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I guess we will have to count the votes by hand in Mitchell

Gee, seems like the logical thing to do!

“Our complaint is contesting the method by which the votes were counted,” Sioux Falls attorney Sam Khoroosi said. “It was conducted by a computerized voting machine. The count was done three times and each time, it came up with a different count.”

Khoroosi and his client, Guymon, says those different numbers aren’t providing a clear picture. That’s why they filed the complaint this morning.

“What we’re requesting is a manual confirmation of the vote count,” Khoroosi said.

It is unfortunate that a lawsuit had to be filed to make the Davison County Auditor do the logical thing. So why haven’t they counted the votes manually yet? Good question.

This is my educated guess, because it will show that vote counting machines are not accurate, and this will open up a gigantic can of worms. I am sure the company that maintains the machines will fight this, and mountains of taxpayers time and money will be wasted when you could simply have four people in a room for about 2 hours counting (at most) 6,000 votes.


SOS is on the hot seat once again

How do over 1,000 votes disappear?

After Tuesday’s primary, the Secretary of State’s Office reported about 6,100 votes were cast. But later on, the auditor reported that just more than 5,500 votes were cast.  And after Thursday’s recount, the official count was around 4,400.

I suppose I could go on another rant about the incompetence of Jason Gant, but why keep beating a dead horse? How do these many ballots going missing? Or the bigger question, were ballots overcounted?

Some say the only thing that will satisfy them is a re-vote.  Candidates have ten days after the election day to file a petition for a re-vote.

This should not have to be the case. Why should they inconvenance voters if these ballots exist, not to mention the tax payer money it will cost because of this incompetence? And the bigger question is how could they be off by that much? The AG’s office needs to do an investigation into election fraud (either intentional or accidental). It is blatantly obvious someone in the Davison county auditor’s office either screwed up accidentally or on purpose. This episode better end with someone in handcuffs.

Looks like the Mitchell city council doesn’t do a very good job of listening to the citizens either

They must have gotten the courage to vote for this boondoggle after the SF city council decided this was a good idea to. But in this online poll, it doesn’t look like too many people are buying it.

And you thought SculptureYawn sucked?! Cornelia unveiled


Still think the Happy Chef statue in Mitchell is cooler.


Why is he squatting like he is going to drop a deuce anyway?