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Hick Stickers! Git Yer Hick Stickers! (H/T – GP)

Yup, that is a cowboy and a horse kneeling at a cross, and the other sticker that says, ‘We don’t call 911!’

But we do have Cabelas’s on speed dial when we need more ammo.

My ‘Opinion’ on the School Sentinels Bill

Trust me, there are many compelling arguments as to why the Sentinel Bill is legislative stupidity on many levels;

A proposal to let schools arm volunteer “sentinels” for defense passed the South Dakota Senate Wednesday and could be headed to Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s desk.

The school sentinels bill gives every school district the option to arm teachers, staff or community volunteers, but doesn’t require any district to bring guns into schools.

Allowing guns in schools to make them safer is similar to storing gasoline next to your backyard firepit to make it safer.

But I’m sure my commenters will have plenty to say about whether it makes schools safer or not. My biggest problem with the passage of this bill is how our state continually comes across as backwoods hillbillies because of our state legislators. Even if this bill passes, there won’t be a single school board in this state that will approve having armed sentinels in their schools. So why even move ahead with this? You don’t heal a black eye by punching it again and you don’t make schools safer from gun violence by allowing more guns in schools.

Pouring gasoline on a fire

Wakeup America!

I usually don’t comment about this stuff, because the best solutions to our problems are obvious.

Cartoonist Ombre, Hector Curriel says it best;


Please let’s stop pretending we care about REAL gun control

This is an excellent article about gun control;

Americans do a great job of proclaiming our collective shock and outrage when some nut for the gazillionth time opens fire on a crowd of innocent bystanders at a movie theater, a college, a high school, a museum, or a post office, but at some point, if we aren’t going to do anything about it, maybe it’s time we stopped the charade of pretending we actually care.

How many times does someone have to drown in front of us, while we do nothing (and, instead, actually enable the death), before it’s time to conclude that perhaps we are part of the problem?

Like I have said in the past, I support 2nd Amendment rights. What I don’t support is making it too easy for people to get guns. Before you are allowed to drive, you must first pass a test. What test do gun owners have to pass about safety and proper handling of guns? And seriously, may I am ignorant to such a test existing, but I can’t find one.

This is a song about gun violence, that almost got censored at the Supersucker’s concerts after Columbine. Because, you know, songs kill people, not guns.