Sorry, I like covers of Woody’s classic

While Mr. Anthony is no Woody Guthrie, he nails it with this working class anthem. As he recently said in an interview;

“I see the right trying to characterize me as one of their own, and I see the left trying to discredit me, I guess in retaliation. That sh*t’s gotta stop,” he continued.

The song is about all of us working stiffs and the politicians who are destroying us. Don’t read to much into it.

The song below is probably one of the most controversial songs I have ever heard, and trust me, when it was released, sh!t hit the fan, but I can’t imagine if it was released today . . .

I watched this movie tonight and it was pretty, pretty, pretty good (that’s my Larry David rating system). What surprised me is there hasn’t been any local media coverage about this recently. I do recall a story from a couple of months ago that they were filming a movie on Pine Ridge and then nothing. The movie came out last Friday. I highly recommend journalists in our local media go see the movie, and please cover it.

It’s seems even Mr. HEIDELBERGER is wondering where the radio silence is from Noem and the supposed ‘hacking’;

Governor Noem has declined to comment on this dubious prosecution, but she made sure her taxpayer-funded lawyer, general counsel Katie Hruska, was in the courtroom yesterday, even though Hruska was not one of the prosecuting attorneys and even though Noem herself did not file the complaint that prompted this show.

So let’s review how adults handle situations like this;

• Dakota News Now did the right thing by terminating Mr. Goss

• The courts did the right thing by sentencing the case properly

• Mr. Goss did the right thing by apologizing to all involved parties

So my question is, will Noem do the right thing and apologize to the president and the DOJ for falsely accusing them of phone hacking?

Where you went wrong Mr. Goss is admitting ANY guilt. You just lost your street cred with the Pierre Country Clubbers.

UPDATE: I guess they had a briefing last week but only two reporters showed up and the city didn’t record it. Isn’t whole point of have a press briefing is to inform the public? How do you do that without turning on the camera? I am baffled.

After a week off, the city has returned with the ‘weekly’ press briefing, or is it the bi-weekly press briefing?

They also posted today on YT even though someone should tell the media department they posted a briefing from a month ago.

Was glad to see they are going to take another stab at their CIVIC DUTY to INFORM the public now maybe they could scrape some money together for press microphones so we can hear their questions.