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I actually laughed

I have felt that SNL has not been funny for a very long time. But this bit had me dying. Larry David (who is a comedy genius) as Sanders and Woody as Biden and Will as Stoyer. I was on the floor.

South Dakota Farm Bureau delegates believe Noem’s lies

I have to tell you I was shocked that the organization in SD that is supposed to support agri-business in our state voted this way;

The South Dakota Farm Bureau is having their annual convention this weekend, and an industrial hemp resolution came up during the delegate session of the convention.

“Our delegates had a resolution sent in by a county to support and promote the production of industrial hemp, and our delegates voted that down,” South Dakota Farm Bureau President Scott VanderWal said. “So we’re not going to be supporting it, but we also at this time won’t oppose it outright.”

“Our delegates are not taking a stance right now,” South Dakota Farm Bureau Vice President Jeffery Gatzke said. “We have currently no policy in our policy book on industrial hemp, period. So we don’t have a stance on for raising and manufacturing industrial hemp or against it.”

He says delegates aren’t eager to move quickly.

“Can we have the financial backing to regulate it, is our state ready for it? I think that’s a lot of it,” Gatzke said. “Is this something that we want to jump into. I think our delegates are pretty cautious on this issue, and so I think that’s why they voted it down.”

It is up to the state to regulate this. Farmers, just like any other business person in the state takes on the responsibility of FOLLOWING federal and state regulations. If they think the risk of growing this product out weighs the costs, they have a simple choice. We are not giving them the choice. So what is the harm? All the Bureau had to say is they support a new cash crop in this state, and the farmers assume the responsibility of taking that on. Instead, they took the position of what comes out of the rear end of a chicken. You would think by now that guns in South Dakota would be banned due to all of the foot injuries.

Why do we continue to tolerate Smithfield Foods?

Because they have lots of money. But are we benefitting?

They continue to pollute our water (and our air daily);

Smithfield Foods’ Sioux Falls plant is facing more than $45,000 in fines after state officials discovered the facility discharged wastewater into the Big Sioux River.

The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has fined Smithfield Foods $46,260 for surface water discharge permit violations.

According to the DENR, between February 1, 2019, and July 31, 2019, Smithfield reported violations of its permit limits for total suspended solids, biochemical oxygen demand, ammonia, fecal coliform, and toxicity test.

Recently Smithfield expanded their hog kill operation. The city gladly and quietly gave them the building permits.

Before I get to deep into this, I don’t want Smithfield to completely go away, but I would like them to do two important things, 1) Move out of Sioux Falls in a rural area 2) Stop polluting our river and air.

As most people know, or do not know, Smithfield is owned by Chinese investors. They avoid tariffs because, well, they are here. They also avoid millions in corporate taxes because they are in South Dakota. As taxpayers we get ZERO benefits from a foreign company being here. It’s kind of like pipelines going through our state.

One of the main arguments of keeping ‘Stinkyfield’ around is that they provide jobs, which helps are economy. Okay, that’s true, to an extent.

But after the union was pretty much busted up at Smithfield, most of the people that work there are not from here, and if the place closed, they would leave. That isn’t an anti-immigrant statement, that’s just how it works. But it would also present us with an opportunity to retrain those workers into the tech or manufacturing industry. While the Governor and Mayor have been out promoting this industry, they also have the power to shut down Smithfield due to their environmental issues, and continually do nothing.

The people profiting from this venture are NOT your neighbors, they are communists. With all our anti-socialism rhetoric here, you would think we would be appalled.

I have an important question to ask of Noem and TenHaken. How do you make Sioux Falls, South Dakota appealing to tech companies when this place smells like hog sh*t? As my stepfather used to say, “That’s the smell of money.”

What are we doing to help the working class of Sioux Falls?

Not a day goes by in Sioux Falls that we don’t hear about how some charity is giving out FREE things to people. Mostly food, but we have giveaways for all types of things, like backpacks, cars, and bikes. I commend the charities for helping these people. Somebody has to. There will always be a sector of our society that needs that help.

But I often ask, what are we doing for the working class? The people that get up every morning and do their best to make their lives better and this city better? Often times, when you help this segment of society (which I would estimate is probably about 80% of our population) you will see great returns. Sometimes just a little incentive is enough to have a big impact.

I am also not saying we give a direct hand-out, but a hand-up. Most people who are hardworking can take small incentives from the government and turn them into gold.

An issue I have had for a long time in our community is that we are always screwing around with the fringes of our society while ignoring the folks who actually drive our economy and city. Whether that is the super poor with blatant handouts or the super rich with tax rebates and incentives.

I have outlined on this blog over the years that if our city government ever got their poop in a group, they could put together some simple programs for the working class that would have big paybacks;

• A better, more efficient and affordable public transportation system.

• Tax rebates and incentives for cleaning up core, working class neighborhoods.

• A city mandated minimum wage higher then the state’s minimum wage.

• More regulation on employment ads, such as listing the wage scale.

• A city wide group health insurance program for small business employees and the self-employed.

• City taking care of their property such as fixing their sidewalks and trimming their trees in the boulevard at NO cost to the abutting property owner.

There are many, many, many more things we could add to the list. And while there will always be a need to help the extremely poor, I really don’t think the trickle down method of incentivizing the super rich developers or business owner is working that well, except for them. We need to help the ‘bread and butter’ of our community who work hard already everyday and reward them for the fruits of their labor.

‘Caller of the Day’ wants government to stop doing things for us!

I would have to agree with this gentleman, let’s STOP having government do things for us (like keeping our streets safe for travel and cleaning up after natural disasters). I would expect to get a refund for all the taxes I pay for these services then. I mean why should I pay for all these ‘services’ and get nothing in return for it? Makes sense? Right? Just look at the money we would save if we didn’t have to pay for snow removal, fire department and educating our youth! Heck, let’s get rid of the military to! That would save us trillions in taxes each year.

I don’t get people who think when government provides us a service for something we can’t do individually they think it is a ‘handout’. We pay taxes for a reason. Clean the damn streets when they are covered with snow and ice, or stop taxing me for it! Make up your mind already.

Whether you want to believe it or not, we are already a socialist democracy, this isn’t something Bernie Sanders is making up, we are already there!

South Dakota’s First Man gives hunting safety tips from a drunk

So glad Cameraman Bruce converted this video to YouTube. When I first watched it, I thought it was funny (in a hypocritical way). Our Governor wanted to investigate the Minnehaha County State’s attorney for getting his drink on just a few weeks ago, then puts out this. A hunting guide who apparently drinks and drives, drinks while hunting, likes to get naked, calls Bryon ‘BYRON’ and hits on the Governor’s daughter. There also is probably some copyright infringement going on also with the Rocky theme song. The worst part about the video is seeing the the First Man’s hairy belly (still trying to get that image out of my head).

BTW, I guess Aaron McGowan will have a Democratic primary challenger next year for his position. And it’s juicy, and they will win (if they are running).

Minnehaha County State’s Attorney McGowan will be taking more time off for medical leave

McGowan informed the County Commission he will be taking more time off in an email on Tuesday;

I just want to give you a head’s up that I’m having a complete knee replacement this Friday morning.  I hope to be back part time the following Monday.  I need to drive to Pierre on Tuesday, the 22nd, for a Controlled Substance State Task Force meeting.  I plan to be back full-time on Wednesday the 23rd.  I have shared this with my office and I’m ok with it being shared with the public if any questions are asked.


Aaron F. McGowan, Minnehaha County State’s Attorney

So he decided to tell the Commission and the public he will be gone for knee surgery for about two days but can’t tell them why he was gone for almost two months? WOW!

Food for thought, 32 years into the past, not much has changed

Sad Rhino

I have seen this Rhino locked up in the back cage several times over the summer, today I shot a picture of it (I think it is a young female) along the bike trail. What worries me about its time outs is that is that you can tell it is emotionally distressed, it paces back and forth and scrapes it’s horn against the wall. I’m obviously not an expert on rhinos and maybe there is a reason they do this (it’s not there every time I have rode past). I also understand that I think this is an endangered species and sometimes a zoo is the only place they can be. Just curious why sad rhino get’s time outs so much. Does anyone know why they may separate it from the rest of the herd?

Is Edward Snowden an American Hero?

I will have to admit, I struggle with this question, because most of my American Heros are artists who challenged the 1st Amendment, in one way or another.

My favorite American artist is Andy Warhol because he challenged what art really is.

My favorite American songwriters are Hank Williams Senior and Tom Waits because they challenged the establishment.

My favorite founding father is Ben Franklin because he challenged public information.

Snowden has challenged our security and privacy, and I truly believe he will have his day in court. I have watched countless documentaries about this person, and the one thing I have gathered is he believes a Republic Democracy can work if we work those principles. Did he break rules and laws? Oh yeah, but I think he did it with a clear conscience.

If I could sit down in a Moscow pub and have 60 minutes with this guy, I would do it in a heartbeat. I sometimes feel doing the ‘right thing’ is not always popular, in fact it can destroy you.

While I don’t pray often to the higher power, I do pray for Snowden, because his darkest days are yet to come and I hope he gets a fair trial. It is imperative to our democracy that he gets a fair trial.