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Jerstad, the gift that keeps giving (H/T – DWC)

I was waiting for Sandy to rear her head, and she does not disappoint. Not sure if she posted this caution sign, but it is even more funny then her ranting and raving in a dildo shop on surveyance camera.

Original image on DWC.



The funding farce for the SF Events Center is finally showing it’s ugly face in the media, bout time



Sandy gets it right for once.

They have already written a proposal before even meeting with local legislators;

Taylor presented a draft bill today which would enable cities to raise a sales tax for a specific purpose with local voter approval.

But it isn’t sitting well with all legislators;

“I have a problem with building it on the backs of the people who may not even be able to go to an event,” she told the group at the Orpheum Theatre Center. “A lot of people are hurting out there. So now we’re asking them to pay more for stuff and especially food. You can delay (buying) stuff, you can’t delay food.”

While I don’t always agree with Sandy on many issues, she is spot on on this one, but it doesn’t stop the spin cycle by the EC Task Force;

Task force co-chair Terry Baloun said food accounts for only about 8 percent of the roughly $50 million a 1-cent Sioux Falls sales tax would raise each year.

If you do the quick math, that is $4 million a year out of working families pockets to build AN ENTERTAINMENT FACILITY. But that is JUST FOOD. That does not include utilities, clothing and transportation, the stuff working class people spend a majority of their incomes on. Start adding up all those taxes and you are way over $4 million.

A combination of a B & B tax, an advertising tax and a corporate entertainment tax is the best way to pay for this facility, not to mention you can keep them in place permanently.

If you can’t take the heat, get outta the kitchen

Sandy can’t even admit guilt after she is caught red-handed;

State Sen. Sandy Jerstad was fined $413 after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge stemming from an accident last month in the parking lot of a Pierre hotel.

A defendant who enters a plea of no contest does not admit guilt but does not fight the charge.

She seems to be blaming ‘Women Drivers’ instead of herself -tsk, tsk Sandy (were you talking on your cellphone when it happened? I see that a lot in Sioux Falls).

“I’m a big target – partly, I believe, because of my gender

She also still is in a state of denial about how lawmakers should be held to a higher standard when it comes to following laws, laws they legislate;

“It amounted to absolutely nothing.”

“It’s absolutely been hellish,” she said of her time in the Legislature since the accident.

Sandy, may I suggest you get thicker skin or resign. I have enountered this a lot going to SF City Council meetings, some politicians seem to think they are immune to criticism when they do something wrong or make poor decisions. No wonder our country is in such a mess, no one wants to take responsibility for their actions anymore. I hope the constituents in her district raise even more HELL about it. As citizens we need to become less apathetic and more critical when dissenting our elected officials instead putting their faces on T-shirts. This is where ‘TRUE CHANGE’ comes from.

Senator Jerstad; The car-crushing superstar!

Sandy Jerstad attends the Bill Janklow driving school

I taught Sandy everything I know about driving, yah know, like ignoring laws and such

And gets in a fender bender on the way out . . .

Late Tuesday, Jerstad said she is “furious” about the situation.

“There is no investigation going on,” Jerstad said, adding that no one has examined her car.

She said she suspects that someone is trying to get her in trouble by “making up a big story.”

Yeah, Sandy, because if it ain’t the dildo peddlers out to get yah, it’s the Republicans and the media. A suggestion; Next time you hit a car in a parking lot, actually get out of your car and examine it.

A movie suggestion to Jerstad; America vs. Larry Flynt

A word to the wise; don’t mess with people’s constitutional rights, it can come back to bite you in the ass;

Sandy Jerstad says, “Well obviously you know I think that he did it to get back at me for writing legislature to regulate that kind of business and I would like to see it taken down, but I am not sitting around worrying about it.”

How is he getting back at you Sandy, he had such kind words;

Eliason says, “They do a lot to make South Dakota a better place to live. And it’s important we show that year round, not just at election time.”

Hide your vibrators and Viagra, there’s a new sheriff in town