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Why did Amendment C fail?

I am just as shocked as you. Even by the fact that it failed in all but 1 county in South Dakota. Even when you talk to the folks that were in opposition, they seemed skeptical that it would fail.

There were a lot of factors;

• The Vote NO campaign did an amazing job of getting the simple message out that this would destroy initiatives in the future. It was well funded and well organized.

• There was an amazing grassroots effort to get out Dems and Indys to vote against this.

• Many Republicans opposed the measure and spoke out.

• The Chamber and the 3 major hospitals opposed it.

But the main reason I think it failed is people in South Dakota, no matter your political affiliation, like our initiative process. I think while the process is long and messy I think South Dakotans are very proud of direct democracy and when they can’t trust our elected officials, we have options.

Ironically the pro Amendment C people in the legislature who said this was about taxes (hogwash) have failed to reduce our taxes. Several bills failed this winter that would reduce sales taxes. If this was really about low taxes, when is the legislature going to lower our taxes?

I also think this is a good sign that Rec MJ and Medicade expansion will pass in November.

I also was NOT amused by this thread on Reddit. Apparently poll workers were yelling out if you were an evil Democrat when checking in for voting. Wrong ballots handed out and I guess the Minnehaha County Auditor Kyte is apparently trained poll workers to not have the public sign the poll books. This makes signature matching impossible. Good thing the guy lost. The County Commission should tell him to resign before the General Election, he is clearly not cut out for the job.


Sioux Falls Police Officer gets fired from his part-time food delivery job

Recently Sioux Falls patrol officer Paul Whitechurch got the idea to join a national food delivery company for a side hustle after seeing one of his fellow officers with such a positive experience that took over social media in Sioux Falls.

“I just thought after sitting in my patrol car all day at the skate park it would be a nice change to actually work in a moving car.” said officer Whitechurch “While police work is certainly very fulfilling, what attracted me to this side hustle is the pleasure of delivering fast food to lazy bastards who are willing to pay $10 bucks for me to deliver food from a restaurant a 3 blocks away.”

Whitechurch was surprised that after only a week on the job that the corporate office informed him that he was terminated.

We contacted the office to see if we could figure out why he was terminated so quickly? They sent us a statement;

‘While we try not to talk about why our independent contractors are terminated, we feel Whitechurch broke so many rules we needed to share. His delivery response times were about 3 to 4 times slower than our Sioux Falls average and sometimes he would bring 4-6 friends to assist him with the delivery. He was also caught eating the food he was supposed to deliver and even if he made it in good time, he never wore a mask when in contact with customers. That may fly at his day job, but at our business we take our protocols seriously and they must be followed.’

Maybe Mayor TenHaken should listen to Trump

Recently our previous president called elected officials who don’t promote Covid vaccinations or lie about them ‘gutless’, surprisingly, of about the 30 to 40 thousand statements this caveman makes I agree with a few. This is one of them.

But even when Poops was presented with a moment to stand on a soap box and tell people to get the damn shot, he says this;

“I’m glad I was vaccinated,” he added. “Get your vax. We know people who get it are less likely to get it in a bad way and be hospitalized. I still think just the confusion among people is so great, it’s hard to correct at this point.”

Huh? What confusion? Getting less sick? Dying?

The only confusion is why you are not on the streets of Sioux Falls promoting vaccination. I could speculate, but I am sure when you are running the Dutch Mafia, it’s good to be Dutch. (this was my scaled back ‘previous’ Christian response and not my potty mouth response).

While people may think I am attacking Poops, let’s be clear hear, I have viewed several local PSA’s, and NOT once have I seen the supposed leader of our city promoting vaccination.

If you are so speculative or confused, why did you get fully vaccinated? As you mentioned. It protected you? Why not use this opportunity to tell the public that vaccinations are a good thing? Because as your orange hero says you lack the courage to state the obvious. You should have just told the interviewer, ‘I didn’t sign up for this.’

How will Sioux Falls Public Works handle Friday’s possible snowstorm?

Let’s pretend the forecast for Friday comes true (I hope it doesn’t) and the city comes under a snow alert Friday night. Will the city be able to dig us out (residential) by Monday morning? I ask this question, because I have noticed over the past two years and the past two winter events recently that it seems the city doesn’t seem to be to concerned with cleaning the residential streets.

Mind you, I don’t want the public works department to plow every street when we get a little sleet or a little snow, but at least sand intersections. I didn’t see one single truck and on my 7 mile commute across downtown to the NW part of the city, no intersections cleaned or sanded.

The rumor going around is that they are short staffed. I was unaware that the city lost dozens of employees in the street department. I also point out that the city budgets for this service and with a $700 million dollar budget, we have the funds to plow and maintain the streets.

So if we get over 4 inches on Friday, how will the city react?

While I had my issues with Mayor Munson, he never faltered on plowing the streets, in fact he prided himself on the service the city was providing and made many improvements.

Maybe the street department will send out peeps to pink spray paint our residential streets to alert us of the deep unplowed snow?

RIP Dole

A Modest Proposal for South Dakota Democrats

Unlike the classic satire, I am not suggesting Dems sell their kids for food. But I am suggesting they do something extreme.

All elected Democratic officials in the state of South Dakota should resign their posts immediately. Doesn’t matter if you are a Sheriff, County Commissioner, Township foreman, School Board member, State’s Attorney, State legislator, City Councilor or a dog catcher. JUST QUIT!

For over 50 years the SD GOP has dominated this state in super majorities in about every body of government you can think of, they are even taking over our high court, yet the party continues to allow the corrupt and lawless members to terrorize Democrats and blame them for all the bad and radical things that happen in this state. So why don’t we just give them what they want? 100% control. Once the PURE one-party rule takes hold and more corruption, lawlessness, nepotism, chaos, mysterious deaths, orgies, and general mayhem continues (or probably get worse) they will only have themselves to blame and will no longer be able to cheer Brandon or piss on Biden signs.

It will also allow the Democratic Party in South Dakota to re-organize so once the failed one party fascist authoritarian state totally collapses on itself they can pounce. It will also give Dems the time to create hundreds of initiatives and referendums to overturn all of their prehistoric laws like the tax on food, funding government through gambling and ZERO taxation for Foreign Dictator owned trusts.

Let’s give the SD Republican Party what they truly want, all the power, but with that responsibility comes liability. Let’s see how they handle that modest proposal.

So why did Rapid City handle Med MJ Dispensaries rules so different then Sioux Falls?

My first answer is more snark than anything, because they are not so freaking uptight!

The ordinance limits the number of dispensaries to 15 within city limits. The only council member that opposed the vote said he believes the market should decide the number of dispensaries, or the city should have its own facility.

Businesses who apply for a medical cannabis and receive a license will have one year to get the business up and running. Licenses cost $5,000 and require an annual renewal fee of the same amount.

As I have said several times, before we know the actual rules set by the state all this farting around will probably have to be reworked. But isn’t it crazy that a city that is less then half our size (Aprox 75K) ok’d 15 dispensaries and a $5,000 yearly license fee, and this is a town ran by a former Police Chief. Maybe because Rapid City understands that if you don’t allow the legal distribution of this product you will only drive it into the black market. I am sure the tribe in Flandreau has been grinning ear to ear watching how we are virtually eliminating any dispensaries in Sioux Falls with ludicrous restrictions. This is what happens when you have a Lilly-White X-Tian running our city that thinks a harmless plant is the Devil’s lettuce.

Sioux Falls City Council & City Boards Agenda for the week of August 9, 2021

While all of these meetings are important, I was troubled by this in the consent agenda of the city council;

Health, COVID-19 Vaccination Hesitancy Study Agreement. Augustana University, $50K

So while we will have a half-ass education program on getting vaccinated, blow $50 Million on crap unrelated to Covid, we will spend this kind of money asking the public why they won’t get a shot. I think we know the answer. It was the Butler in the Kitchen with the Knife in City Hall.

Item #12 should have an exemption for the Parks Department since I heard they have NO minority employees in that department.

Item #14 has $6 million in Covid money going to the Pavilion. Because when you think of helping people with Covid, think the arts, or should we say fixing a roof?

Item #15 isn’t much better with $7 million going to the River Greenway Project that just got a $25 million dollar tax break in the form of a TIF and a land transfer of a park that didn’t exist, but we will never know because that is confidential information.

And you wonder why no one is getting shots?!

Great interview with the author of Benjamin Franklin, An American Life

There is a lot to learn about this great person, the working man’s founder. Ken Burns will be releasing a 4 hour documentary about him soon.