And Marsh got a little help from his friend Mr. Zylstra on the CRC dais to support his claims.

Sorry folks, but you don’t understand the term ‘narrow’. Alex Jensen beating Stehly by less then a 100 votes is a ‘narrow’ margin, but this was not. I couldn’t find the exact results because the new city website has blocked all previous election information and a lot of other stuff, not bad for a site that cost us $400K+ 🙁

But I did find a news article that was reporting on the results after the polls closed and this is about as close as I could get;

Yes: 13,466

No: 15,369

As you can see, it wasn’t a ‘narrow’ defeat.

I’m not sure who is pushing the buttons of the CRC members but I can guarantee if this makes the ballot again, I think voters will vote by an even wider margin to reject this. Remember the minimum wage fiasco?

Pay isn’t what is deterring candidates from running, it’s time commitments. I think if we paid the councilors as full-time members (after removing the mayor as a councilor) you would get better candidates. Just look at the current crop of incumbents. Jensen has already bailed on a 2nd term, and I have also heard that Cole and Merkouris are probably not going to seek 2nd terms.

Besides the time commitments, I’m sure that chasing their tails when trying to get assistance from the administration hasn’t been a lot of fun.

The CRC had every change they needed in front of them. Add another council seat, remove mayor as chair and hire a city manager, etc. and while they rejected all of these wonderful ideas they were hellbent on pushing for this back door way of getting raises.

It’s the council’s duties that need to change, not their pay.

So I was mulling this over the other night at the Book Co-op, while drinking one of Mr. Lidster’s mulled wine creations. I know, the irony screamed louder then the cloves!

What place do I frequent that I am usually happy when I am there?

Of course, Monks is a DaCola staple, but the peeps working there lately are turning into real snots.

The Hat is usually hit or miss, unless you run into Joe Sneve, which is usually full of some Jack Daniels wisdom.

Of course there is always Sunday Vikings football at The Orion and something my friend Marvelous refers to as ‘just pizza’ (it’s a compliment).

But to be honest with you, my happy place is the Book Co-op.

Doesn’t matter what time I pop into the place, I always meet someone new that either just moved here or are traveling, run into old friends or have a very funny yet uncomfortable conversation with folks.

No judgement!

And I think that is what makes the place so incredible. A school teacher and immigrant from Wales decided to open this place and after the teacher flew the coop, literally, Mr. Sion Lidster took it over.

I would have never guessed there was a lot of Bohemians in Wales, but Mr. Lidster takes on the roll very well.

Besides weird snacks from the hidden kitchen, they serve all kinds of beverages from tea & coffee, to Delta 8, to beer and wine.

While the poetry readings, concerts and freak shows are really worth the visit (and they sell awesome used books, stickers and merchandise) it is really the parade of regulars and non-regulars that make the place!

It is common place to have multiple convos about international peace, sex, gender rights, sex, global warming, sex, gun rights, sex, etc, etc, any given night you walk in there, and it is embraced!

I also love the owner Sion (pronounced SHON). You know how people say straight men can have a man crush, Sion would be mine. He loves to drink, he loves to write poetry, he loves great literature, music* and art and he ain’t bad looking.

I tell people often if you ever want to walk out of your element while in DTSF – this is your place. I always walk in with a smile, and leave with a bigger one!

*His 80’s new wave playlist is identical to my CD collection of the same era!