One of my friends said to me jokingly a few years back,

“Who do you think the biggest lawbreaker is in Sioux Falls?”

He says,

“The City of Sioux Falls.”

I have watched over the last 5 years or so as several public inputers have expressed their utter dismay in the way the city doesn’t follow it’s own rules, or Federal guidelines for that matter. That is why the city handed out almost 5,000 sidewalk violations in a single season because they were getting their asses sued for ADA violations.

So fast forward to today. First, we pay DOUBLE for a bridge that didn’t need to be replaced immediately, then we decide we are going to rebuild all the rec paths around it. I thought ‘FINALLY’ they will fix this stupid incline that in NO WAY is ADA compliant.

So what does the city do, build the exact same ramp that is NOT ADA compliant. It is hard to see from the pics below, but this mofo is steep. They should have extended it to the NORTH to drag out the incline.

Isn’t progress great! $50 million in tax rebates for parking ramps to million dollar condos and $10 million over budget for a bridge that has non-compliant ped ramps.

Not sure who is writing John’s campaign materials, but he has another zinger today. But what surprised me the most was the dude endorsing him founded one of the most successful ad agencies in the state and he makes a statement that sounds like something Ginny Thomas would text to a friend.

I can’t even show you the other side, it is even worse!

I also like how Graig manipulated the language to get his right-winger challenge coins (hate them!!!). Instead of saying defenders of HUMAN rightS he says defenders of RIGHT, who stand in the gap. What freaking GAP are you talking about? The one at the mall?

I can’t keep track of all the weirdo right-winger, Trumpified, dog whistles these days, they make up new crap constantly!

And they call themselves conservatives?! Sounds pretty f’cking progressive to me.

Netflix puts out outstanding docs, but this one is probably one of their best. It is something I have known about for a long time, but mostly those stories are pieced together randomly across the country, and no one has compiled something like this. If you think the police are your friend, you are mistaken. Find a way to see this film, it will change your entire perspective.

So I post pics on FB of stuff I find out riding, but today, I decided to post it here. I found this strange device by an intersection laying in the gutter. It appears to NOT be damaged externally. I sent the pic to a nerd friend of mine and he said it appears to be a switch for traffic lights. He said, “Maybe you should post this and ask someone with the city if they dropped something?”

I’m sure Noem will have something to say about this ‘Mexican’ product being smuggled across our open borders.

Man, she is dumb.