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Someone needs to tell some state legislators that they take an oath to the US and State Constitution, not the Bible

This quote says everything you need to know why laws coming out of Pierre are so ‘whacked’;

“Is it perfect? There’s only one thing I know that’s perfect, and that’s called the Bible,” he said.

It was in reference to the proposed hemp legislation. I have told legislators in the past if you want to live in a theocracy, move to the middle east, and let us govern this state and country with laws that MAN created.

Kloucek endorses Mentele for Nelson’s open seat

November 24th 2019

Governor Kristi Noem

500 East Capitol Pierre SD 57501

Dear Governor Noem

I ask your consideration and appointment of Melissa Mentele to the open District 19 Senate seat.          

Melissa Mentele has all the qualities needed to be an outstanding senator for District 19. She is honest, well known and respected, has no prior involvement in either the Gear Up or EB 5 Fiascos, has no conflict of interest issues concerning legislative audits, is a strong supporter of family farm agriculture and small business, and is in tune with issues affecting  pocket books of every South Dakota. Governor Noem once again I ask you to appoint Melissa Mentele to the District 19 Senate seat recently vacated by Stace Nelson. Her integrity and bi partisanship will serve our area and South Dakota well as a State Senator.


Frank J Kloucek

Our ‘REAL’ Addiction Problem

Noem & TenHaken have been promoting high tech jobs, but didn’t bother telling us.

I will first say that I applaud their efforts;

Earlier this fall, Noem invited TenHaken to a tech conference in San Diego, where the two had time in a room full of executives to tout the business benefits of opening a South Dakota office. The state’s largest city would play a pivotal role, with services and resources available to growing companies, she said.

“We have such a good business environment, a lot of times for us it’s just telling our story,” Noem said.

In government, you should always fill in the ‘people’ when it comes to your goals and objectives. You should do it early and with complete transparency. So what was the big secret here? I don’t know.

Was it because they had to sneak in 5G under the radar because they know how controversial it is? Is it because they are promising tax incentives and low wages? Sorry, but I tend to get suspicious when the government says on one hand it wants to help us and on the other hand doesn’t share it’s plans until the wheels are in motion.

Buy in ultimately comes from the citizens and Noem and TenHaken have a lot to learn about that.

New South Dakota Blog points out the Hypocrisy of the GOP in our state

As if we didn’t already know;

We’ve institutionalized hypocrisy in South Dakota government.  The politically useful designation of “socialism” as an evil to be avoided at all costs has blinded the ultra-dominant Republicans in Pierre to the realities of life and the utter hypocrisy of their anti-socialist rhetoric.

There are many more examples of how Republicant’s in our state run to the government trough as much as they can. The 5G fiasco in Sioux Falls is a great example.

While most South Dakotans barely scrape by, $355 Billion sits here in tax free trust havens

How much is $355 Billion? It is 710 times the City of Sioux Falls yearly budget. Yeah, it’s a lot of dough, and most South Dakotans don’t have a clue our legislators are allowing this while our benefit to the state coffers is virtually ZERO;

In recent years, countries outside the US have been cracking down on offshore wealth. But according to an official in a traditional tax haven, who has watched as wealth has fled that country’s coffers for the US, the protections offered by states such as South Dakota are undermining global attempts to control tax dodging, kleptocracy and money-laundering. “One of the core issues in fighting a guerrilla war is that if the guerrillas have a safe harbour, you can’t win,” the official told me. “Well, the US is giving financial criminals a safe harbour, and a really effective safe harbour – far more effective than anything they ever had in Jersey or the Bahamas or wherever.”

That means legislators are nodding through bills that they do not understand, at the behest of an industry that is sucking in ever-greater volumes of money from all over the world. If this was happening on a Caribbean island, or a European micro-principality, it would not be surprising, but this is the US. Aren’t ordinary South Dakotans concerned about what their state is enabling?

“The voters don’t have a clue what this means. They’ve never seen a feudal society, they don’t have a clue what they’re enabling,” Wismer said. “I don’t think there are 100 people in this state who understand the ramifications of what we’ve done.”

That’s what we get with ONE party rule in South Dakota (and it doesn’t even matter which party). If we could even implement a teeny-tiny tax on this wealth, it would help us out tremendously in education, road funding and healthcare as well as many other things. We could eliminate video lottery, the food tax, reduce property taxes and help address our drug crisis in the state. But we continue to elect the greedy and the stupid (who are one in the same).

Egyptian Delegation Press Conference

Isn’t it amazing what ONE Democratic Legislator can accomplish.

SD Democratic Party Vice Chair agrees to stay on as chair

Randy sent out this email Monday;

It has been suggested by many that for continuity purposes, I continue as Chair through the 2020 elections.  After some soul-searching and against my wife’s advice, I am willing with the blessing/consent of the SCC to stay on as Chair through the 2020 elections and on into early 2121, when we will revisit this matter.

Randy Seiler

This is PART of his email, they are also looking for a treasurer and has an interested person.

UPDATE: SD Republican Party’s Deafening Silence

Isn’t it funny how the Iowa Jew who runs the South Dakota Republican party loves to mouth off about how horrible the Dems are in our state but has absolutely NOTHING to say about Butina’s involvement in the state party and some of it’s operatives?

Not a peep.

And then there’s this trade delegation organized by Democratic State Representative Michael Saba who apparently says it is going so well it may open other trade negotiations besides ag products.

Once again, not a word from Iowa . . . uh . . . I mean South Dakota Republicans.

UPDATE: I guess I’m an anti-semite because I called the leader of the SD GOP a Jew from Iowa. He is a Jew from Iowa. That’s not anti-semitism, that’s a FACT! My point has nothing to do with him being a Jew, my point has been all along that the Christian Right Wing Republican party in South Dakota, who constantly are telling us about their SOUTH DAKOTA VALUES and CHRISTIAN BELIEFS are ran by an IOWAN who is NOT CHRISTIAN.

They really struggle with the truth.

Egyptian Trade Delegation Schedule of Events

Democratic State Lawmaker, Saba, has organized a trade delegation;

“There is a lack of access for South Dakota agricultural products and services in international markets” observed SD State Representative Michael Saba (Dist. 9) after recently returning from a trip abroad.  Saba decided to do something about it.

This Sunday, November 3, a delegation of Egyptian officials will be in South Dakota for four days attempting to buy 10,000 metric tons of soybeans and other products.

“This trip shows South Dakota can compete in the world markets but we need a better marketing infrastructure to make this an everyday occurrence” Saba added.

Egyptian Ambassador Hamdi Saleh and his distinguished delegation will be touring Eastern South Dakota including the cities of Sioux Falls on Monday, Brookings on Tuesday with Watertown and  Aberdeen on Wednesday.

“The delegation is visiting South Dakota in an attempt to open our state’s high tech and agriculture industries to the marketplaces of Egypt and we are inviting the people of our state including the media to join us in welcoming our distinguished guests” said Saba.

Contact: Representative Michael Saba • District 9 • Sabamps@aol.com • 901-212-9746

Here is a LINK to the full schedule.