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UPDATE: Petitions to start circulating today!

I got word this morning that Triple Check the Charter will start circulating petitions today. They had a few things to smooth out with the city first, but it looks like a green light.

I would expect them to be at the SE Fair this week and at Levitt this weekend. Remember, the quicker they get the proper signatures the sooner we can have a special election.

You can download the petition instructions and petition HERE.

Look at the data where past mayors have broken tie votes HERE.

Belfrage weighs in on the topic this morning.

What’s going on with the Bunker Ramp?

At the Sioux Falls city council meeting Tuesday Night, Bruce and I asked what is going on with the Bunker Ramp. I specifically asked why we haven’t gotten an explanation of what is going on with it, why we haven’t received an apology for such a horrible mistake and I suggested anyone involved on the council should resign and any city employee who assisted Mayor Bowlcut and Bucktooth to ramrod it be terminated.

Sioux Falls City Council Meetings, July 9, 2019

Happy 4th from Pheasant Country?

Before all the military people go ballistic, I want to say, I think what this charity does is wonderful! Helping veterans to relieve stress while enjoying the great outdoors is awesome.

This is more of a critique of artwork on the trailer, and not just this trailer, but I see this often on other veteran organizations vehicle wraps.

Is it okay to create patriotic themes with the cross? I don’t know, not sure what the rules are on that. But pheasants flying out of a cross? Um . . .?

Big Band at Levitt

Another great night at the Levitt Friday!

I guess they have been counting the crowds with clickers the best they can, I await to hear the numbers.

JJ’s now has a full-liquor option for basic cocktails, and they serve up until 9 PM instead of 8:30.

It’s Up! Can we handle the influx of tourists downtown?

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City of Bell Scandal

With all the crap going on with the Parking Ramp, someone today in city government reminded me of this STORY. I had read it a few years ago, and it just shows when the stars align anything is possible;

The Bell scandal involved the misappropriation of public funds in Bell, California, United States, over a period of several years in the late 2000s. In July 2010, the Los Angeles Times published an investigative article on possible malfeasance in the neighboring city of Maywood, revealing that the city officials of Bell received salaries that were reported as the highest in the nation.[1] Subsequent investigations found atypically high property tax rates, allegations of voter fraud in municipal elections and other irregularities which heightened the ensuing scandal.[2] These and other reports led to widespread criticism and a demand for city officials to resign.[3][4]

In the end, seven Bell city officials, including former mayor Oscar Hernandez, former city administrator Robert Rizzo, assistant city administrator Angela Spaccia, and four city council members were convicted on graft and corruption charges, and were given sentences ranging from probation to twelve years in prison.[5]

This is a great example of why closed government, in any form is a NOT good thing.

Big Yellow (pink) House across the Pond

I will have to give props to Minnehaha CC Barth for sending me this story;

At Diter’s trial in January, the assistant public prosecutor Pierre-Jean Gaury said the work he had carried out on the property was a “pharaonic project, delusional, totally illegal and built in an illegal manner”.

It had been built in violation of urban planning regulations as well as of safety and environmental rules by an owner whose “only concern is money”, he said.

Sound familiar?

Daylight savings time. Why?

Recent interview with Michelle Obama