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‘HOLY SMOKEBALLS’ This is how our Public Safety officers spend their time (and your tax dollars)

Local TV station’s partnership is more like an ‘Open Marriage’

As I suspected, the partnership between two local Sioux Falls TV stations is turning out to be a cost saving factor in staff – all of their staff. I have seen several personalities toggle back and forth between stations including anchors and reporters, and this week both stations have been running the same stories, unedited in content.

Wasn’t the promise to the FCC and our DC delegation this;

“Gray Television has expressed that the merger will increase local news coverage and programming,” Rounds wrote. 

Quite the opposite. While I understand combining production staff, office and studio space and sales staff (that all makes business sense) using the same news footage and on-air personalities just seems a little ‘Trailer Parkish’.*

Bring on the Food Truck Pumpkin Bar Weiner Dog races!

*Somebody recently asked me what I thought of Donita Noem Trump’s latest Meth awareness campaign, and I answered, “There are two kinds of people in South Dakota. Those who have done Meth, and those who eventually will.”

New Sioux Falls Police Officers

Eight new officers were sworn in. Six Males and two females. I’m not sure if any of them are minorities.

I decided to do a little research on our local TV stations to see how they breakdown in these matters. I only counted the ON-AIR personalities, this is what I found.





Not that this has any correlation, but I just thought it was interesting. Also not shown in the numbers are the LGBTQ community, which a few of the stations do have.

Is KSFY already transitioning reporters over to KDLT?

I had to chuckle a little bit while watching this video, at the end of the video, KSFY reporter, Jill Langland (who I haven’t seen for awhile on that station) closes by saying ‘Jill Langland, KDLT News’.

I checked to see if the same story was on KDLT or if Jill was listed as a reporter over there. Nope.

So I guess we already know who is going to transition to that station. Maybe they should tell Jill though that the transition really hasn’t taken place yet, or maybe this is a way of softly bracing the public for Jill’s transition 🙂

As we all have suspected, when GRAY bought KDLT, it probably won’t expand our news coverage, it just expands their bottom line with more advertisers. Maybe they should just have reporters from both stations sign off, ‘Reporting for KSFDLT news, so there is no future confusion.

Speaking of transitions, I see Bridgett Bennett didn’t last long in Sewer City, as I suspected she wouldn’t. She probably had some weird non-compete where she couldn’t be in the Sioux Falls market for a year, and since KCAU is owned by the same media company as Stormland TV, I’m sure they probably had this in the works for a while, but who knows? She will be replacing Sammi Be Yellin’.

FCC approves sale of KDLT

I was actually surprised to hear this, I didn’t think the sale would be approved;

The FCC ruled Tuesday that Gray Television could buy KDLT-TV from Red River Broadcasting Co. Gray announced the $32.5 million deal in May 2018 and with approval from the FCC and Justice Department was able to complete the deal today, according to a KSFY report.

I thought for how long this was taking they may have been some hiccups, but it looks like Gray convinced the FCC they are going to provide us MORE news by acquiring KDLT, even though I think this is about advertising dollars and NOT providing us more news;

The FCC noted that the No. 1 station in the Sioux Falls market, KELO-TV, “has consistently earned a majority of advertising revenue, making it harder for the other stations in the market to effectively compete against it. The applicants note that KDLT-TV is already struggling to maintain a profitable local news operation and that, without relief, ‘it is only a matter of time before KDLT-TV is forced to eliminate its local news.’ ”

So in order for KSFY to compete with Stormland TV they need to buy up more stations? How about better programming and news instead of the latest food truck or dog race story? Oh, Oh, Oh, but wait . . .

Gray has committed to add at least 28 hours per week of local news programming across the two stations, more local news programming than either station currently airs in an average week, according to the FCC. The company also plans to open a news bureau in Pierre, the capital, to provide better coverage of state government and install a state-of-the-art weather radar that will enable it to provide more accurate information about severe weather in the Sioux Falls market, the order states.

So they will have a reporter in Pierre for 40 days? That’s nice. Where do I sign up for that miserable job? And I guess I was a little surprised to hear that neither station was providing state-of-the-art weather reporting. So what? Were they just winging it all these years? I actually get my forecasts from KDLT, because I think they lay it out better.

According to a statement from Gray, there will be no changes at either station for awhile.

LOL. And we won’t be holding our breath either. Bring on the Weiner Dog fashion show!

Humorous Screenshots

Koch talking about the environment is like Trump giving us advice on climate change. Oh, and why are we using Tornados to grind trees, I think they did enough damage. Or do they mean they are going as fast as tornados?

After Tornado hits Sioux Falls, local paper decides it needs to share FREE information as a ‘public service’

Oh, and besides not understanding the duties of the 4th Estate, they take the opportunity of reporting on an emergency to ask for your subscription money. I’ve seen a lot of things in ‘bad taste’ in our local media, but this takes the cake. Funny, KELO, KSFY, KELOLAND & KDLT all shared the information for FREE, oh, and in real time.

Thursday Tidbits


It seems Jodi Schwan’s replacement may be seeing the writing on the wall and is leaving the Argus at the end of the month to be a health reporter for FORUM communications.


It seems the mayor doesn’t think the changes to the charter are necessary, and in some respects he is correct, because if the past mayors and himself would follow the charter to begin with, we wouldn’t have to make these changes. Let’s go over this again, the Mayor is in charge of running the city and following policy, the city council creates and implements that policy. But since him and his predecessors cannot follow rules, we have to make those changes on our own.


You know what they say, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings, and today we

found out she has yet to sing her song. While the insurance companies settled, the city and engineering firm are still not out of the clear. The FEDS also have to finish their investigation. We still have a few more hurdles to cross. And as you can see, Legacy was tied to the building collapse (DUH) this is why the council was warned about approving the bunker ramp.

Gray’s acquisition of KDLT in limbo

Jodi wrote a good article about how the acquisition is going so far. There was interesting statements made about KSFY and KDLT being owned by the same media company;

“The proposed transaction, if consummated, clearly would allow Gray to operate KSFY-TV and KDLT-TV together to increase efficiencies, reinvest capital resources to improve the stations’ service to their viewers and improve the stations’ abilities to compete with the dominant in-market station – KELO-TV,” Gray said in its federal filing.

“Gray Television has expressed that the merger will increase local news coverage and programming,” Rounds wrote.

Would it? I would think there would be a lot repetition between the two stations (there already is). If a KSFY reporter is getting an exclusive on a ‘BIG’ story, wouldn’t they share that with KDLT? I would think so. So how would we get MORE news? I will admit adding a Pierre office and expanding weather would be good, I’m just not sure eliminating a competing station would give us a different perspective in local news. I have a feeling the FCC has been delaying this merger for a reason.

A picture is worth a 1000 words

You gotta love it when the local media places the WRONG picture, but get it so RIGHT. LOL!