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Happy Holidays


Poetry Club w/Mr. Luden

Poem of Escape
When I call if the first word I say is Good-bye
it’s a sign I’m going on vacation to Mississippi
to watch waterfowl and tourists
stare at moving clouds
Charles Luden

Poet Chuck Luden sums up JazzFest


On the Edge of JazzFest

Hot wind
Hot pants
Hot microphone
Hot drums
Hot porta potty
Charles Luden • 7-17-15 • at Yankton Trail Park

Poetry Club w/Charles Luden


Ernie November in the early days (Photo: Charles Luden)

(On  Philosophers)  (On  Zealots)

I have a slight understanding of a few things
but don’t know much
Just put in earplugs when they preach
Charles Luden • 4-16-15 • at Granite City

Poetry Club with the Ludeness!

Sunbird LoungeLarry  The  Z’s  Mandolin

Still  Evokes  A  Memory

Saw BZ on bass at the Sunbird Lounge last night

Remember you on mandolin at the J&M years ago

So many nights between those events

Nations have born and died

But the power chord and

Slippery mojo workout remain

Charles Luden

                          March 3, 2000

– – – –

Note: Larry the Z is Larry Zierath

BZ is Butch Zierath

– – – –

The above poem is a sequel to one in my first book Virgin Death published in 1977.

The poem is:

Larry  The  Z’s  Mandolin  Evokes  A  Memory

Your mandolin rings my ears

Like an old Gypsy dancer, once.

She came up and pinched me

Since we spoke not so much.

I remember her nervous hand

Which she probably didn’t want.

Charles Luden

Chuck Luden’s poem about naming rights . . .

I don’t like selling naming rights for public places.

I don’t like changing street names or other place names.

I like strip joints and rock n roll in general.
For specifics call me.
                     Charles Luden • 2-20-15
Also, NPR had a great piece on the ‘Mars’ South Dakota Ads.

Poetry Club w/Charles Luden


A  Bang  Bang  Morning  Missive

I know you want to do the humpty dance, but can you?

If you ain’t strutting your stuff, what are you doing?

Last night did you go flyin’ without leaving the airport?

Now it’s morning and peaches are the breakfast fruit.

How did the rags get in the garbage without being used?

How did you polish that thing off standing alone by the window?

What did you mean when you said it’s not Christmas and it’s not cold?

Does that matter today if there’s no convertible waiting?

How old are you if you don’t remember the beast in the wagon?

Who are you?

Charles Luden • 3-14-15 • at Black Sheep

Poetry Club w/Chuck Luden


Early  Morning  Report

I just got a spam message from Dorothy Boom.

To avoid a real boom I deleted it unread like maybe blue.

Yep, it’s gone down some dark drain on my screen’s left.

Will never know Dorothy’s real noise or true color,

a special time perhaps missed only imagined.

Charles Luden • 03-28-15 • at Black Sheep

Photography Club w/Charles Luden



Charles Luden, Self-Examination


Photo, 1979 by Mike Greenlee


The danger of self examination is that you may find something even if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  So I decided to stop looking and just do stuff.  I’ve always been good at entertaining myself.  Each day I get up, feed the birds, then have a waffle covered with plum or blackberry jelly for breakfast.   After I clear the table I place a blank sheet of drawing paper in the center.  I stare at it for several minutes imagining a fantastic painting I would like to create.  If this goes on for 20 minutes or more, I’ll take out my notebook and write a poem about this fantastic imaginary art piece.  
Charles Luden
March 1, 2015