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RIP Dole

A Modest Proposal for South Dakota Democrats

Unlike the classic satire, I am not suggesting Dems sell their kids for food. But I am suggesting they do something extreme.

All elected Democratic officials in the state of South Dakota should resign their posts immediately. Doesn’t matter if you are a Sheriff, County Commissioner, Township foreman, School Board member, State’s Attorney, State legislator, City Councilor or a dog catcher. JUST QUIT!

For over 50 years the SD GOP has dominated this state in super majorities in about every body of government you can think of, they are even taking over our high court, yet the party continues to allow the corrupt and lawless members to terrorize Democrats and blame them for all the bad and radical things that happen in this state. So why don’t we just give them what they want? 100% control. Once the PURE one-party rule takes hold and more corruption, lawlessness, nepotism, chaos, mysterious deaths, orgies, and general mayhem continues (or probably get worse) they will only have themselves to blame and will no longer be able to cheer Brandon or piss on Biden signs.

It will also allow the Democratic Party in South Dakota to re-organize so once the failed one party fascist authoritarian state totally collapses on itself they can pounce. It will also give Dems the time to create hundreds of initiatives and referendums to overturn all of their prehistoric laws like the tax on food, funding government through gambling and ZERO taxation for Foreign Dictator owned trusts.

Let’s give the SD Republican Party what they truly want, all the power, but with that responsibility comes liability. Let’s see how they handle that modest proposal.

So why did Rapid City handle Med MJ Dispensaries rules so different then Sioux Falls?

My first answer is more snark than anything, because they are not so freaking uptight!

The ordinance limits the number of dispensaries to 15 within city limits. The only council member that opposed the vote said he believes the market should decide the number of dispensaries, or the city should have its own facility.

Businesses who apply for a medical cannabis and receive a license will have one year to get the business up and running. Licenses cost $5,000 and require an annual renewal fee of the same amount.

As I have said several times, before we know the actual rules set by the state all this farting around will probably have to be reworked. But isn’t it crazy that a city that is less then half our size (Aprox 75K) ok’d 15 dispensaries and a $5,000 yearly license fee, and this is a town ran by a former Police Chief. Maybe because Rapid City understands that if you don’t allow the legal distribution of this product you will only drive it into the black market. I am sure the tribe in Flandreau has been grinning ear to ear watching how we are virtually eliminating any dispensaries in Sioux Falls with ludicrous restrictions. This is what happens when you have a Lilly-White X-Tian running our city that thinks a harmless plant is the Devil’s lettuce.

Sioux Falls City Council & City Boards Agenda for the week of August 9, 2021

While all of these meetings are important, I was troubled by this in the consent agenda of the city council;

Health, COVID-19 Vaccination Hesitancy Study Agreement. Augustana University, $50K

So while we will have a half-ass education program on getting vaccinated, blow $50 Million on crap unrelated to Covid, we will spend this kind of money asking the public why they won’t get a shot. I think we know the answer. It was the Butler in the Kitchen with the Knife in City Hall.

Item #12 should have an exemption for the Parks Department since I heard they have NO minority employees in that department.

Item #14 has $6 million in Covid money going to the Pavilion. Because when you think of helping people with Covid, think the arts, or should we say fixing a roof?

Item #15 isn’t much better with $7 million going to the River Greenway Project that just got a $25 million dollar tax break in the form of a TIF and a land transfer of a park that didn’t exist, but we will never know because that is confidential information.

And you wonder why no one is getting shots?!

Great interview with the author of Benjamin Franklin, An American Life

There is a lot to learn about this great person, the working man’s founder. Ken Burns will be releasing a 4 hour documentary about him soon.

Relax, Enjoy Life, Have Fun

John Oliver points out why spending public money on stadiums is a sham

My presentation to the Sioux Falls Free Thinkers

I did this in 2014 and one of my better BS sessions;

Strange Toilet (found on FB)

The South Dakota Fascist GOP Party in charge in Pierre take from the Covid trough to benefit themselves

While this is certainly extremely unethical, some are wondering if it is even legal?

A company directly connected to a member of Gov. Kristi Noem’s cabinet received nearly $600,000 in coronavirus relief grants from the state, while additional companies registered to the cabinet member’s business associates received at least $3 million. 

Steve Westra is the commissioner of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. When Noem appointed him to the job in 2019, he was chief operating officer of Hegg Companies in Sioux Falls. He filed a financial interest statement at that time listing income from Hegg Companies, but cabinet members are not required to update those statements annually. 
What makes it even more ironic is that Steve is the one who testified in front of the Sioux Falls City Council about the importance of more socialist handouts to big business in the form of TIF-23, all the while helping some of his other buddies out. I have also heard rumors that since his former(?) employer couldn’t get a deal with housing at the USD Discovery Center, he cut state funding. Notice there hasn’t been a lot of talk about it.

Like I said, I cannot determine if this is legal or not, but it is pretty arrogant to think no one would connect the dots on Federal funding. Besides Pierre being full of Fascist Authoritarian Corporate Welfare Socialists, they also appear to be crooked as all get out.

I’m hoping and praying one of the first orders of AG Garland’s DOJ is to investigate the State of South Dakota and the massive corruption. Not only what is going on under the Noem regime but Gear-Up ad EB-5. It’s time for Federal officers to head to Pierre and round up all the crooks, lock them up, and throw away the key.