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While Mayor Selfie yucks it up at the Law Enforcement Dinner, his policies say something else

Oh, the irony. Just a few days after I did a post about Mayor TenHaken’s speaking engagements instead of citizen engagements, he takes this picture.

Surprised he would even show up to a dinner honoring law enforcement after stiffing the police union and struggling with his campaign promise of cleaning up crime in this town.

I wonder if they served him a plate of crow last night?

City of Sioux Falls trying to package new public safety facility bonds with past bad decisions

So this is what the city of Sioux Falls does, they make bad decisions in the past and instead of trying to correct them, they just pile it on with more bad spending decisions.*

While the new public safety center is needed, no doubt, they are playing a game with bonds and re-financing prior bad decisions;

Also included in the potential bonding package would be about $3 million for a new fire station in southeastern Sioux Falls and between $7 and $10 million for the third phase of the River Greenway project downtown. 

The two bonds being considered for refinancing were taken out by the city in 2009 for quality of life improvements, along with the flood levy project completed in 2015. Those bonds have $11.85 million and $19.7 million remaining on them, respectively.

That’s right, besides the public safety needs we want to continue to fund the river Greenway Project expansion (that is NOT needed – and likely will continue to flood due to global warming) and let’s not forget the fancy footwork the previous mayor played with Federal Funds that would have paid off the levy bonds but instead used the money to pay for the MAC that we didn’t need and continues to lose money each year.

If I was on the council, I would have NO issue with the re-finance and funding the public safety facilities, BUT, I would nix the expansion of the river greenway and just do inexpensive bike trail upgrades, etc, and stop building Roman like structures. We need to work on flood control of the Big Sioux, not build more monuments to nothing.

*There is a rumor I heard from another local media person that the city may need more money for another failed over budget project in town. I have no idea what that would be, or the cost – but I have my guesses. I guess the cat may be let out of the bag as soon as this week. Oh, brother.

New Sioux Falls Police Officers

Eight new officers were sworn in. Six Males and two females. I’m not sure if any of them are minorities.

I decided to do a little research on our local TV stations to see how they breakdown in these matters. I only counted the ON-AIR personalities, this is what I found.





Not that this has any correlation, but I just thought it was interesting. Also not shown in the numbers are the LGBTQ community, which a few of the stations do have.

The lack of transparency creates mistrust in police

So there was an officer involved shooting last night, but little details;

The suspect in that call was believed to be armed in the 3600 block of North 6th Avenue.

Police don’t know how many shots were fired at this time.

The suspect is in the hospital and his condition is unknown at this time.

What kind of weapon was he carrying? A gun? A knife? A baseball bat?

The officer doesn’t know how to count bullets in his clip?

You mean the hospital isn’t telling the investigating officer/supervisor the condition of the suspect?

Yeah . . . right.

If the SFPD would be more transparent about their business, people would trust them more. There is absolutely NO reason why the police cannot answer those very simple questions above, and since the suspect is in custody, there is really NO reason to keep them a secret. It will be interesting to hear what information they give us at the police briefing.

Looks like the key deposition in the Falls Park death case was from a SFPD Detective

Now we can see why the city is trying to throw out the case, it seems, this detective’s deposition could be damaging to their case.

I want to applaud the detective for being honest and transparent in his interview, not that we shouldn’t expect that from any Sioux Falls police officer, but it was refreshing to see. They could have easily been vague.

Keloland-TV Screenshot

What Happened to the Catalytic Converters on cop cars at city/county auction?

Cameraman Bruce asked tonight at public input at the Sioux Falls City Council meeting why the catalytic converters* were missing on the surplus cop cars and sheriff cars at the auction a few weeks ago. He wondered how they got ‘stolen’ in a secure public works lot. And why it wasn’t reported to the SFPD and investigated?


I guess the driveshafts were also missing on the old para-transit buses also and the flooded out lawn mowers from this Spring were on the auction to.

Once again, Hmmm.

*I guess these parts contain valuable platinum that can be sold as scrap

‘F’ the Cops Man violated his suspended sentence

It always seems there is another side to the story;

A man accused of resisting arrest and obstructing police earlier this year could receive jail time from a previous case in which he was given a suspended sentence. 

Mark Allen Burgess was in court Thursday morning on a motion to revoke a suspended sentence from a 2017 case, alleging that he broke the terms and conditions of that sentence.

So while, it is legal to flip off a cop, it’s probably not wise to do that when you are are essentially on probation. In fact, if you are on probation, I highly suggest you stay at your home and have ZERO interaction with police.

But what makes this puzzling is why didn’t the SFPD feel the need to fill us in?

Police have said they reviewed the “videoed encounter,” but aren’t sharing the results publicly, citing it as a personnel matter.

I have a sneaky suspicion they ‘knew’ Burgess’ legal situation before they approached him in August, and they were going to make hay with it. As I said before, I highly recommend people don’t call police names, etc., especially when you have a suspended sentence looming over your head. But I also want to know why the SFPD enjoy racking up charges (which ultimately cost taxpayers money) instead of just ignoring jackasses like this? It seems their low tolerance for criticism is costing us money.

James Freeman having a hay day with the SFPD

James was back in town a few days ago and showed how the SFPD continues to violate their own policies on recording them. I love it when citizens get involved to try to help the police knowing NOTHING about their own constitutional rights.

I also like his evaluation of the Mark Burgess situation;

Public Safety Facility needs to be a joint effort

This is a guest post by Sioux Falls City Councilor Pat Starr. I agree with Pat that we should NOT be paying for this entire project by ourselves. Our Fire and Police chiefs should be working with the finance department on how we can save money and build partnerships. I think ALL department directors should be looking at ways to be more fiscally responsible.

Emergency preparation and response are fundamental responsibilities of government. These are always at the top of the planning list when we discuss budgets and people.

Sioux Falls has a public safety need. It’s a big one. The projection is a $30 million dollar bond issue. The problem here is, it is planned to be a $30 million bond issue with the citizens of Sioux Falls on the hook for it.

The City needs to provide an adequate training facility for its Police and Fire Departments. The need is real. Current facilities are substandard and the departments have outgrown them.

Now, this is where the discussion begins. We know the need. The Sioux Falls Police and Fire departments have put forth a plan for addressing their needs.

Keep this in mind, their needs. The vision needs to be bigger. Sioux Falls is the regional leader in business and entertainment. We need to be the leader in public safety as well.

As we review plans for bonding and facilities, we must consider the needs of our region and include them.

Sioux Falls does not have our only emergency responders. We must consider how we can build a regional facility to train local, county, state and federal safety personnel. Look around the Sioux Falls area. If there is a major emergency in our area, don’t you want highly trained responders?

There are many hard working public servants in addition to Sioux Falls Police and Fire including:

1. Minnehaha and Lincoln County Sheriffs and Deputies

2. SD Highway Patrol

3. Game Fish and Parks Officers

4. SD Department of Criminal Investigation

5. SD Penitentiary Officers

6. FBI

7. US Federal Marshal Service

8. TSA – airport security

9. Homeland Security

10. Sioux Falls ambulance

11. Regional community ambulance crews

12. Regional partner fire departments

13. Regional partner community based law enforcement

14.    Civil Air Patrol

I am sure everyone can add to the list – but the bottom line is, all levels of public safety personnel need state of the art training to protect the citizens of Sioux Falls and the region.

This is not a vanity bonding project as so many of our recent bonding projects we have been in Sioux Falls. This is public safety.

Training all levels of our emergency responders does not stop at our city limits. We must have our responders knowing how to work with their regional partners. There must be regional cooperative agreements so all responders receive the training that keeps us safe.

The funding must come from all levels of government. The citizens of Sioux Falls cannot be the sole funding source for this extremely important regional project.

There must be a search for and securing of state and federal grants.

I encourage you to become involved. This plan will happen quickly and will be decided by the end of 2019.

$30 million is asking too much for the handful of the people of Sioux Falls, with promises to let other responders use. Simple statements don’t protect us. We need all regional agencies to be fully trained for them and for us. This project is too big for just Sioux Falls to own and control.

What’s going on with the Christopher Bruce ‘Living Man’ case?

You have probably noticed as I have there has been very little media about the case, in fact there has been little information about how it went from a $50K bond to no money at all.

As we both know, there is TWO sides to every story, here is his side. He goes into a good explanation about the charges against him, etc., and his trial date of October 15th.

He also posts some interesting YouTube videos of his arrest (he filmed it). There are four videos, but the one below (before they tear off the door of his apartment) is the best one.

Also, just for reference since he doesn’t bring it up, the SFPO he is talking about in the post, Sean Kooistra, is the brother of the city attorney, Stacy Kooistra.