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UPDATE: Is the Sioux Falls Police Department not allowing ICON to have concerts?

UPDATE: I’ve heard that ICON is looking to alleviate the noise problem by doing some insulating themselves, BUT I have also heard the city gave an easement to the Jones building to allow patios on the Westside of the building which have large glass patio windows. This may be why the sound is penetrating the building so easily. So while this may NOT be the problem of the SFPD, it seems the building services department created the problem by not specifying some kind of sound barrier between the glass patio doors. This is why DT residences need to be planned better.

Recently I have noticed that ICON hasn’t been having concerts. I also noticed today that the Closet Monster reunion got moved to the District.

The rumor going around is that the SFPD has shut down live music at ICON until further notice due to decibel levels.

Apparently tenants in the NEW Jones building have been saying they can hear the music at ICON thru their walls.

• ICON was there first, and IMO it is the owners of the Jones building that are SOL.

• Apparently the Jones building is rumored to be way over budget and sound proofing the condo walls apparently wasn’t included or done right.

• When choosing to live downtown you have to realize you are part of an entertainment district that includes not only bars and restaurants but live entertainment. Living DT is noisy. If you didn’t know this before you moved down there, you are extremely naive. I have often believed that DT needs to be MORE lax on decibel levels DT instead of stricter.

• What do the tenants expect to do about the noise from the Levitt Pavilion when it opens? It will be much louder and more often.

I think someone at the SFPD is playing games with the developer who built the Jones building, Mr. Jeff Hazard, infamous designer of the bouncing balcony at the Pavilion and buckled siding on the EC. How does this guy have so much control of city hall and why does he continue to have his way with the good tax payers of this community?

JazzFest is on for 2018

I got word last night that JF is fully booked this year except for the local and regional acts, and it will be business as usual.

They also have been conducting a national search for Rob Joyce’s replacement as Executive Director and have several good prospects at this point.

RIP Mark E. Smith

The Fall’s founder and lead singer died today. The Fall is probably considered one of the greatest alternative bands of all time. Their style could not be described and Mark E. Smith liked it that way.

A very ‘Pogues’ Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas songs;

The first thing to say about The Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York” is that it is absurd when described in words.

Take an ever-soused Irish folk/punk band that includes a tin whistle player named Spider. Put them within a soaring orchestral arrangement, and task the shambolic front man with delivering a Christmas song. Make it a duet with a stage-fright afflicted singer who never quite became the pop starlet she wanted to be. The result is possibly the most sentimental Christmas song ever constructed, yet loved by people who spend December telling you, oh, how they despise sentimental Christmas songs.

When The Pogues teamed up with Kirsty MacColl to create “Fairytale of New York,” they made one of the only Christmas songs composed in the last 30 years that is likely to be heard and covered and beloved in another 50 or 100. If “Fairtytale” isn’t in your Christmas playlist, you’re doing something wrong.

Pavilion cancels Thursday night Jazz

Now that the 5 year contract has been renewed and the over a million a year in subsidies is coming in it’s time to start the chopping.

While the Thursday night jazz was not free ($5 cover) I felt it was well attended every time I went. I was told that they averaged about 50 people per event. In the bigger perspective, that’s a pretty good crowd for local jazz on a Thursday night.

There are also rumors flowing from the place that the Visual Arts Center will see major changes over the next year. Not sure what they will be, but what I have been hearing isn’t good.

It’s unfortunate that after almost 20 years the Pavilion is actually providing less and less FREE (or affordable) arts events to us common folk, even though the bonds were paid off years ago and the yearly subsidy and remodeling projects have increased by hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Where is the money going?

The Pavilion was built for the upper crust, and it is getting crustier by the day.

Monsieur Perine’

I have no idea what the ‘Sad Gentlemen‘ are singing about, but they are my new favorite band, and once you start listening to them you cannot stop. And trust me, you don’t have to know multiple languages to understand their passion (They are from Columbia, but their ‘French influenced Gypsy Jazz’ comes in many styles) Lead singer Catalina Garcia sings in a mixture of Spanish, French,English, and Portuguese. At the Latin Grammy Awards, the ensemble was named best new artist of 2015.

RIP Tom Petty

Probably one of the best concerts I have ever seen at the Sioux Falls Arena. Besides Fogerty, Petty is probably one of my favorite Male American classic rock singers.

Support Local Promoters; Shackshakers @ Big’s Tonight

While 60% of Sioux Falls will be at The Denty tonight knitting a new sweater at the Garth Show, I will be taking in a club show, put on by a local promoter at a local venue.  A portion of the money I spend will go to the promoter, the bar owner and it’s employees that will recirculate many times over in the community, unlike the Garth show that will suck millions out of our local economy.

The Suburbs, Take 16 Brewery in Luverne, MN, 7/14/17

In case you missed the Headliner at JazzFest last night; MarchFourth