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Brian Masek & Jesse Christen release new Jazz/Rock CD


You can listen to some samples HERE.

Photo of the Weekend; Black Jake’s Revenge @ Bonus Round


I got the pleasure of seeing this guy play Saturday. Black Jake. He plays a full kit drum set using air hoses and pedals and a banjo while dressed like Krampus. Interesting.

Bob Reynolds at Icon Annex, Wed, May 4, 2016


FREE Hot Jazz Wednesday Night, Icon Lounge


Boys & Girls Club to dump Brennan R & R academy

I suppose if I had half the night to speculate why this is happening, I could come up with quite a few conclusions;

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sioux Empire and Brennan Rock & Roll Academy said Monday that they are ending an exclusive partnership to provide music education services to children.

As I called around to friends in the music world in Sioux Falls, I pretty much got the same derogatory statements about Chuck Brennan, ironically the same was said when he announced he was going to sponsor the place to begin with.

Besides the obvious ‘statements’ no one knows who dumped who. We both know at the end of the day it will be a ‘mutal’ agreement, but we all know better.

As someone said to me months ago about the studio space, “It’s set up more to be a night club or bar then a music school.” which only makes one wonder if Chuck got tired of his charitable giving and is going to create Badlands II out of the space.

Either way, hopefully the real story comes out why this partnership ended and I hope some of the people who volunteered as teachers at the place are brave enough to speak out.

Chuck Brodsky to play Icon Lounge, Thursday Night, DTSF

YouTube Preview Image

Love this AC/DC ripoff band

The first couple of times I heard them, I just went ‘whatever’ but they grow on you.

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Kickback at the Icon Lounge


What a great Saturday Night! I ran into people I haven’t seen for almost 20 years!

RIP Ziggy

This has always been one my favorite Bowie songs. It’s basically about being a weird teenager and how your friends think you are cool the way you look and your parents are mortified. It’s probably about some other shit to. Who know with Bowie 🙂

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Before I was a blogger, I was a punkrocker . . . kinda


Here is a link to the Sneakies last album, redux. (1997)

You may know one of the lead guitarists, Jesse Christen, blues master and South Dakota’s best electric guitar player.

I met Jesse and Matt ‘Sideshow’ Staab at Your House for Coffee. I wanted to hang with the punk rock kids, they weren’t really punk, just stinky, which was fine with me.

I was the ‘unofficial’ roadie, the only member who didn’t play an instrument, but drank plenty of beer with them. Still can’t believe this was almost 20 years ago.

Still get chills up my back when I hear the licks and Bill’s drumming. I can’t tell you the number of nights that ended in disaster, hangovers and black eyes. The Sneakies were Sioux Falls original Punkrock band.