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Republicanistical Party

Love him or hate him, Barney Frank is a funny one. He slams a Republican who is trying to be clever;

Chris Matthews takes Darrell Issa to task on Hardball for using the term “Democrat Party”.

Matthews: Well, I think the Democratic Party calls itself the Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party. Do we have to do this every night? Why do people talk like this? Is this just fighting words to get the name wrong?

Issa: This isn’t intended to be fighting words.

Matthews: They call themselves the Democratic Party. Let’s just call people what they call themselves and stop the uh, the Mickey Mouse here. Save that for the stump-seriously.

Issa: Chris, Chris.

Matthews: Now let’s get to the issue here, seriously we’ve got a fiscal challenge. I want to go back to Congressman Frank and to some English here. Congressman Frank are you worried about the size of these WWII numbers here? Again, 1.75 trillion deficit this year. A spending level of almost 4 trillion. We’re almost running deficits as big as the revenue number we’re bringing in.

Frank: Well Chris let me first of all come to the defense of my colleague Mr. Issa and the Republicanistical Party that he represents, um and say that ah…

Issa: Thanks Barney.

Frank: You’re welcome there Darrell. The point is this. For him to say oh these are the Democrat’s deficits. I have never seen people disavow their own handiwork so quickly. And I knew that born again was an important strain, in in our society but born again deficit haters, it’s a new version.

Pile it up with all of the other bullshit..

The Obamas finally picked a breed. 

I guess all that talk of rescuing a dog was smoke being blown up our asses to make him seem like an Average Joe. They should have just gone to a shelter and picked a mutt to save, instead of perpetuating the notion that a pure-breed is somehow superior. They will end up paying $2000 or more for a puppy, when the rest of the country is in a recession.

Drug Dogs @ local music club?

UPDATE: Last night I was at Nutty’s North and asked about the drug dogs, rumor has it (yup more rumors – sorry) that the SFPD retrieved a phone from a hippie kid who died and found all kinds of messages and texts about drug trafficking at hippie concerts, so the cops have been sitting out on the sidewalk by the club during those kind of shows busting people. Mind you, they have legal authority to do that, because it is public property, but I would think they would have better things to do then bust young people for a couple of joints. The prudent, and intelligent thing to do is to investigate who is the ‘Kingpin’ in the operation instead swatting the flys. But hey, I’m no detective, so what do I know.

I heard a rumor yesterday that police brought drug dogs in Nutty’s North during a concert. Not sure if it is true, just wondering if anyone out their can verify?

This is disenhearting for several reasons. First off it is a clear violation of 4th Amendment rights, which of course is unconstitutional. The police either need a warrant or the establishment owner calling 911 and telling them they suspect drugs on the premise and want an investigation. Drug dogs can only legally search public property otherwise. I heard the search was random.

It is also disappointing beacuse all we ever hear about 24/7 from our city leaders is how we need a fricking Event Center to bring in top entertainment. Well guess what, Nutty’s brings in TOP ENTERTAINMENT, and then you turn drug dogs loose on them?

Until Sioux Falls pulls the conservative corncob out of our asses we will NEVER compete in entertainment with anyone in the region.

He’s a bad mutha..SHUT YO MOUTH!

I’m just talking about Obama….

Snark overload… must…. click… Publish…….

SC fans rejoice at the prospect of Nick's saliva residue

Because Valentine’s Day wasn’t lame enough already.

I heard if you buy enough of their merch, your ‘valentine’ comes with a Spill Canvas ‘touched’ butt plug and ass-less chaps.

Don’t let the door hit your . . .

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