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The Reverend Horton Heat

I had the pleasure to see Jim Heath and crew in Sioux City last night at the Hard Rock. The Anthem is a really nice club (spendy drinks though) It is about half the size of The District, but good acoustics (I could actually hear all of the instruments). Look forward to seeing other shows there.


Music Club w/London Grammar

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Her voice reminds me of the lead singer of ‘Dead Can Dance‘. Haunting.

SMITHS tribute

To say I am a little bit excited is an understatement! One of my favorite bands!

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International Johnny Cash Day (His 83rd birthday would be today)

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Music Club with Leon Bridges

Here’s kicking some old Motown soul.

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Poetry Club w/Charles Luden

Luden riding the pine in ’79
My  History  in  Medicine 
I can supply pretend medications
for your pretend maladies 
if you pay me pretend money.
I’m a pretend doctor.
             Charles Luden
             at Black Sheep

A Blast from the past

Chuck always keeps a copy of all of his correspondence,

Interview Mag letter


Jesse Christen @ Old Skoolz tonight, Friday 13, 9 PM


St. Paul & the Broken Bones (w/a little Luden Photography)

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Charles Luden took these photos in Canton, SD in the 1970’s



A Blast from the Past, The Sneakies

Local Guitar God Jesse Christen recently did an interview with 605 Magazine about his music and in the online story they linked this video of The Sneakies playing the Pomp Room in 1996. I think it was me at the beginning of the video, “Matt F’ckd up Again!” We used to give him a hard time about his Bass playing skills.

This was the last lineup of the band. Jesse Christen, Guitar – Russ Steadman, Guitar & Vocals – Bill Erickson, Drums & Lead Vocals, Matt ‘Sideshow’ Staab, Bass & Stage Tricks.

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