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Noem is running for President, and that is some very scary crap

Sneveliscious did a podcast with Slate about it.

It actually makes me ill to my stomach thinking about her as president. I coined her as the Sarah Palin of South Dakota when she ran for the state legislature, and I still haven’t changed my opinion and hopefully she ends up like Sarah, out of office.

While I could certainly go on a rant about how I really don’t approve of her fake Libertarianism, anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ, pro-bible, anti-public education, anti-worker attitudes, I think what scares me the most about Noem isn’t her political leanings, it’s that she is extremely ignorant especially when it comes to national history, the constitution, and anything governmental. She is so dumb, she actually thinks the rest of the country is just as naïve as the South Dakotans that voted for her. They are NOT. University studies/polls across the country have the country leaning left to center by a very tiny margin. But the extremists on the left and the right make up only about 30% of voters combined. In other words, her Trumpian whacka-doodle Republican brand isn’t good enough to get her elected president, and she is too stupid to realize it. Why do you think she goes through staffers so quickly? Because she either fires them or they quit because of the disagreements, and these are people are right wingers like her.

If Noem totally falls on her face running for president, which I think she will, good riddance. If she wants to be a shIt talker on FoxMaxx, go for it, and please take your TV studio with you, it will be our parting gift and a fair trade not to ever see you in government ever again.

Is Billie Sutton running against Noem?

Well isn’t that the $64 thousand dollar question?

The rumor mill going around is that Billie is being actively recruited.

Is this bad? No, and while I prefer a candidate that isn’t Republican Light, he is the only Democrat in the state with enough clout to challenge her, especially if he gets the National Party behind him.

Noem is beatable, but you have to convice the indies and moderate Republicans in the state who haven’t been happy with the crazy Trump train she has been driving.

Hopefully if Sutton is running he will announce ASAP. There is NO time to waste.

Noem, the Aunt Lydia of Governors

If you watch the Handmaid’s Tale you would get the comparison.

Noem’s fundraising letter chocked full of lies!

Many are questioning the legality of Noem putting the SDNG out for hire

UPDATE: You can see now Noem is backtracking on her ‘donation claims’;

Johnson would not disclose the amount of the donation. He said he has not donated to pay for any other National Guard deployments.

“Governor Noem welcomes any such donations to help alleviate the cost of South Dakota taxpayers,” Fury told Dakota News Now. He also said South Dakota law allows the governor to accept donations that are in the “best interests” of the state.

In other words, it will go into state coffers and NOT towards the Guard, we will still be footing that bill. I wonder how Noem will explain to Guard family members if one of the deployed gets injured in this little war game of hers?

Many eyebrows are being raised if Noem can take donations to fund the SD National Guard. The Guard itself is clear about it;

In general, it’s legal for private citizens to donate money to governments, though it’s uncommon that the donations are earmarked for something as specific as a Guard deployment.

The Guard also has made this statement;

“While we appreciate the many offers and people who care about our soldiers and airmen, we are not logistically able to accept donations of any kind.”

Of course Noem claims this;

When officials deployed the National Guard to Washington, D.C. after the attack on the Capitol, the price tag was nearly $500 million for two months. It included the cost of their travel, salaries, healthcare and other fees. Presumably, Johnson’s contribution is less than that and for far fewer guard troops. Fury said that the donation “was made directly to the state of South Dakota.” He went on to say that the governor welcomes any handouts to run their Guard.

If we really are getting the donation, how many actually believe this will trickle down to the Guard? Let’s face it, it is smoke a mirrors and in all reality, while Noem has the legal authority to send troops to Texas, I’m not sure I believe the private donation BS. Either way, our troops are not a private army that are guns for hire. I just wish her staffers would stop hitting her with the stupid crazy stick.

Noem’s fight against Rec Jane has nothing to do with ‘saving the children’

The real reason I supported decriminalizing recreational marijuana in South Dakota had nothing to do with me wanting to suck on a bong all day, my main argument besides the extra tax revenue which can be used for infrastructure and education is that it would save taxpayers millions each year in costs associated with justice and incarceration for possessing and ingesting a plant.

The real fight that our Governor has launched has very little to do with saving the kids but protecting the massive private prison contractors;

The largest private prison corporations, Core Civic and GEO Group, collectively manage over half of the private prison contracts in the United States with combined revenues of $3.5 billion as of 2015.

It is estimated that around 1 million people in this country are incarcerated for minor drug/non-violent offenses, and all that farting around with arresting pot heads is costing us;

The costs of this national obsession, in both money and time, are astonishing. Each year, enforcing laws on possession costs more than $3.6 billion, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Don’t be fooled by Noem’s message that she is trying to protect your children, this is about big money and big business. I have argued one of the main reasons employers are struggling right now to find workers is because many of these workers that are qualified can’t pass background checks due to felony drug convictions for minor possession.

I will say this, if Rec becomes legal in South Dakota (I give the Feds under 5 years to decriminalize it) I am not suggesting anyone who hasn’t tried it before to take up the hobby. Believe it or not, Mary Jane is popular because it works (gets you high) and has very few side effects. In other words, it is kind of harmless. But the major benefit from decriminalization, whether you use or not, is that it will save taxpayers a boat load of money, and the private prison contractors are not very happy about it (and neither are the lawyers).

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