Last week a person told me a funny story about a retired priest attending Christmas at the Cathedral (he will remain nameless). Either before or after the show he introduces himself to the lady sitting next to him and says,

“You look familiar. Did you attend one of my parishes as a child?”

(This certain priest served in many parishes throughout South Dakota)

She replies,

“I’m Kristi Noem, your governor.”

I found the story funny considering Noem’s quest to be someone on a National level and the fact most of her administrative staff has to be recruited from out of state. Maybe Noem should give the good father a job since she only hires people that don’t know her.

By l3wis

3 thoughts on “and you are?”
  1. Such remembrance suggests attraction. So, in defense of the priest, at least it was a young female for a change.

  2. and then kirsti sent a letter to the diocese demanding he be stripped of his retired priest title, and someone who knows who she is replace him.

  3. What? Due to my selective dyslexia all I read was diocese, stripped, and priest. #TellMeMore

    ‘Child Governor’: That would make for a great biography title.

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