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I found this toon from 2008, ironically, not much has changed.

Sioux Falls City Council Agenda, Oct 8, 2019

Public Services Committee • 4 PM

Presentation on microblading. Not sure what this is about, maybe more regulations. I don’t know enough about the procedure to know what regulations there should be, but I do know if I were a woman I would never let someone take an exacto blade to my eyebrows.

Regular City Council Meeting • 7 PM

I guess at least five councilors will be missing from the meeting due to a Municipal League meeting (I believe in Aberdeen).

Item #2, Invocation, Jerry Fogg will be doing the invocation, he is Lakota from the Yankton Sioux Tribe, and he will probably ‘smudge’. If you haven’t seen this before, it is intriguing.

Item #4, Siouxperhero award, I am assuming this is the award they are giving to the city employees for getting paid to pick up branches. Bravo!

Should I stay or should I go?

A SouthDaCola foot soldier snapped this picture in his neighborhood after the tornadoes. He asked me, “Is this the city’s responsibility or the homeowners?” Good question. One wonders if the residents were just messing with the city on this one.

Belfrage helping to spread misinformation about bee keeping ordinance

Trust me, I realize that the Belfrage show is just ‘talk’ and NOT news, in fact I would go so far to say it is the epitome of fake news. Day after day his moronic audience calls in defending a president that has taken the constitution and wiped his butt with it. So it is NO surprise his ignorant listeners would call in and agree with him on saying a bee keeping ordinance is a bad thing.

If you watch the city council informational meeting at the end of this article, you will see many questions answered by a person who educates people on bee keeping. So let’s look at some FACTS that Greg’s listeners chose to ignore;

• Bees already exist in Sioux Falls, and there is a lot of them. In fact it has taken me about 3 years to get my flower beds built up in my backyard to where they are almost all completely full of cover. I had tons of bees this summer in my backyard. Never got stung. In fact I ran into them accidentally quite a bit, and they just flew away. When a bee stings it commits suicide, once the stinger is left in your body it pulls their guts out killing them.

• Most people who get stung in the city are stung by wasps and hornets. They have a stinger that detaches from them without killing them, so they have no problem with stinging people.

• Bees are essential for vegetables and flowers. How do you think people in the city grow flowers and gardens without bees? They don’t, bees are already here working hard.

• Bee keepers will be required to be licensed, take a course and get neighbors permission. They approximate that about 5-10 people will apply for the license if this ordinance passes. The hives will also have to be limited in size. In other words, they won’t have massive bee farms. People will mostly have the hives for personal honey use and their own gardens. While bees will travel 2-3 miles to pollinate, most likely they won’t go far if they don’t have to.

• People are allergic to bee stings. I get it, people are also allergic to peanuts. Should we ban peanuts in Sioux Falls? If you are allergic to something you take some personal responsibility for that.

• Mosquito spraying is more harmful then bees. The chemical compounds that the city uses to spray actually kills bees and butterflies and many other beneficial insects in our city. In fact, one of the reasons I don’t have a garden is because those compounds are most likely leaving a residue on your vegetables that can’t be washed away, and if young children eat those vegetables it can have an affect on their nervous system. I have told the city on numerous occasions they need to use a ecological safe organic spray on mosquitos instead. There is an organic compound out there right now that can be put into standing water like drainage ponds that kills larvae.

Once again, many people are saying the ‘sky is falling’ and I’m not sure this ordinance will pass. In the video below you will notice that Neitzert and Erickson were gunning against it. You will also notice that NO ONE came to public input in opposition to this. If it gets a reading, I suspect there will only be one or two people opposed to it at the regular council meeting.

Without bees we don’t eat, and if we don’t eat, we die folks. Grow a brain.

UPDATE: City of Sioux Falls will NOT be video recording Neighborhood Summit

This is not photoshopped, that is Greg & Theresa standing next to each other smiling.

UPDATE: Just got word that Cameraman Bruce is recording.

I got word today from a city official that the summit tomorrow from 8-12 PM will NOT be recorded. I did not get a reason why.

In the past, the summit was recorded, mostly to highlight the guest speaker and the Q & A with city officials. It would be a ‘NICE’ thing to watch on YouTube if you cannot attend since several departments will be speaking.

What amazes me is that with all this supposed technology the city has and with all the videos on social media, you would think this important event would be recorded.

Maybe the city directors are afraid they may get an ‘uncomfortable’ question that they can’t answer.

Who knows?

I’m so confused by the randomness of how information is being disseminated by this administration.

On that note, the mayor gave the city an ‘A’ minus when it came to the response to the tornado disaster. Ironically, I think that is the same grade he gave president Trump 🙂

Looks like the key deposition in the Falls Park death case was from a SFPD Detective

Now we can see why the city is trying to throw out the case, it seems, this detective’s deposition could be damaging to their case.

I want to applaud the detective for being honest and transparent in his interview, not that we shouldn’t expect that from any Sioux Falls police officer, but it was refreshing to see. They could have easily been vague.

Keloland-TV Screenshot

City of Sioux Falls Tidbits


I kind of figured the yearly permit records had to end pretty soon, but I never figured we would be down this much;

Building permits in the city of Sioux Falls are almost $100 million less in valuation than they were through the first three quarters of 2018.

Maybe it has to do with NO major public projects, something I have felt for a long time should be separated from the commercial and housing permit valuations.


Not sure, the information is a little hazy from the city;

Parking citation payment options are as follows:

• At any Sioux Falls First PREMIER Bank location

There are other options included, but one wonders what the bank is charging to provide this service? Yes, we will be saving money (mostly because NO one is using the boxes) but should we be allowing a portion of the parking fees to go to a third party? I doubt FP is collecting the fees out of the goodness of their hearts. That extra money would sure come in handy to buy school supplies, or something of that nature 🙂


This is an interesting online ad; 


Maybe this is the reason they had to force the last Denty manager out before the merger;

SMG, the company that manages the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center, has announced it’s merging with Anschutz Entertainment Group, Inc. (AEG) to form a new standalone management company.

It will be interesting to see how SMG explains to the city the merger and the change of contract. You wonder how long the city knew? You also have to wonder if this qualifies as a legal ‘breech’ of contract? Should the city look for a new management company, maybe one that actually books shows and brings some revenue in for taxpayers so we don’t have to pay a majority of the bond/mortgage out of 2nd Penny CIP road & infrastructure funds.


Tenhaken’s interview with BARFrage yesterday had it’s moments, but when Paul said that the new universal city brand will make it easier for him to select what pin to wear to what event, I had to laugh. I wonder if it will also help him to decide what trucker hat to wear depending on the natural disaster that has occurred?


So the city is citing state law for why they shouldn’t be sued;

In its motion to dismiss, the attorneys representing the city argued that officials responsible for park safety did not breach their duty to the public, noting that municipalities must be proven to have acted in willful or wanton misconduct to be held liable for injuries sustained on public recreational land, according to South Dakota law.

I would agree that people need to take personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their children when at Falls Park or any park, but also agree with this point;

According to depositions of city officials reviewed by the Argus Leader, the city took additional safety measures following two other drownings in 2013 in the same area where Zaiger drowned.

The city added warning signs and anchors in rock walls to assist with rescue efforts after the 2013 drownings, but did not view foam buildup as a safety hazard to the public at the time. Since Zaiger’s death, foam buildup has been established as a public safety issue by the city, according to court records.

So on one hand the city is citing state law to slip under the radar, but implemented safety measures in the area where the toddler perished. So which is it? Are people responsible for their own safety? Or is the city?

I don’t think this will be dismissed and I have a feeling the parent’s will get a settlement when the dust clears.

UPDATE: Sioux Falls City Councilors Kiley & Erickson try to play the ‘Switcheroo’ game with Admin Building expansion

For some odd ball reason the contract was NEVER closed with the admin building, it’s been 18 MONTHS! So now we want to AMEND the contract so the same contractor who hasn’t reimbursed us for the failed geo thermal system can expand the building for the new IT space without putting it out to bid.

Councilor Starr brought up some good points, shouldn’t this be put out for bid and close the first contract? He never said he was against the Triage Center, in fact he supports it. That didn’t stop Kiley and Erickson from trying to twist that Pat was against the Triage Center. That IS NOT what he said, he just wanted the old contract closed (with a contractor who may or may not owe us money – that is still in litigation) and an RFP put out for the expansion.

Nice performance though.

Kiley even went as far to say that another contractor could NOT do the job because they wouldn’t have the building plans from the original contractor. I know Mr. Rick ‘Know it All’ Kiley has probably built a couple of houses for himself, guess what, the entity paying for the construction OWNS THE PLANS! In other words, if another contractor came in to work on the expansion, the city simply has to hand over to them the plans, because it is the property of the taxpayers, BUT, they have to close the original contract first.

UPDATE: I heard after the meeting that the architect copyrighted the plans, so the city has to ask for permission to use them. But, there would be no reason to use plans for a building that is already built. A NEW contractor would draw up NEW plans, because it is a NEW expansion.

Neitzert basically said that we got the building because the other side lost and we need to stop being sore losers. Hey Greg, this isn’t about losing, we can tell the building is already there, that’s obvious McFly, we are asking to FOLLOW the proper procedures, like clearing litigation and putting out an RFP.

City Attorney Bengford came up and basically said they are taking the easy road instead of the right road. At least he was being honest.

Erickson went on to talk about funding (even though that is NOT what the discussion is about) Neither Stehly, Starr or Brekke asked about HOW it is being funded, and NONE of them said they were opposed to it, it is about the litigation.

Kiley said that it would just delay the process six months and it will only cost us more money. Hey Rickey Lee, HOW DO WE KNOW THAT when we never put this out for bid? I fondly remembered the new window replacement on the Pavilion that had to be put out for re-bid, and another contractor came in about $300K less. 

Funny how those things work.

Of course it passes 6-2 with Starr and Stehly opposed*. And once again the majority of the council is fine with not following proper procedures. Shocker!

*Brekke voted for it because she got to see the contract in advance and said it was legal. But Janet, was it proper or ethical?

What Happened to the Catalytic Converters on cop cars at city/county auction?

Cameraman Bruce asked tonight at public input at the Sioux Falls City Council meeting why the catalytic converters* were missing on the surplus cop cars and sheriff cars at the auction a few weeks ago. He wondered how they got ‘stolen’ in a secure public works lot. And why it wasn’t reported to the SFPD and investigated?


I guess the driveshafts were also missing on the old para-transit buses also and the flooded out lawn mowers from this Spring were on the auction to.

Once again, Hmmm.

*I guess these parts contain valuable platinum that can be sold as scrap

Why wasn’t there a water leak detection system on the state of the art City Center building?

Maybe it was a ‘Human Error’ like the tornado sirens?

The mayor’s office confirmed Monday that a cap on a water line for a water cooler in the second floor of the 18-month-old city administration building failed, causing between 750 and 1,000 gallons of water to flood the southeast corner of the building’s second floor before it was noticed.

So now we have the HVAC system litigation in limbo with the CMAR (Construction Manager at Risk) who may be responsible for installing a geo thermal system that didn’t work. Now we have a major water leak, with no viable detection system.

So why on earth would we want to hire the same CMAR to expand the IT department in the building?! 

It would be like hiring the same plumber to install a bathtub after he installed a leaky toilet. NO private homeowner would do such a thing, so why would the city?