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My presentation to the Sioux Falls Free Thinkers

I did this in 2014 and one of my better BS sessions;

Strange Toilet (found on FB)

The South Dakota Fascist GOP Party in charge in Pierre take from the Covid trough to benefit themselves

While this is certainly extremely unethical, some are wondering if it is even legal?

A company directly connected to a member of Gov. Kristi Noem’s cabinet received nearly $600,000 in coronavirus relief grants from the state, while additional companies registered to the cabinet member’s business associates received at least $3 million. 

Steve Westra is the commissioner of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. When Noem appointed him to the job in 2019, he was chief operating officer of Hegg Companies in Sioux Falls. He filed a financial interest statement at that time listing income from Hegg Companies, but cabinet members are not required to update those statements annually. 
What makes it even more ironic is that Steve is the one who testified in front of the Sioux Falls City Council about the importance of more socialist handouts to big business in the form of TIF-23, all the while helping some of his other buddies out. I have also heard rumors that since his former(?) employer couldn’t get a deal with housing at the USD Discovery Center, he cut state funding. Notice there hasn’t been a lot of talk about it.

Like I said, I cannot determine if this is legal or not, but it is pretty arrogant to think no one would connect the dots on Federal funding. Besides Pierre being full of Fascist Authoritarian Corporate Welfare Socialists, they also appear to be crooked as all get out.

I’m hoping and praying one of the first orders of AG Garland’s DOJ is to investigate the State of South Dakota and the massive corruption. Not only what is going on under the Noem regime but Gear-Up ad EB-5. It’s time for Federal officers to head to Pierre and round up all the crooks, lock them up, and throw away the key.

Most Americans lean middle to left

In the recent Gallup Poll taken last month it reveals something I have known for quite awhile, a majority of Americans 41% embrace ideas from both sides of the aisle. I certainly do, there are conservative and liberal values I accept and embrace. For instance, I think the government spends too much money period, and I think a good chunk of it doesn’t help the general public one single bit. Locally, just take the 2nd penny. Originally it was meant to build roads and other needed infrastructure, that idea has been dismantled. In fact in the 2021 budget only around 40% of the 2nd penny goes toward needed infrastructure. It is a travesty. That means in 2021 around $138 million that is supposed to go towards this is spent on ‘other stuff’.

I saw an article in 2018 that said the extreme right and left combined only make up about 14% of the voting body while about 67% are pretty much right in the middle. So why do so many of us listen or allow their garbage to proceed? We shouldn’t. We need to put an end to extremist views on both sides.

We can talk about the hot button issues all we want, but a majority of Americans just want a fair shake, and whether they know it or not, that kind of leans our country to the left (progressive), just a little bit.

I’ll take 10 minutes of Dave over 60 minutes of Don

This has been out for a few weeks, but I thought I would post today right after I listened to Trump’s live CPAC speech. The one thing I have learned about either reading poetry, or philosophy or even political analogy is that less is more. Trump doesn’t understand this, but Chapelle does.

Amber Ruffin; Nazis, Traitors and Fascists

I just got into watching Ruffin over the weekend. She’s hilarious.

Why I put ‘quotes’ around words

Let there be peace

County Treasurer Candidate calls Residents Erections

This is why I often tell people running for local office to have someone proofread their campaign materials before releasing them. Besides the fact that the first two sentences were incoherent, I’m sure she meant to say we are ‘Hardy’ in Minnehaha County, but I’m not sure what that has to do with the treasurer’s office? Maybe it means we can tolerate standing in long lines for hours?

Is South Dakota Attorney General Jason Namehardtospell getting special treatment?

As you can see, Jason is a presidential elector.

I concluded when the investigation started that I would try to say as little about it publicly on my blog. Even if my opinion about Jason’s political leanings are not that favorable, or what I think of him as an AG (not sure what he has been doing?), I still believe when an accident like this occurs anyone and everyone deserves a fair shake. There are several variables we don’t know about, and it’s hard for me to stand on my soap box and say he is guilty or not. I’m not a traffic crime investigator, and while I know some mechanical things about cars, I know very little about how their computers work in recording these events.

Some things are obvious. Jason did hit a man and that man is dead. Everything else is pure speculation and the reason why I have chosen to not make any judgements yet . . .

BUT, there is one judgement that can be made, it is blatantly obvious the AG is getting special treatment. It has been over a week since the accident occurred, yet NOTHING has been released to the public. If you watch the news or read other highway patrol reports, even in deadly accidents, those reports appear usually within a 24-48 hour period (or sometimes within a couple of hours after the accident). So why is it taking so long to give the public a full and transparent report? I don’t know. I can only speculate as many other South Dakotans have that the process is being prolonged not to be thorough but to prepare damage control. It has the appearance of corruption and it would be within the best interest of the state to release the report ASAP!

And here is something else that has stuck in my craw, whether you think Jason is nice fella or not, or if you think he is guilty or not, why on God’s green earth has he continued to work during an investigation? If I were an elected official (especially the head dude of the state’s law enforcement) and was involved in a fatal vehicle accident that was actively being investigated, I would take a leave of absence until the report came back. It’s almost like Jason is in a state of denial over the fact he ran over a man and killed him. It’s one thing to determine whether or not it was accident, but you still did it, and a person is dead. I would think your ethics and conscious would get the best of you and you would just step down until we get it all figured out. Nope. That is not how the SD GOP has trained this young man . . . deny, deny, deny . . . it’s all a left wing conspiracy.

Like I said, I have no idea what happened that night, but the special treatment has to end, immediately!