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Molly Dean & Barbara Jean


Had the pleasure of seeing these lovely songwriters from Minnesota Saturday night in this awesome room in the basement of Prairie Berry. Had a great Touch of Europe feel about it.

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Thumbs Up to Mr. Andrew Travers


I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew this summer over some great micro-brews at my neighborhood watering hole. We had a great convo about public education in Sioux Falls and his tenure at McGovern school.

I was so happy to see this story about him on KDLT.

There are great people in our community, and Andrew is one of them.

Rosanne Cash at the Pavilion


She finished the show with this song tonight. I never cried so much to country songs. Right before the picture I told her how much my mom and I loved her father’s music. What a wonderful night, thank you to the Washington Pavilion Visual Arts Center you are still the premier entertainment place in town. In the above picture with Rosanne and me and cameraman Bruce is David Mann – Tour Manager & Soundman.

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Price discrepancies at the Events Center?

As we all know, the Events Center is NEW and very popular. Something else is evident from this ‘newness’ the high prices of concerts. On Sunday I was talking to a friend who said him and some other folks were taking a carload to Lincoln to see Def Leppard at the Pinnacle. I asked why he didn’t see them when they were at the Denny. He told me he was going to, but the seats he wanted were between $100-125. He told me he got comparable seats at the Pinnacle for $40. I still think he went to Lincoln so his friends wouldn’t see him in town going to see Def Leppard, because to be honest with you, $40 is about $39 more than I would pay to see Def Leppard.

The surprising part about this is that the Pinnacle isn’t that much older than the Denny, and tickets are $60 less for the same show? Do Sioux Falls taxpayers have a rude awakening coming in a couple of years when the newness of the Denny wears off and we are subsidizing it more? Kind of reminds you of another entertainment facility in Sioux Falls that we are constantly throwing money at and putting bandages on.


Proud of you Matt!

The Steep Canyon Rangers doing a song my friend Matt Fockler wrote, Lakota Sioux.

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Here is Matt doing his song

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Jesse & Brian kick out the Jams @ JazzFest


Stormland TV did a great story tonight about local musicians at JazzFest. Jesse has the best quotes;

“You can have a band, and you can practice all the time with that band, but you may never get good,” local guitarist Jesse Christen said. “Your main practice comes down to what you do at home and keeping your chops up.”

Looking forward to these two kick it once again on the main stage at JazzFest!

Music Club w/Lydia Loveless & Scott Hudson

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As you know, Scott and I had a short-lived podcast. He is a monster music fan and helped with a Replacements documentary, and now he is assisting with one about Lydia Loveless. They have been filming and he has been posting some fantastic photos of this amazing song writer.

I texted him the other night, “I’m so jealous of you right now!”


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Music Club w/Rodriguez

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Finally watched the DOC about him. WOW!

Dedicated to Obama’s visit

What I am watching


Just watched this fantastic DOC from 1997. Blue Note was one of the most legendary album labels of all time.