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Rah Rah (G/T-Tim Benson)

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Maskless (G/T-Tim Benson)

Gov. Paper Doll (G/C-Tim Benson)

Noem suing over fireworks is idiotic

Noem claims the Biden Administration is making this political? Really? Who is the one suing using taxdollars to spend more taxdollars on something most people don’t give 2-Sh!ts about. Noem has zero grounds to sue. The property is Federal not state, which she admits and she has no control over. As for a memo from Trump, that isn’t worth the paper it is written on. He is no longer the president, so it means nothing.

As for last year’s display, that was simply a taxpayer funded campaign rally for the Orange Menace and little else.

As for the fireworks, most people can’t attend anyway due to the lottery and most people don’t care. When I think of Independence day, I think of the great people in this country, it has little to do with a rock sculpture and Chinese explosives. Noem needs to concentrate on making the lives of working people in this state better and knock off her grandstanding.

Legalize it? (G/C-Tim Benson)

Is Noem’s Fundraising letter from her or the 700 Club?

Governor Cowgirl Barbie

Longtime South Dakota cartoonist Tim Benson sent me some Noem toons. I will posting them over the next couple of weeks.

FOX Business Host says what we are all thinking . . .

Hey, Kristi, call us when you are not an A . . . .