I will admit, Poops is good at one thing, suckering people. When I saw he would be talking about collaborative problem solving, I wondered if he was just the MC and someone else was doing the presentation.

Supposed leaders that have these skills usually don’t;

• Screwup a parking ramp project

• Censor public art

• Practically disband the code enforcement office

• Terminate almost all of their directors (some positions several times)

• Have no idea how to remediate dead monkeys

• Pay 4x more for a bridge as a handout to developers

• Pay $16 million for a refrigerated ice rink no one wants

• Is militantly ANTI-OPEN GOVERNMENT (this one alone should disqualify him as a speaker on this topic. No problems are solved in the dark . . . maybe a few 🙂

Not sure what kind of snow job Poops threw at these folks to get this gig, but prepare to be underwhelmed.

You can’t do anything ‘collaboratively’ when you make all the decisions like an Eastern Bloc Dictator.

Maybe that is the title of his presentation, ‘My way or the (Veterans Park) highway.’

I have been following city government for well over 20 years and ran this blog for over 15 years and I will have to admit, Poops is probably the worst mayor this city has ever seen, and that’s saying a lot considering the clown he followed to the office (he comes in at a close 2nd).

Everyone tries to blame MMM for PTH’s problems. Baloney. Once you were installed into that office, every decision made there is ON YOU! Inked contracts can be revoked by the newly installed mayor.

I also find it humorous that he said in a recent podcast that he doesn’t do many events like this locally because he needs to spend time with his kids. So I am assuming they will be coming with you on this trip? And maybe you can take in a drag show or gay pride event whilst visiting?

I finally finished listening to this tonight. It is wonderful. Probably one of the better produced news series in South Dakota.

It is not completely polished, but you could tell that Lee spent hours and hours producing this.

There is also a lot of new information in the podcast.

While tragic, Strubinger really frames the incident well and I encourage everyone to listen, especially the multiple references to the SDGOP and how some in the party sought to protect Jason.

When Jason first ran for AG, I told someone, “All Jason is to the SD GOP is an useful idiot.”


Only 10 days remain + veto day.

Today was Crossover Day, the deadline for bills to cross over Senate to House, or House to Senate. So lots of action today.

But first, here are three bills up Friday morning and how to weigh in:

— Good news. HB1232. Passed the House (55-13).  Indian Child Welfare Advisory Council. South Dakota should have one of these.  It will get its first House vote in House Health & Human Service Committee on Friday 2/23 at 9am(8am Mt). Urge Support of these rep’s: Gary.Cammack@sdlegislature.gov ;  Fred.Deutsch@sdlegislature.govJoe.Donnell@sdlegislature.govErin.Healy@sdlegislature.govMellissa.Heermann@sdlegislature.govKevin.Jensen@sdlegislature.govDavid.Kull@sdlegislature.govScott.Moore@sdlegislature.govBrian.Mulder@sdlegislature.govKameron.Nelson@sdlegislature.govTaylor.Rehfeldt@sdlegislature.govBrandei.Schaefbauer@sdlegislature.govMike.Weisgram@sdlegislature.gov ,

— This good one we’ve been waiting for, HB1184, Summer EBT (to pass-thru fed funds for kids’ food in summers) will get its vote in Joint Appropriations on Friday 2/23, 8am(7am Mt). Urge Support of these senators Jim.Bolin@sdlegislature.gov ; Bryan.Breitling@sdlegislature.gov ; RedDawn.Foster@sdlegislature.govJean.Hunhoff@sdlegislature.gov ;Jack.Kolbeck@sdlegislature.govRyan.Maher@sdlegislature.gov ; John.Wiik@sdlegislature.gov ; Dean.Wink@sdlegislature.govLarry.Zikmund@sdlegislature.gov;

 and these rep’s: Chris.Karr@sdlegislature.gov;  Mike.Derby@sdlegislature.govLinda.Duba@sdlegislature.govChris.Kassin@sdlegislature.govLance.Koth@sdlegislature.govDennis.Krull@sdlegislature.govJohn.Mills@sdlegislature.gov;  Ernie.Otten@sdlegislature.govTony.Venhuizen@sdlegislature.gov

— Problem bills SB89 and SB90 will get their first House vote in House Commerce on Friday 10am(9amMt). These are the bills with the 15-day eviction and loss of pre-court notice that an eviction is coming. (a recipe for more homelessness!) They make evictions quicker and easier for landlords, making it harder for tenants to re-locate, to fight wrongful evictions, and to hold unscrupulous landlords accountable.  

Urge these rep’s to OPPOSEAmber.Arlint@sdlegislature.gov;  Jessica.Bahmuller@sdlegislature.govByron.Callies@sdlegislature.gov,  Joe.Donnell@sdlegislature.gov; , Steve.Duffy@sdlegislature.govBen.Krohmer@sdlegislature.gov; Tina.Mulally@sdlegislature.gov; , Kameron.Nelson@sdlegislature.gov; Carl.Perry@sdlegislature.gov;  Neal.Pinnow@sdlegislature.govLynn.Schneider@sdlegislature.gov; William.Shorma@sdlegislature.gov;, Mike.Weisgram@sdlegislature.gov;

— Good news. SB119, tribal ID for voter registration, passed the House State Affairs (9-3). It will likely be scheduled for the House Floor on Friday. Urge All rep’s to Support.

— Good news.  HB1098 passed the House(53-15), as did HB1131 (HR 57-11). They pay forbirth certificates and nondriver IDs for people experiencing homelessness.  The fiscal impact is miniscule for these, and they are foundational for moving into the workforce and stable housing.  On to the Senate.

—  Good news. HB1098 and HB1311, free birth certificates and nondriver IDs for people experiencing homelessness.  House Approp. Committee supported these (7-0) and deferred them, I assume until they put the whole budget together. The fiscal impact is miniscule for these, and they are foundational for moving into the workforce and stable housing. It’s interesting that the birth certificate fee is waived already if you are enrolling your child in Head Start or Am.Legion baseball.

—  Now for the bad news. HB1244 passed the House (59-9) and is on to the Senate. It interferes with our citizen rights to initiative and referendum. Urge senators to OPPOSE it. It lets petition signatures be withdrawn from petitions. There’s no requirement for a notarized signature on the request to do this. The bill has no punishment for anyone falsely trying to withdraw signatures. It opens the door for all sorts of shenanigans. Petition organizers would never be able to know if they had enough signatures.  How we do it now: Citizens can read the AG explanation before they sign and should take the responsibility for their signatures. 

— A bill we are really worried about, SJR501, (Medicaid work requirement) will be up next week in House State Affairs. Urge these rep’s to OPPOSE it. Hugh.Bartels@sdlegislature.govRocky.Blare@sdlegislature.govGary.Cammack@sdlegislature.gov;  Kirk.Chaffee@sdlegislature.gov;  Roger.Chase@sdlegislature.gov;  Becky.Drury@sdlegislature.gov;  Jon.Hansen@sdlegislature.gov;  Erin.Healy@sdlegislature.gov;  Oren.Lesmeister@sdlegislature.gov;  Will.Mortenson@sdlegislature.gov ;   Taylor.Rehfeldt@sdlegislature.govRebecca.Reimer@sdlegislature.gov;  James.Wangsness@sdlegislature.gov ;

    Note. There are little mini-flyers for you to share. Download and carry some with you. They emphasize that taking away Medicaid is an extreme and inhumane punishment for not getting enough work hours or failing to turn in the report. Find them here and a one-pager for faith groups here: https://www.breadsd.org/medicaid-expansion-for-sd

Thanks for your help on these. With our messages, sometimes we are the lobbyists people need.

Cathy Brechtelsbauer

Sure, a private donor is paying for this, but the maintenance and operation of this installation is on the taxpayers, it also sits on the Pavilion’s property (owned by taxpayers).

During the informational meeting today the director of the Pavilion announced that they got a private donation for an art installation project on the Pavilion’s outdoor property, which I will say is AWESOME and something the Pavilion should have done on day one! So, I support it. In theory.

What I don’t support is leaving the public out of this decision.

So how is it the director of the Pavilion can make such an announcement with ZERO engagement from the public, the city council, the arts community and lastly the folks who fund your purple palace?

Maybe all this happened, but I doubt it.

Massive privately funded art installations: Good. Not bringing the public along in this project: Bad

Public art only works if the PUBLIC participates in it.

So how is it you do a year in review and don’t present council with your sales and financials?

During the Sioux Falls city council informational meeting today, councilor Starr asked the director of the Denty where the financials were?

The director said he normally doesn’t give up that info, and only shares with the administration and not council, but could provide it.

So you do a year end review and don’t talk about your sales and profits!?

We know why. The contractors (concessions and entertainment) are making millions in profits at the Denty. Over 5 years ago, they admitted they were bringing in over $20 million in sales a year, I think this past year it probably was way over that.

So why wouldn’t you want to tell the public how profitable the Denty is? That’s because, as the owners of the Denty (taxpayers) we don’t get one f’ing cent of those profits. They go straight out of Sioux Falls never to be circulated again in our community AND our hard earned taxes are paying down a bond on a facility that is probably being used very little by the community.

Would be curious what attendance numbers are over the past year when it comes to LOCAL people attending events.

Let’s not be coy. You didn’t want to give the numbers because citizens are wondering why you are making massive profits and are contributing ZERO to maintenance of the facility or the mortgage.

Once I get the numbers, I will share.

UPDATE: Apparently someone got the ‘profits’ but I want to know the SALES!

For ASM Global, the Premier Center saw a record profit in 2023 at $2.78 million.

There is absolutely NO reason the Denty’s management shouldn’t be contributing a massive amount of their profits into paying down the bond. But that would be the RIGHT thing to do, wouldn’t it?

The director of the Denty also said their is a special concert for the 10 year anniversary. The only clues he would give is that the entertainer was male and usually doesn’t play these markets. Interesting.

So what’s your guess?

I wouldn’t have a specific name, but my guess is they are a country star.