The official soap of the South Dakota Governor’s Mansion

You would think this would be a fight between the woke radical liberals and the right wingers, but now Kristi is fighting with her fellow nuttery;

“As a result, my office will no longer work with the Alliance until and unless its executive director chooses to act professionally,” Noem said, criticizing Woods for “sending this letter and releasing it to the media at the same time, instead of reaching out to my office to have a productive conversation about how we can work together.”

I won’t bore you with the letters sent back and forth, but if you read between the lines, Noem isn’t mad about the letter (BTW, she wasn’t attacked) she is mad she couldn’t have a closed door meeting to sweep this under the rug.

I also chuckled a bit in the Alliance letter boasting about protecting our kids from weed and gays, as if they are one in the same. I will admit, back in the day when I was high on pot I did some pretty crazy stuff, but sex with another man wasn’t one of them 🙂 It didn’t even cross my mind (whilst eating ketchup flavored cheese balls and playing Mario Brothers for 3 hours).

I guess I have never understood homophobia, it is just an excuse to be a hater, or just plain ignorant.

Let’s assume for a moment you don’t have any gay friends, relatives, or co-workers. Let’s even go a step further and assume you have never knowingly met a LGBTQ member of our society? Where is the vitriol coming from?

Drag shows for youth are meant to EDUCATE them about an alternative lifestyle before they grow up to be another a**hole republican.

If you want to protect our kids volunteer to be a mentor, a youth sports coach, a Sunday school teacher, a school crosswalk guard, or any other various youth associations. Being face to face and truthful with kids goes a lot farther then disgusting laws and legislation that only fuel a hateful divide and further cement the pitiful ignorance and hate of the radical right running our state.

By the way, I have noticed Noem’s wardrobe over the past couple of years, and I would be hard pressed to admit any of her clothing items were designed by a straight person. Her next piece of legislation will be titled ‘Fairness in Women’s Clothing Design’.

By l3wis

14 thoughts on “Noem has initiated South Dakota ‘Gay Wars’”
  1. They say Nixon enjoyed ketchup on cottage cheese, what do you think?

    I also support gays, but I’m not into weed, does that mean I’m no fun and too straight?

    Gays & Weed: That would make a great name for a British Pub, or would that be a British Smoking Lounge instead with happy people.

    Next, Noem will want to close down all of the boutique shops in Sioux Falls, which is fine with me. Maybe then we should start a rumor that all of the food trucks in town are run by the gays. But what will the local media do then?


  2. I’m not sure why I capitalized “Pub”, “Smoking”, and “Lounge”. Perhaps, I’m smoking something once again, that I got from my old high school friend, Gaye Wead.

  3. This must just be the newest subject matter for her to stir the pot on so she can feel like she’s helping South Dakotans AND to assure she’ll be on any news program every day!

  4. Homophobia is a Republican thing and this is a Republican state. Hopefully, the migrants from Mexico will make it this far north. Their children will be born US voters and help build a Democratic equilibrium here. It’s not mostly about political preference. It’s about curing narrow mindedness. However, it’ll still be 20 years to bring this state into 21st century cultural maturity.

  5. It will be about 2042 before Sioux Falls and the reservations can begin to control this state. On November 5, 2042, the Washington Post headline will read: ‘SD Dems Win Governorship For the First Time In 68 Years’


  6. Wait a second.. you think the reason drag shows are put on is so kids don’t become republicans? Literally laughed out loud.

  7. Steve, thanks for catching my snark. LOL. What I meant is when you expose kids to the reality of society, they tend to be more progressive.

  8. We should not worry about these personal matters, that are best left in private. The purpose of adopting Public Laws (statutes or ordinances) are to govern over the following:

    – Public Officials, Officers, Agents, Corporate Partners, Employees of the Government (public pffices);

    – Public Roads, Infrastructure, Utilities, Water and Sewer, Public Property, Buildings, let alone Programs and Services;

    – Public Tax Benefits, Credits, Subsidies utilized by “citizens” of the state, let alone residents of the city;

    – Public licenses, permits, delegations directed to Commercial Businesses licensed to collect such public taxes;

    – Public K-12 Education of allowing private persons to send their children to educate them in math, writing, reading, history, language arts, etc.

    ANY PRIVATE CONCERNS should NOT be involved in the “governing process” and one cannot force another to do, or not do, or to beleive as another does or does not do.

    The Government cannot stop you from doing business with a certain person, or to employ a certain person, any more than it can stop you from being who you wish to be in private.

    A Licensed Business is merely permitted to conduct commercial activity with the public by agreeing to watch over, and to protect the public health, safety, and welfefare of the citizens or residents, while to collect the “public taxes” associated with the activity of which teyare licensed to do.

    A business does NOT lose its right to avoid or conflict itself with others who choose to believe opposite of them, anymore than you can force a business to provide services to you in return.

    To each our own, and to all you have the right in Private to do as you wish, and it is up to you to present a legal matter in the form of our Public Courts to present under Common Law of which your person, property, or effects have been damaged, defamed, let alone your safety, health, or welfare had been violated, or harmed in any which manner.

    The “State” can only maintain the peace between two people, it cannot force two people to agree, let alone get along, let alone do business with each other.

    There is a real fine line between Public Law v Common Law Codes.

  9. There’s no such thing as “Common Law Codes”. Common is not codified, but rather documented judicial decisions, where the judges interpret laws or establish them through a public policy decision, which some call judicial activism. Like a public policy decision where the retired judges could have made one relative to the definition of what is state business.

    Come to think of it, it’s not that there is a need for a state business definition, but rather how can you by default justify some of Noems acts with the state plane as common sense state business conduct by a reasonably prudent person? The latter phrase is actually a civil court term, but her acts definitely show the conscientious of guilt found in criminal law, which the retired judges have now become enablers to.

  10. “Merry Christmas everyone!”…. “I hope you all get to dua a lot of fun things with your family this holiday season”…. 🙂

  11. When will gay people proclaim they’re are sick of being lumped in with folks who are clearly mentally ill?

    Is it any wonder a generation who grew up on Jerry Springer want our society to normalize Jerry Springer show behavior?

    How is it that painting your face in black and mocking black people is racist but having a tranny drag show is not sexism?

    If a religious fanaticswere to infiltrate our schools and quietly preach to your children, would you be silent?

    If the tranny lifestyle is so normal, why do you have to do so much convincing?

    What part of our society has gotten better with “progressive” teaching our children?

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