David Barranco announces candidacy for Sioux Falls City Council, SE District

I had heard a couple of months ago a ‘young attorney’ was running for Ricky Lee’s open seat;

David Barranco is getting ready to move forward with his candidacy and this past Friday announced to friends privately that he’s running, and is noting his interest,

In 2022, when Councilman Kiley’s term ends, his seat will be open. I am excited to run for that position. My hope is to serve working families, keeping a pragmatic, problem-solving focus. I’m dedicated to building a bright future for Sioux Falls, with a strong economy and reliable infrastructure.

I’m passionate about expanding the local workforce and creating more affordable housing. As a husband, father, and FCA coach, I’m dedicated to keeping kids safe by supporting law enforcement and defending public health. I’ll endeavor to grow pet-friendly spaces, reduce automobile traffic, and plant thousands of trees. Most importantly, I’ll strive to be a cooperative consensus builder — one who embraces good policy but eschews divisive rhetoric.

Of course it should not surprise anyone that David has close ties to the SD GOP. His wife Catherine is involved with the National Federation of Republican Women (I think she serves on the board) and used to work for the SD GOP as staff in communications and is still a region director.

It will be interesting to see what kind of support Dave gets from SD GOP . . .

Does Noem even know who the ‘Radical Left’ is?

I wouldn’t even wipe my behind with this garbage. In her latest letter she is busy telling people she is being attacked by fake boogey men. Kristi? Are you running for Governor or President? I would love to meet at least ONE person of the Radical Left in South Dakota! As my joke goes, “You know what you call a South Dakota Democrat? A Minnesota Republican.”

Students at National University in San Diego, not to happy about Sanford’s Gift

Would be nice to hear some chatter like this in Sioux Falls;

When the billionaire T. Denny Sanford meted out cash, his philanthropy often begot physical tributes. Hospitals plastered his name on emergency rooms and nursing homes; bronze statues were erected in his likeness. In the case of National University in San Diego, the school’s chancellor reportedly displayed a cardboard cutout of Sanford following a $350 million pledge in 2019. The university agreed to name itself after him, too.

Now, following reports that Sanford has been investigated for possible possession of child pornography, some National students are calling for distance.

“They should just give the money back,” said Perry Craz, who is pursuing a master’s degree in special education and teaching. “I don’t see any benefit by having Sanford’s name put on the top of the ticket.”

If, and that’s a big if, Sanford gets indicted on any charges and convicted (I’m not holding my breath) Sioux Falls would become the laughing stock of the Midwest for all the money we sucked out of him. It reminds of the scene in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ where George sees the name of the town as ‘Pottersville’ or should we say ‘Sanfordville’.

Ratholing Liquor Licenses

I have been wondering about this for awhile, and glad to see Snevelicious did a story about it;

“Really, if it’s just a change of address, not a change of ownership, they’re just playing a game,” said Greg Jamison, a state Representative from Sioux Falls who also spent eight years on the Sioux Falls City Council.

This happens quite often. Just recently a national franchise sports bar parked their license at Casino so they can complete their building. Or my favorite, a liquor license jumped from a 2nd floor insurance office to an ice cream shop and now to a vacant space.

I hope Joe does some more investigating on this. It’s time to get rid of liquor licenses as assets. Someday I hope to sell my driver license for $400K 🙂

Is Mayor TenHaken rolling with Communist Chinese Businessmen?

While I’m not big on right-winger news, this article about Paul’s involvement with the Chi-Comms is interesting;

The unearthing of the United States Heartland China Association (USHCA) ties to Chinese foreign influence groups follow reports of Chinese Communist Party members and firms buying up American farmland, raising national security concerns among lawmakers.

Of course, I have blogged about this in the past, but the origins of this association are interesting, to say the least;

Through USHCA’s partnerships with the National Governor’s Association and The United States Conference of Mayors, the aforementioned Chinese Communist Party-linked influence groups have courted several American representatives with sponsored speeches or travel.

Which makes you wonder who paid for Mayor Poops trip to China, and if that is a serious ethics violation? It is!

USHCA delegation participants have also called for closer collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party on agriculture and farming, including Sioux Falls, South Dakota Mayor Paul TenHaken in an op-ed recently wiped from the internet, upon return:

It is time that Sioux Falls looks at developing deeper, more consistent relationships with key Chinese communities and businesses. Both the city leaders of Guangzhou and Shenzhen—with populations of 20 million each—expressed interest in forming some government partnership between Sioux Falls and one of their city districts. These relationships are critical first steps in establishing both trust and economic partnerships between our communities. One of our largest employers—Smithfield Foods—is owned by a Chinese parent company, and my office has had several other discussions with business development opportunities that have Chinese ownership ties. The Sioux Falls economy would strengthen via stronger cultural and business relations with key Chinese partners.

Gee, I wonder why this quote was wiped? Maybe it has something to do with Smithfield forcing its workers to go to work in a highly infectious workplace to produce product that was mostly going to China? Or could it be that Paul doesn’t want anyone to know what exactly are his business ties to the Chi-Comms?

During his bizarre and rambling re-election announcement today he talked about how the job is ‘difficult’ sometimes. You know Paul, it wouldn’t be that hard if you weren’t constantly scheming and scamming behind the scenes while trying to keep it from the public. As Twain once said, “If you never lie, you never have to remember anything.”

City makes some baby steps towards controlling panhandling

I will have to commend them for at least starting the process of trying to control the issue. While these signs are good, especially since they suggest to give to charity, I think citing an ordinance and the fine amount for handing money out the window in traffic would also be a good addition. There also should be more enforcement, which I think there has been. I have noticed fewer of them doing it in my neighborhood, but that may mean they just moved. I do still see a lot of the activity downtown and the block around the Dudley House which is a complete disaster with trash.

So Thumbs up to Police Chief Thum, but don’t stop now, there is so much more you can do.

UPDATE: Mayor TenHaken to announce re-election campaign a day before trying to sneak in a tax increase thru resolution?

UPDATE: This is NOT a fee increase, just an annual notice that the fee exists and renewed, it has since 1992.

City Council Members and Council Staff,

Good afternoon. A resolution (per City Ordinance 96.033) will be presented at Tuesday’s City Council
Meeting to levy an annual front foot assessment fee for street maintenance and repair. The special
assessment funds are used to partially fund the highways and streets operational budget for the
repairs and maintenance of our city streets to include pothole patching, asphalt surface
maintenance, and street sweeping.The front foot assessment fee has been in place since 1992.
The front foot assessment fee will be $1.00 per foot for 2022 and has not changed since 2009.
Attached is the resolution and on the back is the amount that has been collected for each respective
year since 1992.
Thank you, Mark Cotter

It looks as though Mayor Poops is finally going to announce he is running. The irony of this is astounding when you consider that on Tuesday night he is trying to push an over $9 million dollar tax increase thru resolution (item 21) which is legally dubious since tax or fee increases normally go thru the ordinance process of 1st and 2nd readings AND a presentation to the council in advance. Some councilors I spoke with didn’t even know it was on the agenda.

According to the math (thanks Mike Z – I updated his numbers);

Looks to be a new tax being created assessed on the residents of Sioux Falls, is this true?  $1.00 Per foot per property along our ‘streets’. If we have a total # of 900 centerline street miles in this city (1,800 if you include both sides of the street), and each mile is roughly 5,280 feet, this tax generates $9,504,000.00 for the city to be used to maintain and resurface highways, streets, and roads in the city. With a $654,000,000 million revenue stream, is a new tax really necessary?

Once again Paul is showing us his lack of transparency and his dark hatred towards open government. Most government’s would have put this thru a vetting process with it’s public works department, the city council and the citizens. Not to mention in the same night there will be a property tax increase (item 15). You also have to remember we spent most of the $50 million in Covid money on play things and gave away $144 million in tax rebates this year. It looks like we will be heading into the dark abyss for another 4 years unless Paul gets one heck of a challenger.

UPDATE: Is QAnon sponsoring a park bench in Sioux Falls?

UPDATE: Last week I noticed that the ‘Q’ on this bench was removed. It was confirmed to me by a reader that it was ‘professionally’ removed and not just tore off by some punks after he inspected it. So was it really sponsored by a ‘Q’ supporter? Another city mystery like the 24 hour Panhandler Sign 🙁

So this is an interesting new sponsored bench next to bike trail in Yankton Trail Park. I would be curious who paid for this and what it stands for? Is it a person? Not sure.

Sioux Falls City Council Agenda, Sep 14, 2021

Informational Meeting, 4 PM

Presentations on the City Council and Mayor’s 2022 Budget and Covid
(what is surprising in the City Council Budget is the expenditure of over $200K for the City Election. I have NEVER seen it that high. I would be curious about the explanation on that one.)

Regular Meeting, 6 PM

Item #6, Approval of Contracts, Sub Item #20. It’s a mysterious what this is, but it seems like some partnership for transit. Be nice to have a presentation and explanation instead of burying it in the consent agenda.

Item #15, 2nd Reading, Property Tax Increase. Of course the Rubber Stamp Council who gave away $144 million in TIF tax rebates this year has NO problem with raising our taxes by millions in a Covid economic recovery.

Item #17, Resolution, Moving the Sculpture Sea Dream from the DT Dog park location to Prairie Green Golf Course. I wonder if the artist was ever consulted about this? I know once when I talked to him about the sculpture at an Augustana art reception (he used to be a teacher) he was irritated that people would call it ‘the golf ball’.

Item #21, Resolution, Levy Front Assessment of $1.00 per foot. Maybe I am missing something here, but shouldn’t this be 1) a 1st and 2nd Reading and 2) an explanation as to why we need this in conjunction with a property tax increases?

#22, Resolution, One Sioux Falls. So this is a perfect example of something that belongs in the resolutions category on agenda, meaningless word games from the mayor’s office.

Med MJ Dispensaries are bad, but dropping off kids at a Bar Parking lot is okay?

I have been thinking about this for awhile. I drive by this place a couple of times a day, imagine my surprise when I see almost a dozen kids using a bar parking lot as a pickup and drop-off for the school bus. I get it, it is technically the entrance to the trailer park where several school kids live, but to pick this location?

I bring this up because there has been this argument by local government officials that we can’t have MED MJ dispensaries 1,000 feet with-in sensitive use because MJ is harmful and dangerous to children. I will go along for the sake of the argument. But isn’t the perception of using a bar parking lot as a school bus pickup just as ‘dangerous’. Couldn’t the kids be picked up just as easily 1 block east or west?

Also realize that MED MJ can only be purchased at these dispensaries for pain relief, etc. Sales are to be discreet and private within the facility and NO use can proceed on the premises and only allowed in the ADULT customer’s homes. Juxtapoz that with a bar, that clearly has an alcohol sign on the building advertising the consumption of that product on the premise and it is okay to drop kids off right in front of the patrons of this establishment?

We certainly have a whacked view of the dangers of alcohol compared to the dangers of MJ.