Open seat on SF School Board

The Sioux Falls School Board will be having an election in June. They are expecting the voter turnout to be so low, they are going to hand count the results (I don’t expect over 2,500 votes). There is only one school board member on the ballot (I have encouraged the board to also put the school start date on there, maybe as an advisory vote, maybe they would get a bigger turnout).

Either way, Doug Morrison has decided to NOT run for another term, so it will be an open seat. While no one has formerly announced, I guess the Tuthill Fairies have been in high gear to replace Doug with a ‘McKennan Park Mommy’. While I have heard a few of the names being thrown around, I won’t speculate if they are running or not, but let’s just say the last name will be recognized.

Hopefully we can get Randy Dobberpuhl to run again! GO RANDY!



#1 Reliable Voter on 02.09.17 at 4:52 pm

It rhymes with Pickelson.

#2 Michael Wyland on 02.10.17 at 6:51 am

I ran for school board in 1999 when one seat was open (no incumbent). I tried for two weeks to find out who else might be running and couldn’t get much info. I filed my candidacy and ended up being one of 12 candidates! I came in second place, which would have been good enough in the preceding or following years when two seats were up for election.

Running as a new candidate in the year one seat is available is always difficult, but especially so if you’re not endorsed by the school district’s unions. When voter turnout is low, school district employees and their bargaining units have even greater influence over the electoral process.

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