Don’t take my word for it, listen and read this interview done in 2017;

After the priest council got her letter, Matt Althoff and Diocese Attorney Dan Fritz called for a meeting with Cindy, which she also secretly recorded on her phone. 

“You are the victim of sexual harassment,” Althoff said in the recording.  “And you are the victim of somebody that crossed professional boundaries.” 

“And Matt said to me if I sent another report, I lose my job,” Cindy said. 

“Let me tell you… I don’t like to be threatening. But because it’s an employee situation. I think now that we have this established arrangement or understanding, you need to understand (Cindy) that that complicates the church’s ability to employ you if you disobey that. If you continue to send things out,” Althoff said in the recording.  

Besides Althoff clearly defending the abuser I have heard he has taken similar stances while defending the current mismanagement of the Bishop Dudley house, unfortunately I can’t get anyone to go on record to verify these accusations but it seems people need to start recording convos with this guy.

This isn’t the first time the SD Catholic Diocese has attempted to infiltrate state government. Back in 2008 they recruited John Madigan to register as a fake Democrat in District 15 while trying to keep his profession as the Diocese employee a secret. They failed.

Maybe Kenneke can make a guest appearance and refresh the memories of KELOLANDERS and Althoff’s past guidance in the Diocese. Not sure having a person who defends sexual predators is the best person to run DSS. What’s next? Appointing Ravnsborg to run the DOT?

Will it be built in Sioux Falls? I would assume that they would either have to build it in the city limits or in a suburb of Sioux Falls in order to have the workforce. A rumor swirling around is to build it at the 1880 Cowboy Town or the Buffalo Ridge Ghost Town (which is on I-90).

Patrick Lalley with his new digs at throws around an interesting idea;

Here’s the question, what land?

There’s not much left on the current site, perched as it is on the bluff overlooking a packing plant, Falls Park, downtown and the verdant city beyond.

There’s the diversion channel to the east, rail lines and the airport to the north and housing to the southwest.

Where oh where will our prison go?

What an opportunity to transform the industrial and penal character of that high-profile section of the city, not just on the top of the bluff, but down below.

Maybe, and this is crazy dreamy stuff, the prison and the packing plant are a package deal.

The whole debate over where Wholestone Farms should build their plant only refocused the reality of the legacy of Smithfield.

Lalley is suggesting we tear down the old prison AND Smithfields and use the area for redevelopment. Yeah, it’s a pipe dream and Lalley knows it.

Smithfields isn’t going anywhere and as for the prison, I wouldn’t be surprised if the state sells it to a private developer who may remodel the existing prison for a different use like Dakotabilities did with the former Jefferson elementary. Take the bars off the windows and you could repurpose it for a pretty cool apartment building.

We will see if the legislature even passes the funding. $52 million seems like a lot of coin just for land acquisition and design. And where would we get money to actually build it? This facility could easily cost north of $100 million.

Prison building is just a scam on the taxpayers to make the private vendors who service the prison money and little else.

Will local leadership like Sioux Falls district legislators, council and mayor fight to keep the prison in the city limits? Likely not, but I would encourage the state and the city to do an economic impact study of the financial benefits of the prison. Personally I think we could save taxpayers millions by releasing all non-violent offenders with ankle monitors and drug tests while on parole. But that would require our legislature to have compassion, something they locked away decades ago.

The official soap of the South Dakota Governor’s Mansion

You would think this would be a fight between the woke radical liberals and the right wingers, but now Kristi is fighting with her fellow nuttery;

“As a result, my office will no longer work with the Alliance until and unless its executive director chooses to act professionally,” Noem said, criticizing Woods for “sending this letter and releasing it to the media at the same time, instead of reaching out to my office to have a productive conversation about how we can work together.”

I won’t bore you with the letters sent back and forth, but if you read between the lines, Noem isn’t mad about the letter (BTW, she wasn’t attacked) she is mad she couldn’t have a closed door meeting to sweep this under the rug.

I also chuckled a bit in the Alliance letter boasting about protecting our kids from weed and gays, as if they are one in the same. I will admit, back in the day when I was high on pot I did some pretty crazy stuff, but sex with another man wasn’t one of them 🙂 It didn’t even cross my mind (whilst eating ketchup flavored cheese balls and playing Mario Brothers for 3 hours).

I guess I have never understood homophobia, it is just an excuse to be a hater, or just plain ignorant.

Let’s assume for a moment you don’t have any gay friends, relatives, or co-workers. Let’s even go a step further and assume you have never knowingly met a LGBTQ member of our society? Where is the vitriol coming from?

Drag shows for youth are meant to EDUCATE them about an alternative lifestyle before they grow up to be another a**hole republican.

If you want to protect our kids volunteer to be a mentor, a youth sports coach, a Sunday school teacher, a school crosswalk guard, or any other various youth associations. Being face to face and truthful with kids goes a lot farther then disgusting laws and legislation that only fuel a hateful divide and further cement the pitiful ignorance and hate of the radical right running our state.

By the way, I have noticed Noem’s wardrobe over the past couple of years, and I would be hard pressed to admit any of her clothing items were designed by a straight person. Her next piece of legislation will be titled ‘Fairness in Women’s Clothing Design’.

During the run-up to the mid-terms, PUC incumbent Chris Nelson threw around wild claims that the PUC couldn’t limit imminent domain, BUT they can limit electric rates, if only they decided to research it and make a decision;

Xcel Energy will increase its electricity rates by 17.9 percent, starting Jan. 1. That’s a jump of $19.60 per month on an average residential customer’s bill. The proposed changes affect 97,500 customers. 

The PUC had six months to investigate and make a decision about the rate request before the company implemented it, but the three-member commission will not declare its decision in that timeframe.

That window closes at the end of December. Commission Chairman Chris Nelson said the PUC rarely completes its investigations in six months. 

“Once that rate increase was filed with us, our staff immediately began working through the evaluation process,” Nelson said. “That is a very lengthy and complex process.”

SIX MONTHS! C’mon! It is probably a difficult decision to make and takes awhile to research, but while you are dragging your feet thousands of customers are paying a higher rate.

The commission will subsequently have another six months to make a retroactive decision, but meanwhile, the requested rates will go into effect as an interim rate hike.

Seems convenient, doesn’t it?

It’s about those pesky communists;

“South Dakota will have no part in the intelligence gathering operations of nations who hate us,” Noem said in a statement. “The Chinese Communist Party uses information that it gathers on TikTok to manipulate the American people, and they gather data off the devices that access the platform.”

Of course, our mayor is still on his ‘save the kids’ campaign he must be carrying over from the anti-IM 27 campaign;

“This app needs more federal scrutiny to ensure our kids (and national security) are protected,” TenHaken wrote on social media.

Okay, why stop there?

• Why not BAN state government from purchasing any products made in China?

• Why not BAN any 5G antenna equipment from China?

• Why not BAN farmland or any property owned by Chinese investors? Or businesses (Like Smithfields)

This is more huff and puff and smoke blowing from the biggest offenders. Hypocrisy at it’s best. Now let’s go fight homeless cannabis use, the real problem ravaging our state ;(