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Poetry Club w/Charles Luden

How will global warming affect the forthcoming nuclear winter?
Charles Luden • 3-19-14

Poetry Club w/ Charles Luden


Poetry Club w/Charles Luden

I woke up today in the morning.

Now I’m looking out the window.

The sky is blue; cars going by.

A man on the sidewalk nearly smiles;
Rubs his hands together.
A dog across the street barks.
The man flips the dog the finger.
I laugh and sip some coffee.
                 Charles Luden 1-25-14

Poetry club w/ Charles Luden

The Buddha didn’t have a snooze alarm
yet he woke up
Charles Luden • 10-11-13 • at Black Sheep

Poetry Club w/Charles Luden

Today’s Inquiry

If you don’t know how to do something,
do you still have to do it?

- Charles Luden  9-25-13

Poetry club w/ Charles Luden

The doctor said I have a really fine stool.
I didn’t know he’d been to my house
to see my furniture.

Charles Luden • 10-7-12

Shadow in color

on the bar



on the

colorful bar

Charles Luden • 2-26-13 • at Touch of Europe

Poetry club w/ Charles Luden



Took a taxi to the city limits
then walked back here

Charles Luden • 3-30-13 at Black Sheep Coffee

Poetry Club w/ Charles Luden

Dead  Man  Loop

A heavy breath
Dark room
Window dirty
A broken TV
Dry flower pot
Dog skeleton in a frame
Man with a razor blade and a beer
Woman clutching a book and a Ruger
An open telephone
Deep trouble

Charles Luden • 2-10-00 • at Champps

Poetry club w/ Charles Luden

I  Married  A  Drug  Mule

That was years ago

and the tension did not end

at bedtime

nor did the fun ever begin

Morning coffee did not help

Nothing did

She left in a Buick someone else stole

Charles Luden – 12-29-11 – at Champps

From the anthology:

How can you say we are not related?

Edited by Suzanne Sunshower, 2012, scurfpeapublishing.com

Poetry Club w/Chuck Luden


The globular cluster is descending
Watch out if you can
The universe is more than
we can control
so let’s enjoy the colors
it brings and hope we are
gone before it ends
but if everlasting life is
a guarantee
then who cares
Let’s dance all night
with those that love freedom

Charles Luden • 11-23-12 at Champps