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White Buffalo is coming, October 26, Icon Lounge

White Buffalo Poster_FINAL


Jesse Christen

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UPDATE: We could have had the opening EC concert at the Arena

Our first concert at the EC, at $10 a ticket is only expecting about a 3rd of capacity;

Huffman said he expects a crowd of about 4,000.

Makes you wonder how many empty seats will be at the other ‘sold out’ concerts, or if most of those seats have been scooped up by scalpers.


If I had to make a rough estimate of how many people were at the show last night, I would say between 2,500-3,500. Maybe the EC and SMG will release how many attended. In the AL today they estimated 4-5,000, but didn’t have hard numbers ‘available’. They must have had the Lifelight counters present.

Parking will be an issue for the sold out concerts. Let’s say there was 5,000 people there last night. When we arrived most of the Arena and EC parking lot was full, there were people parked on the street also. We parked in the South Canaries lot which had very few cars in it. For your typical concert that is at that 5,000 range, parking should be fine. But when there is a sold-out show or multiple events, it is going to be a major problem.

The sound was pretty decent for Joan Jett, but not as good for Starship. I was not too impressed by the light show.

As for drink prices they run about $6 for a 16 OZ tap and $6 for a well drink. You are allowed to tip the bar and beertenders, but cash only. If you run your card they do not give you an opportunity to leave a tip on it, and I got the feeling they are not allowed to. So I asked why they could not have a tip jar in view. An SMG employee said this, “We were told by management (SMG) that since it is a city owned facility we are not allowed to put out tip jars.”

I’m just shooting in the wind on this one, but I think that is a complete line of BS from SMG. I can’t imagine a city ordinance existing that prevents ‘tip jars’. Besides, when I have been to concerts at the Pavilion, I have seen tip jars by the bars, and that is a city owned facility.

So what would be the reasoning behind SMG not wanting to encourage tipping their employees? The more money people spend on tips, the less they spend on buying product.


I also noticed in the AL today that the siding mockups have not been started. The excuse the city attorney gave; they were working on touch ups to other parts of the building. Then when asked about when they would start the mockups, the city attorney said that Mortenson has up to a year to come up with a solution. In other words, we better get used to the siding we have now, because it will probably never get fixed.

Hey Mike, Rock & Roll isn’t noise pollution

The nice little shrine to Denny in the Lobby of the EC.
“Because of the good that he has done, millions of individuals will continue to benefit for generations to come . . . and even millions more will be in debt to his CC company for decades to come.”
Kyle Austin

This past weekend in Sioux Falls, SD, the brand new Denny Sanford Premier Center opened its doors with a two day open house featuring local music. The local support had to submit an online application in August to be reviewed and possibly chosen to participate in this unique event. When I had received the call stating that my band, The Glyph, had been chosen, we were all excited for the good opportunity. The Glyph is a Sioux Falls based Rock Band, with songs and videos of us performing all over Facebook, YouTube, and other Internet sources. We arrived at the Sanford Center on Saturday afternoon, about an hour and a half early to our performance time. This event was promoted as an all ages family event to display the new Arena and its amenities. The act before us was a hip hop group that featured extremely explicit lyrics, booming bass, and a no f***s given mentality while groups of children under the age of ten watched and walked by. We set up our gear and prepared to bring our A-game, to show off our straight forward clean rock and roll. The Mayor of Sioux Falls, Mike Huether, personally introduced us expressing great interest in our brand of rock. Our first song went off great, but when it came time for our next song, the Mayor and Arena officials ran over and stated we needed to turn down. We adjusted our volumes accordingly and before we could get into our next track, we were instructed to turn down and cut the distortion or we were done. The Mayor himself went farther to add insult to injury by stating to us and I quote, “You need to play quieter, do you even know how to do that?” I turned my amp all the way down and went direct, Jeff barely played and sung, and Johnny went to a smooth simplistic drumming style. After a few songs we decided to call it, because we were no where near our actual performance level. We went home embarrassed, Humiliated, and defeated. We took the effort of moving gear, getting the time off work, planning and practicing, getting merch ready, etc. We were not paid like other acts were as well. So on behalf of Jeff and myself, we want to say we are appaled by the actions of The Denny Sanford Premier Center as well as the Mayor of Sioux Falls. I write this note to bring light to this matter, and hope that other local musicians, fans, citizens, and concert goers will feel our dissatisfaction and frustration with this. I ask you to share this note, so that people can see how the Denny Sanford Center and the City of Sioux Falls truly sees its local musicians, and the major amount of disrespect they have for us and what we do.

I actually talked to Kyle about this Saturday night, and hoped he would post something to FB about it. Can’t wait until the SlipKnot concert, I was actually thinking about going so I can watch the audience destroy the place.

On another NOTE about our mayor, the city’s chief bully is having a press conference about bullying. Would telling un-paid musicians to turn down their music qualify as bullying?

Why Aren’t We More Upset About This? Mayor Huether to Discuss September 14 Assault, Bullying, and Domestic Abuse

What: News conference to discuss Mayor Mike Huether’s views on bullying, domestic assault, prejudice, and how Sioux Falls residents can make a difference

When: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 1:30 p.m.

Where: City Hall Commission Room, 224 West Ninth Street

Who: Mayor Mike Huether

 Why: Recent headlines have focused on domestic violence and child abuse across the country. Also, a Sioux Falls man recently was assaulted outside of a local bar after asking another person to not use a derogatory term referring to homosexuals. Bullying, domestic assault, and prejudice are realities in Sioux Falls and across the nation. Mayor Mike Huether would like to let the victims know that help is available and that violence like this should not be tolerated.

Mike always talks about how he was bullied as a kid, because he was ‘small’, well, he learned from the best.


‘White Buffalo’ to play SF, 10/26/14

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The White Buffalo will perform for the first time in Sioux Falls on Sunday, October 26th at Icon Lounge. The White Buffalo (aka singer/songwriter Jake Smith) recently made his national TV debut on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and has had many songs prominently featured on FX’s hugely successful program “Sons of Anarchy.” The White Buffalo is touring in support of last year’s release “Shadows, Greys and Evil Ways.”

The White Buffalo will be joined by local openers Burlap Wolf King and Jami Lynn. Advanced tickets are $15. Doors open at 7 pm, music starts at 8.

Tickets are for sale now:


You learn much more from peace then war

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Arlo Guthrie’s performance at the Unity Concert

Had a wonderful time seeing so many great performers in Paha Sapa this past weekend at the Black Hills Unity Concert


My favorite photo is the one in the center of Arlo, Peter Yarrow and his daughter Bethany, chewing the fat before Arlo played. Peter Emceed the entire event.




Who is going to the first concert at the Events Center?

She better do this cover;

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Had a good chuckle today. A friend was driving by the EC and he called me and asked if I wanted to go to Joan Jett with him (the tickets are $10) He was able to get two floor tickets, 17th row. How ironic that the first concert at the EC with $10 tickets isn’t even sold out (they went on sale Friday). Makes you wonder how many tickets were scooped up to the other shows by First Premier and Sanford employees and scalpers? I know, it’s Joan Jett, but I am going out of curiosity mostly, and hey, I get to see the inaugural concert at the EC. Also, I went online today and saw you can still get tickets to Aldean from scalper sites. I wonder how many empty seats will be at these ‘sold out’ concerts.

Saw this coming a mile away

When I first heard about this yesterday, the first thing I thought;

Sioux Falls musicians say it’s insulting to be asked to play for free at the Denny Sanford Premier Center’s soft-opening event.

City of Sioux Falls officials and SMG, the company that manages the events center, put out a call to artists this week, looking for local bands and entertainers to perform at a two-day soft opening event Sept. 19 and 20. Because of a limited budget, they say, they’ll be looking for acts to play for free.

Thomas Hentges, who performs as Burlap Wolf King, said he was sickened by the news.

 Should the city pay local acts to perform at open houses at the events…

“It just says that they have no value in their local musicians,” he said.

Few musicians in Sioux Falls make a living from their music, and getting paid isn’t what it’s all about, Hentges said, but it sends the wrong message when a place that clearly can afford it asks people to donate their services.

I actually called a local musician about it and said, “The mayor says they ‘might’ pay you.” He gives a sigh and a short snort and says, “Yeah, that means it doesn’t pay.” He pretty much voiced the same opinion as the others in the story, with all the money behind this place, they can afford to pay. I also called a city councilor and told them the sponsors should foot the bill for the musicians, as I originally suggested;

His idea was to have a FREE concert for the opening event that the title sponsors and other businesses in town could underwrite. 

Well, at least they took HALF of my idea :(

Music Club w/Tommy & Crew; Deep Purple

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Saturday in the Park


Ziggy Marley, spreading the love

I am usually pretty hesitant about going to music festivals alone, but as you get older (and more full of shit) you usually meet people. This time I got the pleasure of meeting ‘Marko’ from Omaha, and had a great conversation with him about prejudice and racism in America. Marko was originally from Mexico, but has lived in America since he was eleven. He is a seasoned finish carpenter that now lives in Omaha and makes custom cabinetry. He kind of laughed about the way all races treat each other, and confessed “We are all the same. We have families, and work and lives.”

Then there were the ladies who drove 6 hours from Duluth Minnesota to see the Avett Brothers. Fortunately they were wearing dresses, because I think the one was going to wet her pants before they came on.

But my favorite were the two middle-aged guys from Omaha and Kansas City that could easily be featured in Viagra ads, they pretty much follow around music festivals all summer, and I think I talked them into coming to JazzFest. I just don’t want to see them making love in a bathtub on the beach.

I like Saturday in the Park, but I have two ‘complaints’ about the festival. There needs to be a tented/shaded beer garden and I think it is bogus that only one sponsor (Budweiser) has the exclusive contract on adult beverages.