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Monsieur Perine’

I have no idea what the ‘Sad Gentlemen‘ are singing about, but they are my new favorite band, and once you start listening to them you cannot stop. And trust me, you don’t have to know multiple languages to understand their passion (They are from Columbia, but their ‘French influenced Gypsy Jazz’ comes in many styles) Lead singer Catalina Garcia sings in a mixture of Spanish, French,English, and Portuguese. At the Latin Grammy Awards, the ensemble was named best new artist of 2015.

RIP Tom Petty

Probably one of the best concerts I have ever seen at the Sioux Falls Arena. Besides Fogerty, Petty is probably one of my favorite Male American classic rock singers.

Support Local Promoters; Shackshakers @ Big’s Tonight

While 60% of Sioux Falls will be at The Denty tonight knitting a new sweater at the Garth Show, I will be taking in a club show, put on by a local promoter at a local venue.  A portion of the money I spend will go to the promoter, the bar owner and it’s employees that will recirculate many times over in the community, unlike the Garth show that will suck millions out of our local economy.

The Suburbs, Take 16 Brewery in Luverne, MN, 7/14/17

In case you missed the Headliner at JazzFest last night; MarchFourth

Detroit Lewis DOC review; Tom Waits: Tales From A Cracked Jukebox

My favorite songwriter of all time.

Using rare archive, audio recordings and interviews viewers are taken on a trip through the surreal, moonlit world of Tom Waits – a portrait of one of modern music’s most enigmatic and influential artists.

Only three musicians make me cry almost instantly, Hank Sr., Lucinda Williams and Tom Waits. I have about 90% of his stuff, and some rare European live crap. I did an art exhibit a few years ago that were paintings based on his music. The only show I sold completely out of. If you are not a fan, I suggest you watch this DOC done by BBC, and learn a little about this fantastic artist.

RIP Chris Cornell

Always loved this Duet with Vedder. Chris had one of the most powerful voices in Rock & Roll, he will be missed.


One of my favorite song writers passed. Rest in peace sir.

“It is with profound sorrow we report that legendary poet, songwriter and artist, Leonard Cohen has passed away,” the statement read. “We have lost one of music’s most revered and prolific visionaries. A memorial will take place in Los Angeles at a later date. The family requests privacy during their time of grief.” A cause of death and exact date of death was not given.

From Chuck Luden;

It is sad to learn of Leonard Cohen’s passing.

I bought his 1st LP upon release for $3.27 at Kmart on S. Minnesota Ave.  I was a freshman at Augustana then.  Followed his career ever since.  He was a gracious man and had vision.  Had a wonderful conversation with him in Minneapolis a few years ago in the lounge of the hotel I was staying at.  We even exchanged gifts.  A priceless memory for me.  This cell phone photo was shot by my friend Ray Novak.  (I won’t say what Chuck got as a gift, but it was something Leonard hand made, and pretty cool. This was actually the second time Chuck met with him in the same lounge before a show).


To say I’m a little excited would be an understatement

Lydia plays tonight at the District, she is opening for the Drive By Truckers. She is a weird combo of Stevie Nicks, Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris. Tickets are kind of spendy, but well worth it. Also a shout out to Scott Hudson for helping to produce a documentary about Lydia, if he can find it in his heart he will introduce me to Lydia.

Highlight of JazzFest? Andra Day!


In her own respects looking like Billy Holiday and sounding like Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse doesn’t hurt. She did a cover of Missippi God Damn and a montage of Bob Marley, truly a beautiful voice. Andra is going places.