Stormland-TV the official Events Center media

Really, EIGHT stories on their main page about the Events Center?



#1 No To Noem 2014 on 01.14.14 at 7:13 am

Stormland-TV I like that! It reminds me if the hyper sensationalized weather coverage Fox station KSTP in the Twin Cities. Besides their fancy atomic weather radar the next thing will be announcing broadcast from their new steel/concrete/electro magnetic pulse hardened/nuclear/storm bunker.

#2 Craig on 01.14.14 at 8:15 am

KELO does this type of thing all the time although eight is a bit high even for their standards. I often see three or four articles about the same event where they have added one paragraph of information to the original story – yet for some reason they like to keep both versions of the articles visible.

Remember when that girl attempted to run over a State Trooper a year ago or so? They had at least five articles about that one event in the same day. I see the Argus do this as well – they publish something as “breaking news” on their website, and the next morning they put the full article on the website to match what was in the print edition… but both versions on the web are identical, and then people start complaining that the comments they left on the article disappeared when in reality their comments were on the first version, not the second.

Makes me wonder if they do this because they honestly have nothing else to publish, or if it is simply because it can force people to click more links and potentially drive ad revenue. Either way if KELO is pushing eight stories about the EC, it is safe to say we haven’t had any casino robberies this week and Pam Homan hasn’t said or done anything controversial in a while.

#3 Scott on 01.14.14 at 8:18 am

My problem with this is that all they do is act as cheerleaders (as they do with anything involving Sanford). This building could have the biggest scandal in the city’s history and they’d still be reading the press releases from the construction companies, the Mayor, and the various tourist propoganda organizations.

#4 OldSlewFoot on 01.14.14 at 8:24 am

When you do local news from 4:30 – 7:00 AM and then have a noon, a 5:00 AND a 6:00, you need stuff to fill it in besides the weather (which is over half of the time filled)

#5 CH on 01.14.14 at 9:54 am

Lamb Chislic at the concession stands?

#6 Detroit Lewis on 01.14.14 at 10:05 am

More like tap water, dry toast and lime jello.

#7 pathloss on 01.14.14 at 12:15 pm

Proof that the Argus is but another propaganda media like channel 16. It’s gonna be embarrassing when national media scoops the events center scandal before local news.

#8 CCFlyer on 01.14.14 at 1:24 pm

Exactly why I’m ignoring KELO up through November and even beyond. Disgusted that our city is controlled by big business and the word of a mediocre television station.

#9 SF on 01.14.14 at 1:25 pm

I hope to not see any of you guys at the new Events Center since all you guys do is bitch about it! Be glad we’re finally getting one…….

#10 l3wis on 01.14.14 at 1:39 pm

Yes, I did vote against it. But I do hope it is successful, and I will attend events if it is something I want to see (since I am paying down the bond on the place). I would like to see any sponsorship go towards operating the facility and any profits go towards paying back taxpayers on the bond payments. If there is ever really a ‘need’ for such a facility, it will be self-sufficient, if not profitable.

#11 Scott on 01.14.14 at 4:39 pm

I hope it’s successful, but I’m doubtful it will happen. Nothing in the history of this city causes me to have hope. Hopefully, I’ll be proven wrong.

That said, it’s doubtful that I will ever walk into the place. Outside of a couple of acts, I personally don’t listen to the kind of acts that play arenas in C markets.

#12 Joan on 01.14.14 at 5:40 pm

I have never figured out, why the last few years, it is the same news cast several times a day, for several days in a row. I have got to the point that when the news comes on, unless I am doing something else at the same time, I will take a short nap. Who has to hear the news several times a day for a week at a time.

#13 Scott on 01.14.14 at 6:27 pm

Agreed, Joan, and it’s all press release news. You really only need to see the first minute for the token “real” news story, and then move on to whatever you want to watch.

#14 scott on 01.14.14 at 6:27 pm

Will the kelo signs spit and sputter like their reporters do?

#15 Lamb Chislic on 01.14.14 at 9:44 pm

To all of you bitchin’ about KELO: there is a solution – change the frickin’ channel. The TV comes with a remote … use it! It never hurts to seek out different perspectives.

That said, DL, you have a good point about this over-the-top cheerleading-posing-as-news. A couple of additional points:
1. As a taxpayer, I want to know if any REAL money is changing hands in this $800,000 deal or is it just the “value” of the station’s marketing and promotion? If that’s the case, it has zero benefit to the revenue line of the EC.
2. As a viewer, I want to know when/if KELO is going to do ANY stories on the lack of new commercial development in the EC area? If there are any problems or delays going forward can we trust KELO to report the facts now that they are a “partner” in this venture for the next 10 years?

This is hardly something to celebrate.

#16 Scott on 01.14.14 at 9:54 pm

Trust me, LC, I don’t waste my time with KELO anymore. Between the safety tips, the over the top weather hype, and the poorly disguised Sanford promos, I can’t sit through their drivel.

#17 l3wis on 01.14.14 at 10:03 pm

I get a good chuckle out of the station, it is the number one viewed media in our area, and has no shame, it’s fun to watch them be everything ‘Adbusters’ rails against.

#18 Ol'Bubbleguts on 01.15.14 at 8:19 am

MY take on what THEY say about it (EC).
All they have planned for it is bahskeetbahl?
I stopped following sports in the mid-70’s
when superstars were Franco Harris,Spinks,Fran Tarkenton Steelers and so on.
Last concert tix I could afford was Joe Satriani at
Ol’Electric factory in Philly PA in like 1995.
I saw Aerosmith (hahahah walk off stage at Sturgis Tyler break your hip) and Heart in radio city music hall
for $4.75 a ticket

Charge too much no one will come.
Do the math on wages here in SD,Who the hell do they think is going to come?MMM’s cooze for indoor tennis?
Way to many exec. suites if you also asked me.


#19 Detroit Lewis on 01.15.14 at 10:47 am

I see though our mayor can afford to buy ‘Likes’ on Facebook though;

#20 Scott on 01.15.14 at 11:12 am

Is there anybody who is impressed by the number of FB likes? Real or paid?

#21 Detroit Lewis on 01.15.14 at 12:02 pm

Would agree, especially if you are running for office. Votes are what matter, not FB likes.

#22 Ol'Bubbleguts on 01.15.14 at 5:22 pm

Like in the Heinlein novels and originally here in this country only those who have provided for the common
defense and or are landed gentry should be able to
vote (this does not include disqualifying ANY PUBLIC EMPLOYEE from voting as our system now exists and allows the teechurs and other
pub.sector workers to vote against the wishes of the
masses and surely stinks to high hell of an obvious
conflict of interest).


Shun the grifters and gimme dats from the table.

#23 Joan on 01.15.14 at 6:25 pm

The only pro ball sports I have ever watched was Major League basball and I quit that when the players started moving from team to team and the teams started moving around to other towns. I do kind of like to watch the SD high school state tournaments, but it isn’t a do or die situation. I like to watch the olympic sports, figure skating, some of the skiing, swimming, etc. Oh yes, rodeo.

#24 Joan on 01.15.14 at 6:29 pm

It is kind of odd that what the Mayor considers quality of life improvements to the city sure isn’t what myself and other seniors and disabled people consider for quality of life. For us a lot of our concern is transportation via paratransit and that seems to be fading.

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