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Flashing Traffic Lights in Sioux Falls, is the jury out?

Sodapop welcomes Heath Hoftiezer the Sioux Falls Principal Traffic Engineer back to our Sioux Falls City Council to talk about Flashing After hours, signals that is.

We learn how drunks don’t like to be signal safe at night when the yellows are flashing. The new Sioux Falls policy to let the traffic intersection signal lights flash appears to allow drunks with minimal brain power left to run the yellow intersections without concern.

It is interesting also how they allow high rates of speed the 29 blocks of South Minnesota Ave without check. Who is in such a hurry during the night? Somebody leaving a stop and rob?

Sorry, no commentary in this video, the message is too important.

UPDATE: City hires firm to maintain outdoor BRONZE sculptures? LOL!

Even Sodapop THINKS the city is silly.

When I read this story and got a H/T from a DaCola foot soldier, I said to myself, tell me it is not true. I mean, the city spends money on some pretty stupid shit (just recently they bought a film projector for a private non-profit). But this takes the cake;

The City of Sioux Falls has hired a firm to maintain nearly 40 pieces of artwork.

The California Company has been signed to a three year contract at $25,000 a year to maintain the city-owned artwork throughout Sioux Falls.

Oh, but this explains how the city got roped into this boondoggle;

The California firm is also working with local Sioux Falls artists to take care of the city-owned art.

So let me get this straight, the city had to hire an out-of-state contractor, to contract local artists to clean sculptures with soap and water? And that is the crux of this. Bronzes are used in outdoor sculptures because of there durability, and if you don’t like a little bird shit on them, you simply get out the hose and a scrub brush, something a city parks worker could do very easily. But for some reason the city seems to think (or got suckered) into thinking they need to pay $625 per year, per sculpture to essentially check welds and give a bath to sculptures.

I did my research (even though I already knew the answer);

One of the wonderful things about bronze sculptures is that they need little care or maintenance and will last for hundreds of years.

The best cleaner for bronze sculptures (now get ready) is plain soap and water.

Maybe we should hire a private firm to maintain the amount bullshit coming from City Hall, of course that would take more then $25,000 a year. CALL FEMA! WE HAVE AN EMERGENCY SITUATION!

I have often thought the city was getting the shaft on SculptureWalk. But not financially, to be fair, SW funds most of the project each year privately, the city provides space, some liability insurance (I think) and purchases a couple of sculptures each year (even though SW could probably raise this money privately and gift the sculptures to the city). My beef has never been with the money or even the sculptures themselves. I have never agreed with the fact the jurying process has been closed to selected individuals by SW, though SW uses public funds. And now those funds are apparently going to California to buy Ivory dish soap. Go figure.

UPDATE: The contract was approved at the October 9, 2012 Council Meeting in the consent agenda. It only took the city 10 months to make a formal announcement about it. (DOC: art cleanup) scroll to the bottom

Stay Safe!

As you can see below, things are not all well at the Detroit Lewis/Sodapop household. Luckily, I still have power, but the V-Dub is trapped in the garage. Not sure how long before the power company shows up to fix my line and conduit. I was told to ‘monitor’ the situation for a fire. Oh Joy.

I just want to remind people, I love our community, that is why I do what I do here, I want the best for it. Watch out for your neighbors, help them out. Stay safe.


Who is thinking about running for SF School Board?

I have at least one supporter

Well I know of least one challenger to Alberty and Westra.

After a long conversation and consultation with my wife and children (actually just my dog, Sodapop) I picked up nominating petitions just a short while ago. I decided to AT least get the petitions signed and turned in. This DOES NOT mean I am running for sure. If NO other candidates decide to challenge Alberty and Westra, at least they will have one to debate. The city council may be able to bail on the Spring election, but the school district will not.

Please, People, help a brother out and pickup the petitions!

MY PLATFORM (if I choose to walk the plank)

Indoor Public Pool in conjunction with the city.

Substitute teacher pay.

Property taxes in reference to people without children in the district.

No RUBBERSTAMPING of Homan’s policies.

Why I love McKennan Park

Because Wilson and Penn tennis balls are impossible for SodaPop to destroy. And I find tons of them when we go for walks.

Sioux Falls, South DaCola photo submissions

I had a foot soldier point out this Argue Endorser contest, then he submitted his ideas (Muqhtar) Dogboarding sounds fun. I asked Sodapop about it and he just stared for a moment and licked his pee-pee (and balls);

Badass. Not so much.

Sodapop has probably had it with me this week, since I have been around 24/7. Love this picture I took of him tonight after a game of ‘BALL’ in which I kicked his ass, as usual, then re-kicked it and took his picture.

Does the SFPD have a department of internal affairs?

One wonders after watching this public input tonight (FF: 8:35) I guess this is something I have been suspicious about for awhile, and after my day, I came to the conclusion that city government uses the SFPD to do their dirty work because if they mistreat people, there are no consequences. The day started with me taking Sodapop to the vet for some shots and his city license (I don’t have a problem with licensing him) but they force you to buy a 3 year license. Does that mean if Soda passes away in the next 3 years, do I get a refund? I know this has little to do with the SFPD, but it is an enforcement issue. I had lunch with someone considering running for city council, but he has his reservations. Of course family approval was mentioned, but I think he fears working with some of the current councilors and the way they manipulate their powers for their benefit. I would have to agree. Also not a SFPD issue, but an issue of abuse of power. Later on in the afternoon I met with a wonderful gentleman who has a ‘little’ project going on, he is rebuilding/remodeling his house (on his schedule) and he has been harassed not only by his neighbors, code enforcement and even police officers. Apparently they have a problem with a home owner working on their own home on their own schedule. After watching the above video, it got me thinking. Does the Sioux Falls police department have too much power, since, it seems they can do whatever they want to without anyone investigating complaints. Every major city has a department of internal affairs. We don’t. I’ve been told it is Human Resources, that is hardly an investigative body. I will say our police force does an amazing job keeping us safe, but when they make mistakes or abuse their powers, which they do, there should be recourse for citizens.

Hankdog, now on facebook

Quite possibly the most spoiled dog in Sioux Falls. I think you need a photo of Hank biting Sodapop after an uninvited wiener licking.

While water and sewer rates go up for new pipes and a water system we don’t need, we blow our 2nd penny money on crap like this

My number one investigative reporter (Sodapop) and I went to the ‘steps in the river’ tonight to look at the progress. It really irks me when we blow $5 million dollars on something we don’t need, or will even serve a purpose, then turn around and charge higher water rates because ‘We can’t take money out of the 2nd penny for water pipes’

Oh bullshit.

You have to remember that this project was planned during the Munson administration when there was a good possibility that the EC was going to be built next to Cherapa Place. Building this silly structure now is pointless! When the money for this was allocated by the city council, Mike Cooper was asked what the $5 million was going to be spent on, and he didn’t have a clue, because they were still planning it. Yup, that’s right, he basically was asking for a blank check. While I am all for park and bike trail upgrades, we certainly do not need an amphitheatre that goes into the river and a $700,000 pedestrian bridge (when there is two of them 1/2 block away in both directions).

This is why I question water rate increases.


And while we are on that subject, I started thinking about this post I made back in 2008 when the L & C boondoggle was approved in 2006 (see cartoon) (ignore my rant about watering parks, I found out later that they use unfiltered water from the river to water parks):

The dirty little secret about Lewis & Clark is that it still isn’t a 100% done deal, we are still waiting for Federal funding, and recently Senator Johnson commented that he was not sure when that funding would come.

This is an interesting sticking point, because what we didn’t know then was that we really didn’t need L & C. Maybe that is why the FED’s were reluctant? Cotter confirmed it with me on Monday, that L & C was an emergency water source that would not be used that much. So why would the FED’s pony up? But even a bigger question arises? Why did Munson and the council take the bait, hook, line and sinker?

I remember when the bond vote came up, I told Staggers to vote against it, in fact I think I begged him. He felt he had ‘no choice’ because the Feds were not giving them the money. And guess what. We know why!