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City of Sioux Falls Tidbits

After an incident over the weekend where SFPOs were caught cussing out suspects, the Chief of Police claims there is nothing to see, move along. As I have been saying for years, further proof we need body cams, but as he said last week, no policy changes. Shocker. They also need some diversity training and paid physical fitness time.

Sales taxes are in the crapper, but no surprise. As about 15% of the workforce in Sioux Falls lost their jobs and nobody was spending any money – we saw this coming. I just hope the budget hearings that start tomorrow prepare for this.

Speaking of money, the city could get up to $41 million in Covid money but Mayor Multi-task doesn’t think we need it. The covid crisis is far from over, and as you noticed, the cases in SD remain on an even keel and are NOT going down. If this continues into the fall and winter, we may need some of that money to combat the crisis further. Nothing wrong with planning ahead, wait, this administration doesn’t know what that means. Let’s just keep the libraries and pools closed, that’s the ticket!The Public Transit board met today but no one really knows what is on the agenda because it wasn’t posted on the agenda page. Of course this is a violation of open meetings laws not having the agenda posted (except in this mysterious zoom document). But they have been violating those rules for a couple of years now, why do anything differently?

Governor Noem, a crazy cat?

A Facebook friend sent me this today, they used my infamous Screaming Noem image to make a funny. Not sure what it means, but made me laugh. I created the image years ago from a photograph I saved from Noem’s blog when she was a state legislator. Meow.

Sioux Falls Council Candidate Forum, NW District

Neitzert’s political heros? TenHaken and Noem. Hilarious. He also said that he looked up to Paul’s leadership because he has the ability to admit when he is wrong. Gee, Greg, when are you going to apologize for your votes on the auditor, the admin building and bunker ramp? Oh, that’s right, you are a hypocrite. Nevermind.

Is Corey Lewandowski pulling Noem’s puppet strings?

As I started digging around on Noem’s recent bullying efforts with the Mayor and now the Tribes, one name came up quite a bit, Corey Lewandowski.

You may or may not know that Corey was Trump’s campaign manager for president the last time around. He has also consulted the president during his presidency.

As several blogs have reported, their is a rumor swirling around that if Trump gets re-elected, he is going to tap Noem for Secretary of Agriculture. This supposed secret deal was concocted by Corey, and the rumor is he is pulling the puppet strings with how Noem has been reacting to the pandemic. Including pushing back on stay-at-home orders, telling our mayor what to do (and getting him to apologize publicly and say he was wrong and she was right). I’m also sure the sudden change in getting tough on the tribes has more to do with Trump and Lewandowski than it does with Noem. A freaking paralegal could tell you that the state has NO jurisdiction over the reservations.

See, Noem wants that cabinet position so badly, she will do anything, including handing Rhoden over to us as governor. Pierre will become one big Rodeo Cocktail Party . . . wait . . . it already is.

I wish our media would do some more digging around on this. I can tell you the TV studio in her basement wasn’t put there to better inform South Dakotans. Noem wants to go back to DC so bad she can taste it, and she’ll trample anyone to get there, with the help of Corey, of course.

Did Mayor TenHaken have a fallout with SD GOP Leadership?

Over the past week there has been some criticism towards TenHaken on how he has been handling the Covid ordinances and restrictions in Sioux Falls and most of it is coming from the movers and shakers in the SD Republican Party.

A certain blogger who takes his marching orders directly from the state’s party leadership has been very critical of TenHaken’s leadership.

It baffled me at first that the same guy who benefitted from Paul helping him hide his private business on musical servers would suddenly turn his back on his BFF.

He certainly wasn’t doing it on his own, he has never done anything on his own.

The rumor going around was that there was a dustup between TenHaken, the party leadership and one of Paul’s staffers (you can take a good guess who that is). I don’t have anymore details than that, but we do know there has been a fractured SD Republican party ever since Noem and Jackley duked it out and there now are several factions in the party going many different directions.

I’ve also noticed that when Paul talks on the radio or on FB he says he belongs to the party of Sioux Falls and isn’t a Republican or Democratic mayor. Yes, Paul, it is a non-partisan position, but you are registered Republican.

Will this dustup lead Paul to do what Bucktooth & Bowlcut did towards the end of his 2nd term and register as a Indy? Doubtful. But one wonders who got to him. Some have suggested it was Noem herself while others said it was the Iowa business owner who runs the party. It may have been both.

I have heard from legislators who serve on committees in Pierre that when you go into a meeting with the governor, she runs the room and won’t take any guff from anybody. She also likes to make veiled threats if you don’t do what she says.

Something has changed in Paul over the past week, and I don’t think those changes in his attitude came from inside him – I think someone gave him an attitude adjustment.

TenHaken has been anything but a leader

When I first saw this article, I thought maybe it was an Onion parody;

Paul TenHaken, Sioux Falls mayor (R): He has carefully balanced South Dakota’s resistance to mandatory restrictions with the public health needs of his city, where Smithfield pork processing plant became a hot spot. He enacted a measure that “strongly encourages” people to stay at home, but decided against an order.

I also find it interesting they put the (R) behind his name considering the mayor of Sioux Falls is a non-partisan position.

He has blamed everyone else and made excuses all along the way as to why he couldn’t lead on this. Here are some memorable moments;

• Twice mentioned he didn’t sign up for this. I think the second time around he said in a press conference, “This Sucks!”

• Failed to use manuals in place to deal with this crisis (I have heard from several past city officials that they do exist).

• Failed to get his health department to do proper inspections of businesses and give them a hand up in helping them prepare a safe work environment.

• Blames the Governor, the Legislature, his own city attorney and others why he cannot lead.

• Has butt heads in private and public meetings with the city council than turns around and puts the decision making in their laps.

• Has thrown transparency out the door by having executive sessions that don’t pertain to the criteria of having them.

I have argued from the beginning, as the city’s administrator, as the charter dictates, he has the power to force his city directors and health department to take action. He doesn’t need the blessing of the city council, the mayor, the legislature, his health board, city attorney or even the president to do it. He has the executive authority to enforce health ordinances on the books. And I think if he would have taken some of those measures early on, we wouldn’t be where we are at. I even think some if not most of restaurants could have stayed open if he would have set those guidelines early.

But we really can’t wrestle with the past, but we can take measures moving forward. A new report came out today from the White House that the midwest will be hit the hardest over the next two months because we were the last to start having outbreaks. Letting up now won’t end well for us. I would ask Paul to start leading, but I’m afraid it is too late for that. Hold on tight folks, it is going to be a rough summer.

Military setting up drive thru testing facility

I guess the Military (National Guard?) has been setting up drive thru testing lanes in the parking lot at Washington HS. I wonder when the governor and mayor were going to tell us about this? Sanford has their testing setup at the Foundation House at the Sports Complex.

In an unrelated note I guess Sanford is also serious about building a 10,000 person capacity baseball stadium at the complex also. I noticed over the past couple of weeks they have finished a bunch of dirt work in the area and I believe seeded it with grass. I doubt they would start on it this summer.

Sioux Falls Police Chief Burns gets an award? Huh?

Just when you think it is odd that the city revealed a new logo in the middle of a pandemic, now the Municipal League is giving an award to a police chief most of the city hasn’t seen in over a year. Chief Waldo I call him.

Oh but it gets better, while we are still peaking in Sioux Falls and the surrounding MSA, the governor and mayor think it is a good idea to start opening things back up. You know what this will result in? Another spike, and we will have to go back to square one. I personally think we should at least wait until May 15th and re-evaluate the situation. I think at least a week of no new reported cases in SF should occur before we even talk about lifting certain restrictions. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

I also think Smithfield needs to be closed for another two weeks. I hear a lot of crying about the farmers and the packing plant. Well folks, this is what happens when you create a monopoly packing plant and monopoly CAFO corporate farms, you create a monopoly distribution system that doesn’t work in a crisis. Back in the day, family farmers sold their hogs to the highest bidder and had multiple places they could sell them to. This creation of a monopoly system is only the fault of those who perpetuated it upon themselves, and I don’t feel one bit sorry for them. When you sell your soul to Walmart (the dairy industry) and Smithfield (hogs) than you wipe away your distribution options and competition. How did you think this was going to turn out during a crisis like this? The problem is that these corporate farmers most likely have strict contracts they cannot break. In other words, they have to euthanize the hogs before they can sell them to smaller packers or family owned lockers. It’s stupidity and greed on a whole new level. But I see Rounds is looking to bail out their stupidity with our tax dollars, while we bury the bacon in the ground instead of at least giving it away to food banks.

This crisis has shown us one thing – our system in America is broken, very broken, and we don’t seem to want to learn from it.

Are people skirting building permits in Sioux Falls?

I found out today many people across the city are doing ‘projects’ on their homes without permits. Some of these properties have been reported to the city. Most of the projects are new roofs, but there have been reports of window replacements and even an entire house being gutted.

I guess one of the reasons this is going on is because the city has limited their building inspections. Not sure if that is true, but if it is, it seems odd. Building inspectors have less interaction with the public than police or fire does. If they are sitting on their butts at home, time to get back to work!

If our governor and mayor tell us we all need to go to work each day because hot dog makers, credit card hucksters and personal trainers are ‘essential’, it’s time they put their money where their mouth is and order all city and state workers to either be working full-time from home and if they cannot, report for duty. If anyone one is essential right now, it is people drawing a salary from taxpayers. If the rest of us can endure being exposed to Covid, the government workers should be able to also.

Maybe the Mayor needs to test his SOAR program out first on city employees?

The hypocrisy is unprecedented – and all reported from Noem’s $130K FOX News studio in the basement of the governor’s mansion.

When she was running for governor, my mother coined her as ‘Donita Trump’. How true it is. How true it is!

Maybe she should resign and hand the reigns over to Rep. Mike Saba, the only elected official in state government who is trying to fight through this crisis with calculated and studied approaches.

Give the residents of South Dakota the $1.6 billion

Governor Noem says she doesn’t want to spend the Federal Covid money on Covid expenses, she instead wants it to offset the sales tax revenue. I think a better use of the money would be to send it to South Dakotans. If you gave it to every single resident of the state, we would each get around $1,800. If you just sent it to adults, it would be even higher. On top of that, if we turned around and bought stuff in the state with it, it would give the state (4 pennies) around $64 million in tax revenue.

What I am afraid is that Noem is going to end up pissing this money down her leg with massive handouts to corporations. She says it is for paying teachers. Hogwash. I think the best way to stimulate the economy in SD is to give us the money and we will decide how to spend it. But we know she would never do something like that, because that would mean she has compassion and common sense.

Many people have argued that we shouldn’t take this ‘handout’. Last I checked, we all pay Federal income taxes, it is ‘OUR’ money we are getting.