Why is state senator Dan Lederman using official state letterhead to send out money from his PAC?

While Whopper Jr. cries about the Peter Norbeck PAC donating money to same candidates as the Rushmore PAC (which I heard the Norbeck PAC is giving individual candidates about 10x more money then Lederman’s PAC) I was wondering why Lederman was using ‘official’ state letterhead for his PAC?

Yes, he admits to this at the bottom;

But isn’t the official letterhead a bit deceptive? Is the money coming from Lederman or his PAC? These guys have no shame. If I received a check from the Rushmore PAC, I would wipe my ass with it and send it back to them.


#1 larry kurtz on 08.31.12 at 8:05 am

Yiddish curses for Republican Jews, #7: “May your mother-in-law’s DNR be invalidated by a doctor who subscribes to “culture of life.””

#2 Testor15 on 08.31.12 at 10:20 am

Noticed PP was crying up a storm about the how much money Rounds was sending to some of the same people. It was as if Lederman is not going to be able to tell everyone what to do but still wants to keep the acceptors of the money quiet. Once the check is cashed, Lederman, Rounds, ALEC PACs, and other slime own you. So keep your mouth shut, your mouthpiece is our property and when you are back in office, do as we say.

PP – Lederman – ALEC group are going to be competing against Rounds and DD. This will be fun…

#3 Anooner on 08.31.12 at 11:46 am

PP’s blog is still as crappy as it was while he was away at Burger Camp. He won’t take any comments from me anymore which I think is kinda funny. I bet the fact that people are actually engaging over at Madville has to just chaffe his ass.

#4 grudznick on 09.01.12 at 8:17 pm

Recognizing that Mr. E won’t take comments from me anymore but I just had to agree with Anooner. Mr. H. is dominating the blog worlds.

#5 l3wis on 09.01.12 at 11:32 pm

Cory is a dynamo.