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Cuckoo Bird Letter of the Day

Apparently if you voted for Obama, McCain or NO on 11 you are a murderer. That’s a lot of people;

“No, Barack Obama and John McCain are both child-killing socialists. ”

“This makes him a murderer by even the pro-choice definition of murder. Yet 170,884 South Dakotans gave him their stamp of approval in Tuesday’s election. Apparently, genocide is OK . . .”

I’m surprised weirdos like this know how to hold a pen. I think the Gargoyle Leader opinion page editors need to use their brains before printing this kind of crap.

Gee, I wonder why McCain lost?

Divided we Fail

I found this funny toon in google images.

Big Surprise – NOT! New York Times

Let me tell you what my Friend, I lost, big time.

The End of an Error

ILUSTRATION; The Late Great Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth

The End of an Error

In all seriousness, it really doesn’t matter who wins the presidential race today, one thing is for sure, NO MORE BUSH.

I think he has been the worst president our country has ever seen. I still like the bumper sticker I have seen on several cars around town; ‘Never thought I would miss Nixon’

What surprises me the most is that he isn’t sitting in a jail cell with Cheney. Not only is there plenty of evidence to charge him with war crimes and crimes against humanity, he could have been impeached on violating the 4th Amendment alone (something he admitted to in a press conference – how much  more proof do you need?).

History will judge him very poorly. There has even been rumors circulating that he will be brought up on criminal charges when he steps out of office.

He has single-handily;

– Bankrupt our country

– Destroyed the middle-class

– Tore up our Constitution

– Destroyed our standing in the world

– Increased world terrorism in the world against our allies

– Contributed to global warming by removing energy regulations

– Destroyed the reputation of his party (which isn’t all that bad). He did get some help from Tom Delay on this one, and most recently, Ted Stevens.

And this is where Barack Obama comes in. If it weren’t for Bush’s pitiful failures, Obama may still just be a Senator from Illinois. He has been able to take the high road, and prove that you can be positive in a campaign and get results – we’ll know more about that tonight.



Why John McCain will lose ‘In a Walk’

Besides having a bunch of ignorant, idiotic, arrogant, greedy bastard lobbyists running his campaign and picking Governor Moose Drool as a running mate there is a bigger reason why John McLame will lose this election; not hammering home the issues that are known to be true.

John has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Obama, but it has mostly been stupid fluff and weirdo associations. Are they important? Yes they are, but most Americans don’t give a shit.

The one thing the McSpain campaign has yet to bring up is the fact that both houses of congress will be controlled by Democrats, and having a Democratic president would eliminate checks and balances when it comes to legislation.

Maybe the RNC told him not to talk about it (so they could keep their seats). Maybe they enjoyed the first 6 years of Bush’s presidency when they had the same advantage. Who knows? But I think it was fundamentally stupid not to bring it up. I think most voting Americans understand balance of power, and I think John could have made a good argument.

Even though I am an indy who usually never votes for a Republican, it still concerns me that we will have both houses controlled by Dems and the White House too.

Who will be watching the hen house? No one.

D-Bag of this Election Cycle Award goes to; Joe Lieberman

Though John McCain will probably lose, it won’t be because of Joe, who has stood by his (my) friend John through thick and thin.

Correcting John when he didn’t know there was a difference between the Iranian guard and Alqueda.

Take a big deuce on his party and speaking at the RNC.

Repeatly lying to voters about Obama’s record.

But I think the moment that sealed the D-Bag award for America’s favorite Jew was when Obama took Joe to a corner and chewed his ass on the senate floor. As you know, Obama is pretty leveled headed, probably one of the main reasons he has picked up so many endorsements, but it didn’t look like Obama and Joe were talking about football scores during their exchange.

Congrats Joe! May you spill your douchey-ness all over yourself.

I wonder how Kristi feels about this?

Former Pressler staffer and staunch Neo-Con Kristi (Stewart) Golden couldn’t be too happy to here this news;

Former Sen. Larry Pressler (R-S.D.), who was the first Vietnam veteran to serve in the United States Senate, is the latest Republican to back Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, Politico learned Sunday.

Pressler, who said that in addition to casting an absentee ballot for Obama he’d donated $500 to the Illinois senator’s campaign, cited the Democrat’s response to the financial crisis as the primary reason for his decision.

“I just got the feeling that Obama will be able to handle this financial crisis better, and I like his financial team of [former Treasury Secretary Robert] Rubin and [former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul] Volcker better,” he said. By contrast, John McCain’s “handling of the financial crisis made me feel nervous” [Alexander Burns, “Former GOP Senator, Vet Backs Obama,” Politico.com, 2008.10.26]

On a recent episode of the FACTS(?) on KCPO Kristi said that McCain would win ‘in a walk’. I wonder what she thinks of her former boss’ endorsement?

H/T Madville