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Photography Club, Charles Luden

Charles Luden sent me these cool photos today, thought I would share;

I shot these in 1974 in Denver at a small club named Ebbets Field. Tom Waits opened for Roger McGuinn. It was a great show. Roger’s 1st solo LP and Tom’s 2nd LP were recently released. A priceless event. – C.L.




No worries, Chuck will still be writing poetry during road construction season

“If you’re determined to get here you can make it,” Luden said.


Poetry Club w/Charles Luden


The Blood of a Dog Clots in the Snow

My friend you are weary almost gone

limping in the apocalyptic winter

from memory to imagination

of airstrikes in the desert of forgiveness

Each day we had was so real

your soft fur my petting hands

our walks and runs along the mighty Sioux River

in search of glee

It worked

Now I have tears as you give me

one last yelp

Charles Luden • 1-14-16• at Granite City

I love this poem, reminds me of my Sodapop

Poetry Club with Chuck Luden


My  Dominatrix  Died  (A)

A cold day here

There too

Tears warm my cheeks

No one to wear the black mesh

Closed closet door

Charles Luden


– – – – –

My  Dominatrix  Died  (B)

A cold day

No one to wear black mesh

Tears warm my cheeks

Charles Luden


– – – – – – – –

My  Dominatrix  Died  (C)

Cold day


Empty black mesh


Charles Luden


+ + +

The above all written at Black Sheep Coffee.

Many possible variations await discovery.

Photo Club with Chuck Luden


Our $27,000,000.00 dollar purchase!

A former (?) city employee nails it on TIF’s and the ridiculous RR purchase downtown;

The city’s railroad property deal has been completed at a cost of $27 million to the American taxpayer, which equates to $69 per square foot. It’s not too hard to determine who received the best part of this deal and why Congress eliminated earmark legislation.

Tax incentive financing may have been needed to jump start downtown, but it is probably no longer needed. The footprint of those entities, who enjoy all of the city services but pay no taxes, continues to expand at the expense of the taxpayer.

In the event that we cannot receive a fair market value for the property, or if we cannot build without tax incentives, the best use for the property might be a park. At least that would provide some type of benefit to the general public.

I have a better idea, we rescind on the whole deal.

Happy Holidays


Trippy stuff from anominous


Poetry Club w/Mr. Luden

Poem of Escape
When I call if the first word I say is Good-bye
it’s a sign I’m going on vacation to Mississippi
to watch waterfowl and tourists
stare at moving clouds
Charles Luden

Poet Chuck Luden sums up JazzFest


On the Edge of JazzFest

Hot wind
Hot pants
Hot microphone
Hot drums
Hot porta potty
Charles Luden • 7-17-15 • at Yankton Trail Park

Poetry Club w/Charles Luden


Ernie November in the early days (Photo: Charles Luden)

(On  Philosophers)  (On  Zealots)

I have a slight understanding of a few things
but don’t know much
Just put in earplugs when they preach
Charles Luden • 4-16-15 • at Granite City

Poetry Club with the Ludeness!

Sunbird LoungeLarry  The  Z’s  Mandolin

Still  Evokes  A  Memory

Saw BZ on bass at the Sunbird Lounge last night

Remember you on mandolin at the J&M years ago

So many nights between those events

Nations have born and died

But the power chord and

Slippery mojo workout remain

Charles Luden

                          March 3, 2000

– – – –

Note: Larry the Z is Larry Zierath

BZ is Butch Zierath

– – – –

The above poem is a sequel to one in my first book Virgin Death published in 1977.

The poem is:

Larry  The  Z’s  Mandolin  Evokes  A  Memory

Your mandolin rings my ears

Like an old Gypsy dancer, once.

She came up and pinched me

Since we spoke not so much.

I remember her nervous hand

Which she probably didn’t want.

Charles Luden