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Someone from the Sioux Falls Media finally covers the Chaos at the Dudley House

Another Broken Poops Promise, when he was running for Mayor he said he would close the Dudley House because he would eliminate homelessness in Sioux Falls. That reminds me of the time I said I would not get drunk on St. Patty’s then 20 minutes later I was finishing my 3rd Irish Car bomb (they are very delicious).

The Argus finally did a story about it, the day they shut off the presses and made it only for online subscribers which is an intriguing editing decision from the braintrust running that joint.

What is that saying about a bear in the woods?

While it is an interesting story (that no one will see or read), this part literally had me fall out of my chair;

Since 2017, failure to vacate has been the top call to police near Eighth Street and Indiana Avenue. Thus far in 2021, it’s accounted for 20% of the 531 criminal reports taken by the police, according to data collected by the Argus Leader.

Maybe I am reading that wrong (I hope I am) but ONE intersection in this city accounts for 20% of the city’s criminal calls and reports in the entire city!? WTF!?

As I have said in the past, there is NO one solution, but in order to have a solution people need to put their heads together. That means people who live in the neighborhood, the businesses, the SFPD the City Council, churches and many others. When is the City Council and Mayor (you know, the supposed leaders of this town who drive autonomous vehicles thru Tuesday night meetings) going to call on a task force to be put together and have aggressive public meetings to combat this? A vigorous open public discussion with the community could put some solutions in motion. Blaming Covid for the problem or as Police Chief Thumbs did the ‘neighborhood’ area just doesn’t cut it.

Of course, you will see little to no action, even though I do know that some councilors and patrol officers do want solutions, but who has time for 8th & Indiana when we have Blizzards to hand out at Dairy Queen?

Sioux Falls Crime Stats Update

I have the full video of the presentation (the city one on YT has edited out the Q & A) I also have the PP presentation HERE (still not posted anywhere on the city website).

When is the Sioux Falls Police Department going to share the crime stat data with the public?

Apparently they only share that info with Stormland TV;

We’re digging into the report and what it means for you, coming up Monday night on KELOLAND News.

While Mayor Poops and Chief Thumbs did have a press conference about it this morning at City Hall, there has been NO data released on the city website. There is also NO YouTube videos of the presser, only on FB. I guess the City Council hasn’t had a formal presentation also. So is this how citizens need to get critical data about their city? Waiting for the news crew to dig into it or having to log on to FB? That data should have been available before the presser on the city website. The meeting also should have been a presented at a city council informational live on CityLink so it could be rewatched. But hey, they see it a different way;

The purpose of the meeting is to focus on transparency with the community. The Sioux Falls Police Department is one of just a few agencies across the county that still organizes daily police briefings.

Transparency? LOL. So where can I find a link to this report? This is obviously a political campaign stunt by a cruise control incumbent.

Interesting Accusation about Sioux Falls PD

I know this is on a random twitter page, but they bring up some interesting stats and rumors;

Sioux Falls PD Communications Officer talking out of both sides of his A . . . and City Council Fence Sittin’

As I mentioned on Sunday, I was wondering when the public would get an update. So over 24 hours later the communications officer finally did a press conference in which he basically denied that the guy arrested for hitting a cop car was NOT the suspect. Fast forward to Tuesday, and court records filed show another story, he is the main suspect in the shooting. So why did the communications officer either lie, mislead, or simply did not know the correct information from a crime that occurred over 24 hours earlier?

I don’t know, but it is further cements my belief that this city is being ran like a rudderless ship and if there is no competent captain at the helm it trickles down to the other departments.

City Council’s Tuesday meeting was full of NO decisions

Speaking of a rudderless ship, the SS Minnow, better known as the Sioux Falls City Council did not disappoint last night, because when they are not rubber stamping, they are sitting on the fence, and there was a lot of fence sitting.

It all started with a debate over who should pay for a road in a new development (deferred a week). Then it went into garbage can ordinances (I think the council is still divided on this and the mayor may have to break the tie). But the big debate of the night is raising fees on vacant properties. While I originally supported higher fees, after watching the discussion last night, I’m not sure that is the ultimate solution.

The first issue is compliance. I think you first must be registered with the city as a vacant property, if you are not, the city certainly can’t fine you. Anybody could have a vacant property, and as long as you keep the lawn mowed and snow shoveled and the heat, water and electric on, who would know if it was vacant without asking the owner (who could lie).

The second factor is, even if they do figure out which properties are vacant, will the property owner be able to pay? Mr. Tobias, the code enforcement overlord did say he would work with owners who are looking to sell or use community development loans to fix up, so that is positive. But the more I think about it, we should just be starting a pilot program as I have suggested to start cleaning up the core neighborhoods, and we wouldn’t have to worry about this. There is an entire block on my street that is vacant (3 houses and 2 businesses) and falling in disrepair. I have been told by code enforcement that they have been working with the property owner. Really? You told me this 5 years ago.

I still think a hand up approach may work better then a catch and release and fine (that will never get paid). It is time for the city to start investing in the core neighborhoods.

UPDATE: Have the Sioux Falls Police taken the weekend off?

UPDATE: The official report is the suspect Has not been arrested. One of the 3 victims may have already died. During the briefing there was conflicting stories as to what kind of weapon was used.

There should have been an emergency presser by the Police Chief & Mayor yesterday.

No, they have not, but the people working in the communications office have;

We expect to learn more about the shooting during Monday morning’s police briefing . . .

While an active investigation is going on, no one knows how many people were shot because like Orange City, Iowa we have shut down our communications and functioning government until Monday.


We are the largest city in South Dakota, the SFPD should have held a presser this morning about the situation on one of the busiest streets in the city.

Last I checked the SFPD is responsible for public safety, that means 24/7. Should people be concerned? I don’t know because apparently they don’t work Sundays.

I think if we defunded the police in Sioux Falls, we may not notice, especially on Sundays.

Sioux Falls Media ignoring the issues with the Bishop Dudley House neighborhood, and it’s PATHETIC!

As we know this happened this week;

A Sioux Falls man who was stabbed in the head earlier this week has died in a hospital, police say. 
Christopher Joel Mousseaux, 32, was stabbed Sunday night and died Wednesday night, police spokesman Sam Clemens said. An autopsy was set to be performed Thursday.
Steven Tuopeh, 26, and Jeff Pour, 28, were arrested separately on Tuesday and charged with aggravated assault, Clemens said.
Mousseaux was stabbed around 10:30 p.m. Sunday near Eighth Street and Indiana Avenue, Clemens said.

For several months the Dudley House exterior property and adjacent public property has been the stomping ground for transients not allowed in the facility. They have been crapping, urinating, drinking, shootin’ up, fighting, sleeping and fornicating on the property or adjacent public property. Neighborhood complaints have been lodged at the SFPD, the Sioux Falls City Council, the Mayor, the Catholic Diocese who runs the house, the house director herself and several other organizations who assist the facility to no avail.

Now we have a person who has been murdered. Stabbed and beaten to death.

(the incident supposedly started at a bar on 8th and occurred directly North of the Dudley in a parking lot the volunteers use at the Banquet)

The media really needs to report the facts of what is going on in and around the Dudley House in that neighborhood, this is NOT a random isolated incident, the area around this facility has fallen into complete chaos and NOBODY wants to fix it and the MEDIA is dead silent about it.

We may humor the term ‘Fake News’ but in Sioux Falls we have ‘No News’.

It seems the city is handling this like they handled Covid, ignore it and maybe it will eventually go away.

City makes some baby steps towards controlling panhandling

I will have to commend them for at least starting the process of trying to control the issue. While these signs are good, especially since they suggest to give to charity, I think citing an ordinance and the fine amount for handing money out the window in traffic would also be a good addition. There also should be more enforcement, which I think there has been. I have noticed fewer of them doing it in my neighborhood, but that may mean they just moved. I do still see a lot of the activity downtown and the block around the Dudley House which is a complete disaster with trash.

So Thumbs up to Police Chief Thum, but don’t stop now, there is so much more you can do.

UPDATE: SD Supreme Court rules excessive force case against Sioux Falls police officers can continue

UPDATE: Link to oral arguments, what is so crazy about listening to this is that 17 officers showed up over 5 drops of blood on a sidewalk to watch an officer slip on a rug . . . and they say they are understaffed. LMFAO.

While I was disappointed that the court supported the warrantless search they did say the trial for excessive force can move forward;

In its recently released opinion, Supreme Court justices agree that circumstances at the time created an exception to the Fourth Amendment ban on unreasonable searches.

If you read the CASE you will see while the officers may have had a right to enter the apartment since they saw blood and heard people fighting throwing Ms. Boggs to the ground was not needed. It seems the only defense the police have is that they didn’t do what she claims. So where did her injuries come from? This is a perfect example of why body cameras are needed.

According to the 2021 salary listing both officers still work for the City of Sioux Falls as of January 1st. Officers Mark Toland and Andrew Pearson both make about $72K a year in hourly pay plus benefits.

I hope to have audio of the oral arguments soon.

Sioux Falls Police Chief ‘Under my Thum’

This morning on the Belfrage show when Greg was interviewing the mayor he called the new Police Chief, Police Chief ‘Thumb’, Paul was quick to correct him it is pronounced ‘Tomb’. Not sure which is worse. But it proved two things to me, Belfrage not only knows very little about National and State politics, he knows absolutely NOTHING about city politics. And as I have mentioned to my many dissenters, when I come up with nicknames for government officials, I don’t pull them from my butt, someone else does. Greg gets the award today for calling our new Chief, Under My Thum.

Epp does a cordial interview with the new guy.

I will be honest with you, one reason I haven’t railed on Thum is because I have only heard glowing remarks about him, I’m a grain of salt dude though. I will give him the benefit of the doubt. But I still take issue with the internal hiring process in this city, but that is not Thum’s fault.

We will be watching.