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Former Mayor goes on Speaking Tour (kind of)

It’s probably too late to send these poor students condolences;

“Here was the game plan of my opponent. It was to make it so miserable for me the last two weeks, so what they did, they didn’t go after me. Guess who they went after,” He said. “They went after my wife.”

I wonder if he told the students WHY they went after his wife? Did it have anything to do with getting a TIF in one of her apartment investments or was it trying to rob the BID tax to market the Tennis Center that bears her husband’s name? I can’t remember.

Bad, Bad, Bad Mayor

Boy, if you thought our last mayor in Sioux Falls was a horrible brow beater, watch this mayor in Sherwood, OR. She is relentless. In fact, her town (around 20,000 folks) were so mad at her over her performance that night (August 15, 2017) they tried to recall her and the two city councilors who went along with her. She resigned before being recalled and the other two councilors were recalled.

What is interesting about this video besides the blatant corruption is that the city council has an OPEN RFP process and each councilor gets to vote on picking contractors for major contracts.

(FF: 20:00) YMCA Contract

Coors Light and Olives are calling