Kranz from the Gargoyle Leader has column on it; Even the Pro-Life weirdos are jumping ship;

Kathy Miles, D-Sioux Falls, state senator-elect from District 15, takes a strong pro-life position, but after the defeat of Initiated Measure 11, she worries the issue never will go away.

“I hear some people say they are tired of it. I am not sure what voters want right now. When you look at the amount of money spent to save babies in ICUs and, on the other hand, we are killing babies, we are sending mixed messages,” Miles said. “What are we going to do?”

Hey, Kathy, think about the $3 million spent on the campaign, how many kids could that have fed and clothed or at least educated about sex and birth control. What a concept!

At least one politician campaigning for re-election had found some confused voters. State Rep. Deb Peters, R-Sioux Falls, went door-to-door campaigning in her bid for re-election. She listened to a lot of people discuss their thoughts, including ones about the abortion measure.

“I had a lot of folks I visited with saying they were surprised about the abortion issue being on the ballot,” Peters said.

Especially since if it would have passed, it would not have stopped one single abortion!

I think Republican Joel Rosenthal sums it up pretty good;

The issue becomes more challenging for the pro-life faction with a pro-choice Democratic president-elect soon to be sworn in, he said.

“It is unlikely more pro-life judges will be appointed in the next four years,” Rosenthal said.