidates?

So I went to the city’s campaign finance page to see who is ‘helping’ candidates with their campaigns. Obviously, some candidates that have announced have not officially filed yet. As I understand it, they cannot raise money until they do that.

Here is what we have so far;

Kenny Anderson Jr. (Mayor)

Curt Rust (Former elected official) – Chair

Kristeen Andersen (Independent Accountant) – Treasurer

Thor Bardon (City Council, Central District) Self-Chair and Treasurer

Jim Entenman (Mayor)

Michael Bender (Bender Commercial-Major Developer) & Rob Oliver (Former Augustana President) – Co-Chairs

Melissa Ellefson (Salesperson) – Treasurer

Clara Hart (At-Large Council) – Chair

Kyle Boese (Elbo Computers, former candidate for state legislature) – Treasurer

Jolene Loetscher (Mayor)

Emily Sievers (Marketing Director for Augustana) & Julian Beaudion (Works for State in Public Safety) – Co-Chairs

Sadie Bell (VP or Retail Banking, First Bank & Trust) – Treasurer

John Paulson (At-Large) – Treasurer

Dick Bohy (Retired Hospital Administrator) – Chair

Paul Ten Haken (Mayor)

Michelle Lavallee (Marketing Executive) & Dave Rozenboom (President of First Premier Bank) – Co-Chairs

Joel Dykstra (CEO RMB Associates/Developers) – Treasurer

David Zokaites (Mayor) – Chair

Mack Gammeter (?) – Treasurer

Friends of Sioux Falls (PAC)

Doug Wagner (?) – Chair and Treasurer

I’m not sure what the PAC is all about. I can’t find much information on it or it’s chair. Like most PAC’s they are a way to funnel money to certain candidates. So I guess we will have to watch and see who this PAC gives to.

As for the other candidates, their Co-Chairs can tell you a lot about them. As of right now, it looks like Jim Entenman will have a lot of connections, while big money in town seems to behind Paul Ten Haken.

On the Good Ship Lalley Pop show yesterday Pat and guest Matt Staab discussed who would make it to the runoff. If the election was today, I kind of agree with them. If Jolene doesn’t have any female challengers I would put her and Entenman in the runoff with Entenman winning.

But a lot of things can change between now and April. Jamison still hasn’t officially entered the race and we still are also waiting to hear more from candidates like Nick Weiland and Mike Gunn. I also expect at least 2-3 more candidates jumping in before the end of the year. It’s not too late for a game changer. So pull up your jeans and finish your cupcakes, it’s gonna be a long haul.

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Maybe DWC needs to change the name of his site to

Just muttled through Pitty Pat’s site this morning. WOW. Does he post about anything other then the Johnsons? When does he sleep? Of course, this shouldn’t surprise me, small minded Republicans often obsess about their Johnsons . . . ah . . . I mean ‘The’ Johnsons.

State Republican Legislators plan to waste more time on meaningless legislation. Like their failed attempt at criminalizing abortion they will fall flat on their faces again

UPDATE: Joel Dykstra is spreading lies right now on KCPO (Sunday 10:30 AM – Cable channel 2)


Kind of sounds like someone is posturing for the Governor’s race;

Two powerful Republican state legislators say they will fight a bill now in Congress that would allow unions to organize without a secret ballot. State Senate Majority Leader Dave Knudson, who also is running for governor, and House Majority Leader Bob Faehn of Watertown will introduce a bill in the next Legislature that would put the issue before state voters. The measure would amend the state constitution to require secret ballots in all political and labor organizing elections.

Only in SD, where we rank 50th in hourly wages, would legislators try to limit union participation and thumb their noses at Federal Law. I’m glad they want to put it on the ballot, because it will fail, just like the stupid abortion ban.

If their effort is successful, the state almost certainly would end up in federal court to defend its authority to require secret ballots in labor votes, Knudson acknowledged.

What’s the point? Instead of trying to limit worker’s rights, why not introduce legislation that actually expands worker’s rights? Oh that’s right, I forget SD’s motto, “Big Business and Special Interests first, citizens second.”

Joel Dysktra leading the charge against Employee Card Check. We know how this going to end.

Wonder if he grew his ‘working man’s mustache back?

Opponents of card check legislation want to protect their wallets, not anyone’s right to vote on union elections, said union officials in Rapid City on Thursday.

“They’re dead set against it, because it takes money out of their pocket, it’s that simple,” said Mark Anderson, president and financial secretary of the South Dakota State Federation of Labor AFL-CIO. “It’s simply an issue of money — who gets it, who keeps it.”

Mark, Mark, Mark. Really. Are you saying some South Dakota business owners are money hungry greedy bastards that don’t want to pay their workers a fair wage? Where would you get an idea like that? It’s not like we rate dead last in wages in this country or that South Dakotans have to work two or three jobs to make ends meet. Obviously this has nothing to do with it.

Anderson said opponents often latch onto the secret ballot issue to claim the card check method is undemocratic.

“So when you hear all the hoopla, from the employers’ side and the opponents, I think that’s a bald-faced lie,”

Are you calling South Dakota Neo-cons liars? Get out. Now go get your magic markers and help me make a Tea Party sign that says, “Kill Socialism – Buy Guns.”

One petition organizer, former U.S. Senate candidate Joel Dykstra of Canton, told The Associated Press that the South Dakota ballot proposal is the same as efforts in other states and is affiliated with the national Save Our Secret Ballot organization.

We’re not anti-union. We just believe employees should have the right to select their representation by secret ballot,” Dykstra said.

Yeah Joel, I believe you, because if anyone has credibility in the business and political realm, it’s you . . .

It’s important to increase union membership, because unions are responsible for the creation of the middle class, Anderson said. As unions have weakened over the last several decades, the gap between the rich and poor in the country has grown larger, he said, and the middle class has disappeared.

And that’s just the way they like it.