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Cherapa II is more like ‘Let’s make a deal!’

So a couple of months ago a developer insider told me that Jeff Scherschligt was looking to do Cherapa II on one of Warren Buffet’s biggest scams on Federal taxpayers in at least a couple of years, the RR Redevelopment project. Mayor Bowlcut & Bucktooth coined it as one of his greatest achievements of his administration. I guess moving Beluga Sturgeon Caviar from it’s original jar to a ziploc bag is considered an ‘achievement’. Who knew?

As we know, it has floundered and the city has been looking to pass off these thrift store 501 Levis onto any takers.

They found a buyer in Jeff.

This should be no surprise as Jeff has been looking to build his Buffalo Palace II for awhile now. He of course got a heckuva deal from the Munson administration with the River Greenway project and now the Golden Arches of Sioux Falls built right in front of his palace thanks to the generosity of rich donors and taxpayers. But with any ‘gift’ the receiver always asks for more.

While the planning department of the city is being quiet about the deal until Tuesday, Detroit Lewis has gotten some rumored details.

The original offer was HALF of the appraisal price.

Mind you, not sure how this land can be appraised anyway? We paid too much for it, and the railroads are still railroading thru the center of the town. But I did a little digging.

Undeveloped land in Downtown Sioux Falls goes for about $15 dollars a square foot. So if you do the math, that would mean Jeff offered about $7 a square foot (and asked for NO TIFs or tax rebates). The rumor is they met half way, so he probably is going to pay about $10 a square foot.

Personally, I could care less, just sell it already. But here is the other ‘Kicker’; Cherapa II is rumored to put in the deal an ‘option’ to buy the rest with a TIF option.

Of course, this is all slobber and gossip from my mouth at this point, and we will hear more details on Tuesday. But if you think for a second the developer is going to take it in the shorts while the taxpayers come out smelling like roses, you are mistaken, unless you think roses in Sioux Falls smell like renderings from a packing plant, then hey, we are doing just fine.

More Problems with a certain developer?

I was put on alert of this investigation by Angela Kennecke since March of this year by some unnamed sources. I also know who the city officials are that tipped Angela off on these problems, and a certain Cajun transplant. I figured I would let it ‘run it’s course’ and happy to see she finally is reporting her findings.

It will be interesting to see what ‘developer’ Kennecke says owns these apartments, because there seems to be a dispute over LLCs. Imagine that!

I know, it isn’t a hard one to figure out.

I heard they are going to rename the garages turned apartments into the Village Copper Boomerang Estates 🙁

Jon Michaels’ Forum

First episode is about DOWNTOWN SIOUX FALLS

Second episode is with the FORMER MAYOR

UPDATE II: Like we didn’t see this coming

UPDATE II: This gets more interesting by the minute;

In one of the provisions, Hultgren agrees to “. . . make restitution to the victims for Defendant’s conduct set forth in the Information, this Plea Agreement (click here) (including the Factual Basis Statement) (clickhere), and the presentence investigation report. . .”

How much this is is not included in the above documents. The court also sealed another document, Sealed Plea Agreement Supplement, which may or may not include such information.

UPDATE: As I expected, a deal was cut;

Hultgren Construction has reached a plea agreement with the federal government to plead guilty to a misdemeanor for its role in the December 2, 2016 Copper Lounge building collapse in Sioux Falls.

I find it interesting that individuals are NOT being charged. Makes you wonder if a deal is being cut;

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in South Dakota formally charged Hultgren Construction for its role in the Dec. 2, 2016 tragedy that took the life of Ethan McMahon, an employee of the company and U.S. Marine Corps veteran who had served in Afghanistan. McMahon died in the collapse, which occurred while Hultgren Construction was removing a 38-inch thick load-bearing wall. The wall separated the old Copper Lounge and the former Skelly’s Pub, two former bars that were being merged into one building.

The company faces the charge of willful violation of the Occupational, Safety and Health Act, a misdemeanor charge. The owners of the company, Aaron Hultgren, Larry Canfield, Norm Drake and Paul Cink, will face no criminal charges.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of five years probation and a $500,000 fine.

If found guilty though, it could lead to some pretty big civil cases.

Again, I ask, why did some city officials think it was a good idea to invest with these clowns? Baffling.

Man yells racial slurs at teens and tells them he has a firearm in the heart of downtown Sioux Falls

I will warn you, the video is NOT work safe or kid safe. I saw this earlier today and was glad to see KSFY had time in between petting pigs and eating chislic stories to do a story on this. It is a very sad day in our community when three minorities get treated this way, especially since they never even provoked the guy. What is even sadder is they haven’t even arrested the man. While the slurs are protected by the 1st Amendment, threatening people with a firearm is NOT. We have a long way to go folks, and our current situation in DC is NOT helping.

I’m sharing this because in 2019 my son and his friends are walking Downtown Sioux Falls Please share Thank you everyone who reached out to me, I have a name and a report was made, I’m leaving the video up because I believe this is something people should be aware of and that this is not how humans should act towards eachother, especially our youth

Posted by Ashley Eva Marie on Sunday, September 1, 2019

Hazard will leave a legacy of revitalizing Downtown Sioux Falls

While I have been a critic of Jeff over the years, I certainly am not going to do that today. Today I feel compelled to say something ‘nice’ about a person who I have sparred with over the years.

I will give Hazard credit for one thing unequivocally, he was the driving force into revitalizing downtown. While a lot of other people have helped along the way, mostly legislatively and with funds, Jeff had the vision to help save a lot of historic buildings downtown, and for that, it’s hard to say a bad word about him.

Jodi, as usual, does a nice story about Jeff’s friends remembering him.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to clear the air about something; Hazard was probably NOT responsible for the bad siding on the Denty.

As you can see in this early image of the design, Hazard, who helped design the Premier Center, originally designed the siding to be flat panels, which I thought would have given the appearance of a hexagonal-industrial look to the building. The panels also would have been incredibly durable and properly ‘locked’ into place to prevent gaps and leaks.

Like most design changes the design was thrown out the window due to ‘money’. This was likely not Jeff’s fault. As most people know, building anything, you can certainly take the recommendations of the engineer and architect, but quite often things ‘change’ and usually because of greed, egos or both. Ask the people who had to watch their big yellow house be torn down.

The only thing we really know about the change order is that likely Hazard or some other person on the design team, was ‘forced’ to sign off on the bad design that is rumored to save around $2 million in construction costs. I highly doubt Jeff would have proposed this change himself. As an artist myself, I will gladly accept criticism, but it doesn’t mean I will abide by the suggestions, but as a graphic designer, I follow the money and willingly ‘throw the copy out the window’.

We all have our guesses who made this incredibly BAD decision, and not only do I feel bad for Hazard but all the other contractors who had to take the fall for an out-of-control ego maniac, who to this day has never admitted wrong doing or making the incredibly idiotic decision. Go figure. It will however prevent this person from ever holding public office again, which in some respects is a fair trade for the dented up mess.

Some of this came out in the top secret million dollar settlement where once again Hazard was ‘forced’ to participate in. I doubt Jeff lost any money in the deal, but did probably lose a little of his pride. 

While I didn’t know Jeff personally, I did know one thing about him, he didn’t seem to lose much sleep over his critics, at least I saw that face of him publicly.

Architecture is extremely demanding profession, and it is difficult. I thought about becoming one, but I knew I could never pass the math classes. You are going to make mistakes now and then, and I think Jeff knew that. 

Jeff’s achievements certainly outweigh his mistakes, by a long shot. I will miss seeing him walk about downtown pondering his next project.

My condolences to his wife Sheila and his family.

Load me up

Oh the irony, shortly after I do a post about the city being corrupt, I get this picture below of the city rigging the system once again. In the dark of the night, the city changes the 2-hour parking sign to a Loading Zone sign after they are called out for painting yellow lines in legal parking zones.

The rumor going around is that after the Augie basketball court crosswalk was painted in front of the Crane building, the delivery trucks could no longer park in the street to unload (too narrow). So in an attempt to make it safer for business patrons in the area, they have eliminated several parking spots for those same patrons so a truck that shows up maybe once a day has a spot.

While I was all for the crosswalk, I was baffled by the bump-outs, they make no sense, and now have caused a parking issue.

But what is even more troubling is how the city can just change out signs on a whim without notice to property owners. Maybe I should start changing Handicap parking signs out with signs that say “Short, Fat man parking”?

Yellow lines mysteriously appear in legal parking zones

A business owner on this street (8th) complained to the city about these yellow lines being painted in legal parking zones. According to the business owner when he questioned the person painting them, they said they were NOT with the city and a private citizen. I hope to have an answer from the city as to how this happened 1) without notice to area businesses and 2) how a private citizen can paint yellow fire zone lines on taxpayer owned property.

Riverfest was a great success

So there was this Seventies-ish funk dance band that headlined. Satchel Grande from Omaha.

Maybe we have a solution for the Bunker Ramp

I always thought that studio apartments on top of the bunker ramp would have been more useful than a hotel.

Inside Broadway Autopark (Milt Mounts/Essential Images Photography)