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Is South Dakota Attorney General Jason Namehardtospell getting special treatment?

As you can see, Jason is a presidential elector.

I concluded when the investigation started that I would try to say as little about it publicly on my blog. Even if my opinion about Jason’s political leanings are not that favorable, or what I think of him as an AG (not sure what he has been doing?), I still believe when an accident like this occurs anyone and everyone deserves a fair shake. There are several variables we don’t know about, and it’s hard for me to stand on my soap box and say he is guilty or not. I’m not a traffic crime investigator, and while I know some mechanical things about cars, I know very little about how their computers work in recording these events.

Some things are obvious. Jason did hit a man and that man is dead. Everything else is pure speculation and the reason why I have chosen to not make any judgements yet . . .

BUT, there is one judgement that can be made, it is blatantly obvious the AG is getting special treatment. It has been over a week since the accident occurred, yet NOTHING has been released to the public. If you watch the news or read other highway patrol reports, even in deadly accidents, those reports appear usually within a 24-48 hour period (or sometimes within a couple of hours after the accident). So why is it taking so long to give the public a full and transparent report? I don’t know. I can only speculate as many other South Dakotans have that the process is being prolonged not to be thorough but to prepare damage control. It has the appearance of corruption and it would be within the best interest of the state to release the report ASAP!

And here is something else that has stuck in my craw, whether you think Jason is nice fella or not, or if you think he is guilty or not, why on God’s green earth has he continued to work during an investigation? If I were an elected official (especially the head dude of the state’s law enforcement) and was involved in a fatal vehicle accident that was actively being investigated, I would take a leave of absence until the report came back. It’s almost like Jason is in a state of denial over the fact he ran over a man and killed him. It’s one thing to determine whether or not it was accident, but you still did it, and a person is dead. I would think your ethics and conscious would get the best of you and you would just step down until we get it all figured out. Nope. That is not how the SD GOP has trained this young man . . . deny, deny, deny . . . it’s all a left wing conspiracy.

Like I said, I have no idea what happened that night, but the special treatment has to end, immediately!

Spearfish City Limits Podcast

I was John’s guest last night. John and I don’t agree on a lot of things, and it gets a little long, but it was fun.

Scott Ehrisman runs the South DaCola Blog out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He’s been involved and awake, and asking questions of elected leaders, corporate clowns, and those around him for over a decade. In this broadcast, we talk beer, free markets, Amazon, the Corporate monstrosity, Constitutional principles, reparations, black, white, racism, the Patriot Act, WWII. We end the program with a lengthy analysis and discussion of 5G and how it is impacting the residents of Sioux Falls and other communities across South Dakota.

Here is the NATION link John mentions in the podcast and the NAVY study.

Doc Recommend; The Social Dilemma

I highly recommend you watch this DOC, while there are many things you already know, there are some oh sh*t moments.

Happy Labor Day

My list of heros are short and sweet, artists and musicians. Billy has always been the voice of Labor, and this live concert of him has always been bookmarked on my internets. Work is sacred, never forget that.

Mayor TenHaken’s (former) Deputy COS, T.J. Nelson gets another demotion

As you can see about 10 days ago Mayor ‘COG’ handed another demotion to T.J. Typeover, he removed him from the CVB Bid Board. I asked someone why T.J. still continues to keep his job (and pay scale) when he keeps getting demotions. The answer I got, “Because he is probably running Paul’s gubernatorial campaign on the taxpayer’s dime.” No one has seen T.J. in months either, oh that’s right, like many city managers, directors and pencil pushing administrators he’s been ‘working’ at home.

Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans | Full Documentary | Directed by Jeff Gibbs

This is pretty cool that you can watch this movie for FREE. It came out on April 21.

Noem and TenHaken need to be called out about Smithfields

There have been tons of stories in the national and international media about how Smithfields failed their employees, to many to link, just get out the googles, oh but this one is good.

One of the major perceptions is that since these employees are immigrants they don’t know how to wash their hands and they have been literally living in a one bedroom apartment with eight beds. After you stop tragically laughing from these claims (who I would assume are coming from Smithfields’ management) it is simply hog sh*t! But what makes it even worse is that the mayor of the state’s largest city and the governor are pushing this misinformation campaign.

Even if we recover quickly from this, Paul and Kristi need to be called out about their apparent ignorance or at least pushing this flat out lie. I have talked to several Smithfield employees, they have no doubt the spread happened at the plant, as the CDC pointed out today.

I also want to say that ham, bacon and hot dogs are not essential food. In fact, I would go even farther and say if you stopped eating this crap you would probably live a lot longer. This is another lie they are pushing about being ‘essential’. If Smithfields was selling super food smoothies, I would defend them. I have the super foods list posted on my fridge, and it doesn’t include a pork product, in fact there is NO animal protein on the list except salmon.

There has also been some conflicting remarks about supplying the American food chain, as I understand it, a lot of this food is going to China. I have not been able to nail down the exact percentage, but some of the claims (10% to China) are questionable and need to be investigated.

Also, besides the fact that this plant has had to pay fines due to water and air pollution, they now are putting workers at risk. If we had a Federal government with a conscious, this place would have been closed down years ago.

What makes the Governor’s ignorance (or flat our lies) even more egregious is that she now wants a sales tax bailout from Federal taxpayers. Why? Because taxing goods and services, gambling and FOOD is not real lucrative. Gee I wonder why? When you have a regressive tax system that taxes the poor at a higher rate while giving massive tax breaks and tax havens to high income earners, this was bound to happen. It doesn’t take an economist to figure this out.

It’s time for a corporate and high earner income tax to the wealthy of the state, and eliminate the taxes on hot dogs. Because, you know, hot dogs are ESSENTIAL, and why should I be taxed when buying them?

Freaking Morons!

UPDATE: Sioux Falls Healthcare to have a big announcement tomorrow

UPDATE: What was supposed to be announced today is the healthcare systems plans to combat the pandemic, and they did touch on it a little bit in the city’s press conference today. Hopefully we will hear more later. Also, the 2nd part is that at least one of the hospitals have sent all non-essential employees home if they can work from there. Not sure what will happen with the ones that cannot work from home.

Mayor TenHaken said today that there will be an announcement tomorrow. I’ve heard what it is, and it is going to be shocking. I just wanted to be on record to be prepared. I have had several employees reach out to me about what they think it is, but I will leave it for the official announcement. Let’s just say they are preparing for the pandemic to hit Sioux Falls, but not in the way you would expect. Let’s hope the predictions are wrong.

One Sioux Falls

This was a presentation that was only given and shared with city employees until given to DaCola by one of those employees, enjoy. Transparency, it is what we strive for.

Who says women cannot lead?

Australia Former prime minister Julia Gillard’s 2012 ‘misogyny speech’ has been voted the most unforgettable moment of Australian TV history by Guardian readers.