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Photo Club w/Charles Luden

My poet & photographer friend, and all around artist sent me these photos today he took in San Francisco in 1976 when he visiting there (he previously lived there 1971-72).

San Francisco still remains my favorite city in the United States to visit.

San Francisco 1976

San Francisco 76



Poetry Club w/ Charles Luden


At  The  Next  Table

She’s fingering her hair,
but is it real
Just a minute I’ll ask her.
Damn, she slapped me.
What’s that mean?
I still like her.
She has passion,
and a purple blouse.
                         Charles Luden
                          at Black Sheep


Poetry Club w/Charles Luden

How will global warming affect the forthcoming nuclear winter?
Charles Luden • 3-19-14

Poetry Club w/ Charles Luden


Poetry Club w/Charles Luden

I woke up today in the morning.

Now I’m looking out the window.

The sky is blue; cars going by.

A man on the sidewalk nearly smiles;
Rubs his hands together.
A dog across the street barks.
The man flips the dog the finger.
I laugh and sip some coffee.
                 Charles Luden 1-25-14

Poetry club w/ Charles Luden

The Buddha didn’t have a snooze alarm
yet he woke up
Charles Luden • 10-11-13 • at Black Sheep

Poetry Club w/Charles Luden

Today’s Inquiry

If you don’t know how to do something,
do you still have to do it?

- Charles Luden  9-25-13

Poetry club w/ Charles Luden

The doctor said I have a really fine stool.
I didn’t know he’d been to my house
to see my furniture.

Charles Luden • 10-7-12

Shadow in color

on the bar



on the

colorful bar

Charles Luden • 2-26-13 • at Touch of Europe

Poetry club w/ Charles Luden



Took a taxi to the city limits
then walked back here

Charles Luden • 3-30-13 at Black Sheep Coffee

Poetry Club w/ Charles Luden

Dead  Man  Loop

A heavy breath
Dark room
Window dirty
A broken TV
Dry flower pot
Dog skeleton in a frame
Man with a razor blade and a beer
Woman clutching a book and a Ruger
An open telephone
Deep trouble

Charles Luden • 2-10-00 • at Champps