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Noem’s approval rating drops below 50% in one poll

I have a feeling it will drop even more if she continues to support the rotten pumpkin in DC, as the ag economy goes in the toilet and her continued ignorance on hemp production.


Maybe this is why Noem hasn’t talked about FEMA assistance for Sioux Falls.

Noem thinks she is smarter then 47 other states and the Feds

While I’m wouldn’t call Noem ‘stupid’ I would say she is extremely ‘ignorant’ when it comes to hemp. She keeps getting hung up on the fact that if we legalize hemp in our state farmers will start growing it’s cousin pot.

It is a ludicrous notion on many levels;

• Most SD farmers wouldn’t even know how to grow pot, and the conditions wouldn’t be right anyway. Most recreational pot, at least the good stuff, is grown under highly controlled conditions. This includes greenhouses, air circulation, hydroponics, heat lamps, etc. Growing hemp requires farmers to essentially plant it, and harvest it, that’s about as complicated as it gets. I compare it to Alfalfa.

• Most SD farmers wouldn’t risk losing their farms over illegally growing pot in a hemp field. Sometimes farmers get accused of being stupid, but I don’t think they are dumb enough to risk losing the family farm over a pot infraction. That, and it is almost impossible to hide pot in a hemp field. Industrial hemp would most likely take over the illegal one, and you don’t want cross breeding going on between crops. In other words what’s good for hemp isn’t good for pot, and vice versa.

• 40,000+ products can be made from Hemp. Even if you take out the controversial ones like CBD oils, there are numerous other industrial applications. Our little inconvenience of a handful of podunk cops having to test the crops outweighs the economic impact of this product. This just isn’t about farmers, this is about manufacturing and jobs, in which ironically we will be losing to 47 other states who have figured out this is OK. Once again, SD leaders ‘choose’ to be last.

• Hemp helped to build this nation. Before fabrics and paper were made from cotton and wood pulp, hemp was the main crop used to make these things, I think all the way up until WW2. We have historical precedence when it comes to Hemp. It is harmless and beneficial at the same time.

I think I will change what I said about Noem in the first sentence. When it comes to hemp, she is dumber then a fence post.

Heck even Kentucky is enjoying the benefits of Hemp to the economy;

Hemp is Pot & other Crazy notions of our governor

Bee Smart!

As councilor Stehly points out, let’s join the fight to save the bees.

Ok, this is just weird

Found on FB;

South Dakota governor Kristi Noem’s daughter Kassidy got married. Check out their souvenir button 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I hope that Kyle and Kass aren’t planning to use Trump as an example for how to make a marriage great again. He hasn’t succeeded yet.

Marriage, Real Estate, deal making, and in all due respect he did lose the popular vote by 6 million.

UPDATE: Noem’s photo op didn’t go well

UPDATE: A SouthDaCola foot soldier who knows the student told me this, “She was kicked out of girls state for posting that photo. Friends of Noem’s messaged her threatening if she didn’t take it down.”

Ever notice that the SD GOP royalty can’t take a joke?

And she doesn’t even have a real college degree

Hey Noem, some people actually pay for their own security

Please protect me from my constituents, especially in a salon lobby.

Another Democrat showing just how cheap the president and Noem are;

EL PASO, Texas – Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s campaign, Beto For America, has fully reimbursed the City of El Paso for its March 30th campaign kick-off rally in Downtown.

But the $20K Noem still owes the citizens of Sioux Falls is a spit in the bucket compared to the $400K she is looking for from the state taxpayers for a fence around her residence. If Noem wants to continue to be paranoid about her security, fine, but she can do it on her own dime.

We wonder why we rank so high in Government corruption in South Dakota

Because 40 years of one party rule has shredded the rules for that party. So a Republican AG says that a city ran by a (partisan) Republican Mayor with a Republican President visiting could legally donate security detail to a Republican Governor Candidate’s campaign because they were protecting a Republican President (who just happened to be in town for a PRIVATE fundraiser for a fellow Republican).

Bend over South Dakota, it’s gonna be a long four years.

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