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Noem’s Favorite Film?

It would be fun to re-write this film poster as a toon. Any ideas?

Gov Noem on Hemp; Dumber than a box of Rocks

We used to have this Chocolate Lab Mutt on the farm called Duke, but mostly we would refer to him as ‘Dumber than a box of rocks’ to our neighbors, besides wagging his big goofy tail and trying to kill our farm animals he wasn’t much good for anything.

I kind of wonder if Noem’s stance on industrial hemp isn’t the same? Just read her incredibly ignorant statement on the issue;

Dear Mr. Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives,

I respectfully return to you House Bill 1191, with my VETO. House Bill 1191 is an Act to legalize the growth, production, and processing of industrial hemp and derivative products in the state.

South Dakota must stand as an example for the rest of the country, not simply go along with others. Our focus must be on leading for South Dakota’s next generation. Our state is not yet ready for industrial hemp.

You only ‘lead the way’ when you are the first one to try something new, not last. Forty-one states are already ‘Leading the Way’. Besides that, it is a crop that has been used thousands of years across the world. Apparently Noem wants South Dakota to be dead last on Hemp production, and why not, we are last in every other category except government corruption where we are first place.

Foremost among the many defects of this bill are the challenges it creates for law enforcement. HB 1191 complicates law enforcement searches and provides a ready-made defense for those breaking our drug laws. This poorly drafted bill changes the definition of marijuana with little regard for the implications elsewhere in our Code. It would create uncertainty for prosecution under our ingestion statute because the source of THC is placed in doubt when industrial hemp products that contain small amounts of THC, such as cannabidiol or CBD, are legalized. As Governor, I will not leave it to our courts to interpret how this bill impacts our prohibition on the active ingredient in marijuana, and I do not believe the Legislature intended to complicate enforcement of our ingestion statute in this way.

Actually leaving it up to the ‘courts’ would be the right way to go, because I believe there isn’t a judge in the state that would prosecute a hemp farmer for producing a plant that contains only a trace of THC. And since Hemp isn’t Marijuana (that’s why the definition was changed) why would law enforcement be involved with harvesting it? They wouldn’t be.

Although proponents claim hemp has a wide variety of uses, the legislative debate makes it clear that this bill is less about helping farmers and more about commercial interest in one product: CBD. No other type of hemp producer or processor retained paid lobbyists this Session. HB 1191 rejected critical parts of the amendment my Administration discussed with the bill’s sponsors. It would instead allow the immediate, widespread production and use of CBD, as well as other hemp derivatives, even though the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has yet to approve them as safe for therapeutic use or for interstate commerce. In fact, the FDA has not yet begun its regulatory process on hemp derivatives, including CBD. South Dakota should be guided by the FDA on these issues, not special interests.

Well, she is right about one thing, without hemp you can’t make CBD and you can’t make CBD without growing hemp. The makers of CBD will just buy from other states and continue to make the product whether hemp is legal in SD or not. Noem seems to be under the impression that if SD doesn’t grow hemp, CBD won’t be available here. WOW! Makes you wonder where the grocery stores are getting salmon and halibut?

As I first stated many weeks ago, HB 1191 is premature. There is no urgent problem requiring an immediate solution this session. Until the U.S. Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) issues its own rules, the regular growth and interstate transport of hemp cannot begin. No industrial hemp will cross into South Dakota without those rules, which USDA has announced it will not issue until late 2019. We have no way of knowing today what those rules will require. What limited structure HB 1191 does create to regulate industrial hemp in our state could very well be in conflict.

It is anything BUT premature. The law would not have gone into affect until July 1st, missing the 2019 growing period all together. Even if the legislature was able to pass this law, the first hemp crops wouldn’t be harvested until the fall of 2020. Plenty of time to review the rules and make adjustments.

Finally, I am concerned that this bill supports a national effort to legalize marijuana for recreational use. I do not doubt the motives of this bill’s legislative champions. However, an overwhelming number of contacts I have received in favor of this bill come from pro-marijuana activists. There is no question in my mind that normalizing hemp, like legalizing medical marijuana, is part of a larger strategy to undermine enforcement of the drug laws and make legalized marijuana inevitable.

Even if that BS statement is true (from her anonymous contacts), so what? Recreational marijuana is becoming more legal across the United States and eventually the Federal Government will give the green light to legalize it Nationally. It’s coming (I expect it to be legal nationwide by 2025) and a veto on industrial hemp isn’t going to stop that freight train.

This issue was never ripe for discussion during this legislative session, and our state government’s efforts and resources should be focused elsewhere until the federal government’s approach on this issue is clear.

For these reasons, I oppose this bill and ask that you sustain my veto.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristi Noem

It not only was a ‘ripe’ discussion, it was thoroughly vetted by farmers, constituents and farm agencies who see hemp as an incredible opportunity not only in farming but in manufacturing for our state. Like my dog Duke, Noem is ‘Dumber than a box of rocks’ when it comes to legalizing industrial hemp. It was truly a sad day in Pierre, especially in the Governor’s office. I guess not only hemp is illegal to grow in SD but so are brain cells.

Noem’s shallow money argument

While Donita ‘Noem’ Trump used the money argument on presumptive probation, I think that same argument is shallow when it comes to Hemp and Spanish DL tests.

The reason presumptive probation came about in the first place was to save taxpayers money in incarceration AND that treatment for drug addiction works better out of jail.

Noem tries to use the same arguments when it comes to industrial hemp and Spanish DL tests.

Noem claims that enforcement and regulation will cost millions when it comes to industrial hemp. As for regulation, licensing fees will cover those costs. In other words, producers of hemp will have to pay the appropriate fees to the state when it comes to regulating the crop. They know that, and expect it. As for enforcement, I guess I’m confused by this. When was the last time a law enforcement officer in South Dakota had to get involved with a farmer’s corn crop? It is a ridiculous notion. As we all know, industrial hemp doesn’t contain enough THC to get anyone high and secondly, recreational marijuana is grown in controlled green house environments, at least the good stuff is. If hidden in an industrial hemp field it would be poor quality and get overgrown by the industrial hemp. Also, if a farmer is growing industrial hemp for a profitable rotational crop why would they risk their livelihood on growing and selling something illegal? They wouldn’t. Noem needs to put her 4-Square Bible away and look at the facts. Industrial Hemp will make the state millions, not only privately but in tax revenue. It also has the potential to create tons of growth industries RIGHT HERE! I could imagine POET some day experimenting in making bio-fuels from it. The possibilities are endless, and so are Noem’s excuses.

When it comes to Spanish DL tests, I take issue with the ‘printing’ costs. As a person who has worked in the printing and communications industry for over 25 years, she has no idea what she is talking about.

First off, if technology is used properly, there wouldn’t be any printing costs at all, for any language. Many tech companies, including Google have FREE software out there that can translate.

Secondly, even if a written test has to be given, you don’t have to print that in advance. You could give the DMV’s Adobe Acrobat files (PDFs) that could be printed out at the locations upon request, ANY language. I doubt many would have to be printed except in more populated areas.

And lastly, I will agree with Noem on one level, when you come to this country, and you want to work and raise your family here, you need to make an effort to learn our main language. Many of those opportunities are available for free. But I will also say, having foreign language speakers of any country having a legal DL and insurance is beneficial to all of us. Because we all know that right now, they are probably driving illegally. Which costs the rest of us law abiding citizens way more then pooping out a couple of tests on a copier at the DMV.

Once again Noem, Grow a Brain.

Noem watches Bill Maher?!

I had to chuckle when Noem was on FOX and friends defending the ‘Fly Over’ states. I was actually surprised that she watches Bill. I’m a huge fan of the show and have been for years, I watched the episode where he talked about the red states, he was dead on. South Dakota not only has the lowest paid teachers in the nation, we have some of the lowest paid professionals in the nation. Noem argues that South Dakota has some of the highest number of people who serve in the country. Besides patriotism and family involvement, one of the reasons many serve in the military in SD is to get money for college since most families can’t afford to send their children to college right out of High School. Let’s face it, poor people tend to be less educated, this isn’t a dig on poor people, it is just a commonly known fact. Our low wages in the state (70% of South Dakotans make under $40,000 a year) contribute to less people getting a higher education or even better job training. Noem may be right to defend the hard work of South Dakotans, but she best take a long hard look in the mirror when it comes to how educated we are, because according to her and her ilk, education just leads to socialism and homosexuality.

Noem makes incredibly ignorant statements about industrial hemp

I guess I have never thought Donita ‘Noem’ Trump was the smartest knife in the drawer, but I also didn’t think she was a total idiot, until I heard her make this statement;

“I believe if we move ahead with industrial hemp and we aren’t prepared with it from a regulatory standpoint, from an enforcement standpoint, if we don’t have the equipment and dollars to do this correctly, we will be opening the door to allowing marijuana to be legalized in the state of South Dakota,” Noem said.

Industrial Hemp isn’t the gateway to legalizing recreational pot. Never has been. Two completely different industries, not only in the products they provide but how it is grown.

“The plant looks exactly like a marijuana plant because it’s exactly the same plant as a marijuana plant,” Noem said.

Lesmeister disputed Noem’s claim, saying that they’re two separate plants and “standing in a field, there’s a vast difference.”

Why would any farmer in SD want to risk losing their entire farm over a rotational crop by sneaking in illegal cannabis? It’s ignorant. First off if the plants were hidden in the field, they would be overpowered by the industrial hemp, and secondly, and more importantly, the plant that contains THC, has to be grown in a greenhouse. You could plant it outside, but your results wouldn’t be something you would want to sell. If you have ever seen a grow house you would realize that it is a very delicate plant that has to be watered properly, lighted properly, special organic fertilizers and hand pruned to make it a viable crop to sell. Industrial hemp is pretty much planted and harvested (outside), that’s it. I’m amazed that someone who calls herself a farmer and sat on the ag committee knows very little about a crop that actually built our nation. Even Ellis agrees with me;

We can debate the pros and cons of marijuana legalization another day, but let’s first dispense with the asinine argument that hemp and marijuana are the same.

Well, we choose the hills we want to die on. Noem has chosen hemp.

Like I said in my first post about this, Kristi, grow a brain. It makes you wonder what she has been smoking?

Noem trusts founding fathers on gun ownership but NOT on hemp production

Maybe if Noem would do a little historical civics research she wouldn’t be so scared of Hemp;

Gov. Kristi Noem is asking lawmakers to shelve efforts this session to allow the cultivation of industrial hemp in South Dakota.The Republican governor said in a Friday statement that South Dakota isn’t ready for production of industrial hemp. Noem says questions remain about enforcement, taxpayer costs and effects on public safety.

Noem says officials need to see federal rules once they’re issued and decide if hemp is as “promising as they say it will be.” The governor’s office says the crop isn’t currently authorized for growth in South Dakota.

First off, industrial Hemp has little to no THC in it. There is NO need for ‘enforcement’ of a crop that doesn’t produce an illegal drug. As for public safety, Hemp is usually considered a very safe crop because it needs little to no herbicides and pesticides. It is very hearty and virtually grows on it’s own in almost anywhere. I find it a little ironic and hypocritical that Noem takes the words of our founding fathers on the 2nd Amendment, but doesn’t trust them on Hemp production, a major cash crop for them and a product that was farmed up until WWII. Please Kristi, grow a brain.

Mitchell Hair?

NO! Not another constituent trying to talk to me!

I usually don’t post to many things about politician’s personal lives unless it has something to do with the job they are doing. This next bit really has NOTHING to do with Donita (Noem) Trump’s job she is doing (well kind of) but a little bird told me today that when Noem makes a hair appointment at her salon (not in Mitchell, or Castlewood or Pierre – Shocker) she has requested her hair get done on ‘off hours’ either right before they open or right after they close.

The reason?

Well she used to get her hair done regular hours, with a regular appointment, with the rest of us poor slobs (I don’t make an appointment, I just show, because my barber is really cool). Actually Kristi goes to a very nice salon, and probably doesn’t run into many slobs.

I guess she changed her appointment schedule because she got tired of talking to folks (about politics) in the lobby while waiting during regular hours.

No surprise, Donita thinks God appointed her governor anyway, not the people. I apologize to the salon if you lose her as a customer after this post (even though I think you are secretly thanking me). I’m sure she will find some poor slob in Pierre to cut her hair after hours . . . do they even have hair salons in Pierre?

Noem takes money from Foreign Oil Company for her party

Well there is one thing Kristi has learned in DC, if someone is writing you a check, just cash it, don’t worry about conflicts;

Organizers of South Dakota Gov.-elect Kristi Noem’s inaugural celebration have raised at least $162,500 from roughly 30 large donors including major health systems, big energy companies and state industry groups.

Top-tier donations to the city of Pierre’s inaugural committee include $12,500 from Avera Health, $10,000 from biofuels producer POET and $10,000 from Keystone XL oil pipeline developer TransCanada.

Am I the only one that finds it ironic she takes money from a tar sands oil company and in the same breath a donation from an ethanol company. I guess she is trying to cover both bases. And while I write this I am watching a tribal member do the opening prayer in Lakota at her inauguration. The trifecta!

I also find it a little ironic that she can whip up $162K in donations with a wink of the eye, but can’t scrape together $20K for her personal security at a private fundraising event in Sioux Falls. It’s going to be a rough 4 years folks. If you think Janks and Rounds were corrupt, you have another thing coming.

Noem’s 1st order of business, violating separation of church and state

“I saw the light, I saw the light, no more laws, no more rights.” – NOT Hank Sr.

Got to hand it to Noem, besides not refunding the city of Sioux Falls for her own personal security detail, she now wants to hold (X-tian) church services in the Capital Rotunda (wonder if she will reimburse the good taxpayers of the state for use of the facility and utilities?);

Gov.-Elect Kristi Noem’s campaign says she will hold a prayer service in the Capitol rotunda Sunday, her first full day as governor.”On my first full day as governor, I will be hosting a Sunday morning prayer and worship service in the Capitol rotunda,” Noem wrote in an email to supporters. “Please join me and my family as we dedicate the next four years to the Lord and spend some time worshiping Him.”

The service will take place at 10 a.m. Sunday. Noem and other statewide officers will be inaugurated Saturday.

Well maybe she will leave me alone while she concentrating on the X-tian God? I expect all kinds of unconstitutional boloney that will keep our barely brain functioning AG busy. It’s going to be a very scary 4 years.

Noem continues to ignore the $20K bill she racked up with the city of SF

It’s been several weeks, and still no word on when Noem will pay back the city of Sioux Falls, or if she will file an ‘In-Kind’ donation from the city. Either way, she looks like an Elitist Snob. Over at the Wuss College, they felt the (VERY NON-PUBLIC) visitation of the President was a big story. The only big story is that Noem continues to pretend that her private fundraiser somehow was supposed to be subsidized by the taxpayers of Sioux Falls. And our Mayor’s silence on the issue further proves his partisan ways.

Councilors Stehly and Starr are considering a resolution to formally send Noem a bill. Of course it probably won’t pass the muster of a majority vote with so many GOP Noem robots on the council, but at least there will be a public record of asking for the money and the robots voting publicly to allow the fine hardworking taxpayers of Sioux Falls to illegally subsidize a political campaign.

Pay up Noem!

It’s the right thing to do, even if you are so wrong.