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Pres. Bill Clinton in Sioux Falls, May 20, 2016

UPDATE: Bill Clinton visit


Update (11:24): Bruce is telling me there is about 500 people there (I think the District can hold around 1,500). Kind of bad planning on the Clinton organizers. Of course holding a rally at 9:30 AM on a Friday in a working class state like South Dakota wasn’t the brightest move.


One corporatist leader to introduce another (Huether), go figure. Should have seen this coming a mile away.


Cameraman Bruce will be covering the event for South DaCola this morning at the District.


The line around the District. Brady Mallory is on it.


The countdown starts


Sanders, now Clinton give Bruce credentials, our local mayor? Still in a state of denial.

I did not have ‘Saxual Relations’ with that woman

OPEN THREAD: Oh how we miss you Willy

Devil in a Blue Dress (uniform)


Stop Me If You Heard This One…

Bill and George Herbert need to start an Ex-Presidents of Comedy tour.

Who cares

At least Hillary is getting action somewhere, because we know she isn’t getting it from Slick Willy.

Carville said it best, “It was a cardboard cutout, big deal.”

Make sure you use the stain stick on the blue dress