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Half-Penny Sales tax increase was a bad idea from the get go

Noem keeps up with the tradition of past Republican Governors in our state, telling us how poor we are right before the legislative session, then once it is over they start spending money on pet projects (mostly corporate handouts). Oldest trick in the book. This even comes after added revenue from online sales and the half penny increase;

Noem announced her budget plans Tuesday, which urged state departments to tighten their belts as they head into a difficult financial year. That plan included not having any discretionary inflation increases for overall K-12 education, Medicaid providers and state employees.

But that means there will be no change between target teacher salaries from 2020 to 2021, making it the third year the state has fallen behind on its promise to keep teacher pay competitive if the budget passes

I said it was a bad idea to raise taxes because I knew this would happen, the money went straight into the general fund for the Governor and legislature to waste. Even after several years, it still makes me livid that the legislature didn’t find the money elsewhere (that they have in investment funds) to pay teachers more. Now we are back to square one, and an unneeded tax increase to boot. Don’t get me started. Our State government has been inept for decades, and gets worse by the day.

The Myth about State Vendors

Believe it or not, not all services the state requires can be accomplished by private businesses located in our state. I know that may come as a shock to you, but that is just the way it is. Even if the state is purchasing a product or service from a state owned business, there is usually no requirements that business has to purchase other materials needed to complete the project in state. Just like private business, the state has to use the best resources available at the most reasonable price.

You may disagree with the state using a Minnesota firm for their idiotic meth campaign, but it likely went through proper channels. I have worked in printing for over 25 years, and the government, whether that is Federal, State or even local (like county, school and city) buys mountains of products out of state. I have bid on and won jobs from Minnesota, California, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, New York, and many more out of state agencies and cities including Portland and San Francisco. Even state private non-profit agencies like the Chamber and other trade organizations buy products from out of state.

While it is disheartening to many people, this ‘national’ commerce actually saves taxpayers money (or it should) because you are getting the best product for it’s value in a timely manner. That is NOT always the case (like the meth campaign), but most of the time. Simply saying we have to use a local firm could end up costing us a lot more in the end. Look at the administration building and Midco aquatic center, very expensive and both with issues, we used local contractors.

Just Sayin’

Noem & TenHaken have been promoting high tech jobs, but didn’t bother telling us.

I will first say that I applaud their efforts;

Earlier this fall, Noem invited TenHaken to a tech conference in San Diego, where the two had time in a room full of executives to tout the business benefits of opening a South Dakota office. The state’s largest city would play a pivotal role, with services and resources available to growing companies, she said.

“We have such a good business environment, a lot of times for us it’s just telling our story,” Noem said.

In government, you should always fill in the ‘people’ when it comes to your goals and objectives. You should do it early and with complete transparency. So what was the big secret here? I don’t know.

Was it because they had to sneak in 5G under the radar because they know how controversial it is? Is it because they are promising tax incentives and low wages? Sorry, but I tend to get suspicious when the government says on one hand it wants to help us and on the other hand doesn’t share it’s plans until the wheels are in motion.

Buy in ultimately comes from the citizens and Noem and TenHaken have a lot to learn about that.

UPDATE: What?! You mean we are asking for Federal Assistance for the tornado incident?

UPDATE: At the Sioux Falls City Council Informational meeting today, councilor Erickson said that by having homeowners and volunteers cleanup their own mess after the tornados it gave them a ‘sense of pride’ and that they ‘shouldn’t depend on government for everything’. Thanks Ronald Reagan. What I find ironic is that while we pay taxes to help us all collectively when things like this occur (natural disasters) and infrastructure repair, their is NOTHING in our city charter that requires us to provide entertainment to us with our tax dollars, or to enrich private developers. But Erickson and several other councilors have never even twitched when giving massive bailouts and taxpayer incentives to private non-profits and private developers. Maybe the next time one of them shows up for our tax dollars and a handout, they should tell them the same, ‘You shouldn’t depend on government’ to subsidize your bottom line.

So where do all the volunteers go to collect their checks?

As I said when the Mayor couldn’t figure out if he wanted to use city personnel for cleanup or not, it seems they had a change of heart, or at least Gov. Donita Trump did;

Governor Kristi Noem has requested a presidential disaster declaration for damage done by September storms in South Dakota.

That includes the three tornadoes that struck portions of Sioux Falls and extreme flooding that occurred in the cities of Madison and Mitchell.

The request is for Sept. 9-Sept. 26 and includes at least $17 million in requested federal assistance.

Kinda of funny how it works, isn’t it? We pay Federal Income Taxes, and when we have trouble, and natural disasters, they pay up, or at least we hope they will.

Governor Noem gives state employees 3 paid days off for Christmas (Dec 23-25)

I heard from a Minnehaha County official today that the state has told them and other counties that the State is giving 3 paid days off this year for Christmas. Counties of course rely on State employees to do business, so when the state takes a day off, counties do to. So how will the counties across the state handle it? Will they also give their employees 3 paid days off? This will be interesting to see how this is handled. While I don’t have a problem with State or County employees taking off Monday December 23, they should only be able to do without pay or use PTO, this should NOT be a taxpayer expense for essentially a religious (not government) holiday – heck, it’s NOT even a holiday – It’s two days before!

Bryon Noem takes a que from Former Mayor Bucktooth & Bowlcut

Oh, I am not the only who thinks this is strangely like his ridiculous show. So now we have two knuckle-heads telling us about Podunk, SD. I grew up there, I already know what goes on in those towns – a lot of bitching about Hillary and Obama and not much else.

Noem’s approval rating drops below 50% in one poll

I have a feeling it will drop even more if she continues to support the rotten pumpkin in DC, as the ag economy goes in the toilet and her continued ignorance on hemp production.


Maybe this is why Noem hasn’t talked about FEMA assistance for Sioux Falls.

Noem thinks she is smarter then 47 other states and the Feds

While I’m wouldn’t call Noem ‘stupid’ I would say she is extremely ‘ignorant’ when it comes to hemp. She keeps getting hung up on the fact that if we legalize hemp in our state farmers will start growing it’s cousin pot.

It is a ludicrous notion on many levels;

• Most SD farmers wouldn’t even know how to grow pot, and the conditions wouldn’t be right anyway. Most recreational pot, at least the good stuff, is grown under highly controlled conditions. This includes greenhouses, air circulation, hydroponics, heat lamps, etc. Growing hemp requires farmers to essentially plant it, and harvest it, that’s about as complicated as it gets. I compare it to Alfalfa.

• Most SD farmers wouldn’t risk losing their farms over illegally growing pot in a hemp field. Sometimes farmers get accused of being stupid, but I don’t think they are dumb enough to risk losing the family farm over a pot infraction. That, and it is almost impossible to hide pot in a hemp field. Industrial hemp would most likely take over the illegal one, and you don’t want cross breeding going on between crops. In other words what’s good for hemp isn’t good for pot, and vice versa.

• 40,000+ products can be made from Hemp. Even if you take out the controversial ones like CBD oils, there are numerous other industrial applications. Our little inconvenience of a handful of podunk cops having to test the crops outweighs the economic impact of this product. This just isn’t about farmers, this is about manufacturing and jobs, in which ironically we will be losing to 47 other states who have figured out this is OK. Once again, SD leaders ‘choose’ to be last.

• Hemp helped to build this nation. Before fabrics and paper were made from cotton and wood pulp, hemp was the main crop used to make these things, I think all the way up until WW2. We have historical precedence when it comes to Hemp. It is harmless and beneficial at the same time.

I think I will change what I said about Noem in the first sentence. When it comes to hemp, she is dumber then a fence post.

Heck even Kentucky is enjoying the benefits of Hemp to the economy;

Hemp is Pot & other Crazy notions of our governor