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Yeah, I’m Irish

I’m half Bull-hunk (Czech) on my mother’s side, but my German/Swiss/Russian great grandfather Ehrismann was married to a French/Irish Lass.

The greatest Irish band. Ever. Period.

VIOLET’s reunion show


Playing with one of my other favorite bands HOOKS FOR HANDS

(You are not ugly) Table

In preparation for the night I most dred waiting tables (I actually had the night off but was asked to assist) Here is a little something to remember when leaving the tip, a classic from my folk hero, Jack Logan.

VIOLET’s Reunion Show

My favorite local band of all time (except of course for The Marbles, Wumpus, Janitor Bob, Blues Bashers, Standard Time . . . you get the picture) is planning a reunion show at The District, early Spring.

I found out last night, and was chuckling today when I was randomly going through the microfiche at the DT library, doing some old photo research and found the ‘TEMPEST’ files.

It was worth a quarter to print this Pomp Room ad out. Almost 18 years ago. WOW!



Mr. Luden, former member of Rich Show’s first SF band, NO Direction, sent me this link today.

Here’s a little video from the last show.

Is this the official band of Huether’s re-election campaign?

Didn’t really take him as the Korean Death Metal-Screamo type. And No, I won’t marry you, heck, I’m not even going to vote for you.

Write your own caption

Now be nice, this was done as a fundraiser for Salvation Army in SF by 605 magazine.

“We are second in weather . . . but we are trying . . . we are the ones that don’t freak out when there is snowflake blither . . .

There’s a choice were making . . . hopefully it is me this Spring, I am the one that makes Sioux Falls better . . . Not you . . . Not Greg Jamison, not the city council that rubber stamps and stomps on freedom.”



I did not have ‘Saxual Relations’ with that woman

Besides the Moondoggies playing Tuesday night at Icon . . .

‘Rose Windows‘ will also make an appearance;

YouTube Preview Image

I couldn’t help thinking of my favorite folk songtress, Sandy Denny from ‘Fairport Convention’

YouTube Preview Image

Good times.

Gate of Charity – Jesse Christen CD release party

Special Guest @ Touch of Europe this weekend (Sep 27-28)

This gentleman will be playing Touch of Europe next weekend. Dennis is an accomplished Jazz singer from Milwaukee and cousin to local jazz and blues bassist Dave Fermenich.

YouTube Preview Image