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Them damn bacon eatin’ democrats!

Looks like the Democrats are once again at the feeding trough

This is what Republicans think of the recently passed stimulus package (H/T – Pity Pat Powers).

– $75 million for smoking cessation programs

Gosh Darn it! Where do these libs get off saving people money on health care costs!

– $50 million for arts funding

Educating our youth about culture!? What’s next?! FREE math, reading and science classes in our public schools!

– $335 million for treatment of STD’s

Larry Craig could have used this program, a few times.

– $1 Billion for Advanced Battery Loan Guarantee Program

Global Warming is myth, just ask Jay Trobec. Green energy just encourages hippies and pot smoking.

– $150 million for Smithsonian maintenance

Employing museum employees to learn us about American history is unacceptable! What you need to know about American history can be taught in a couple of paragraphs.

– $600 Million for cars for government employees

What! Another bailout for the American Car companies!? Pretty soon they are going to ask us for a $750 billion dollar bailout with no oversight, or a $1.4 trillion dollar tax cut for companies that send jobs overseas or a $750 billion dollar endless war in the Mideast. Geeeeezzz, the nerve of the Democrats!

David Frum Dumb-Dumb tells us something we already knew about his Republican party, he calls them ‘Brain Dead’

And you wonder why I let a gigantic yawn when I heard he ‘blogged’ about it.

Sioux Falls Stimulus Package Wish List

Below are the “shovel-ready” projects Sioux Falls submitted in the 2008 U.S. Conference of Mayors report.

South Dakota Highway 100: Construction of a new four-lane divided highway to alleviate congestion on existing state highways and local roads. Approximately one mile of the entire 18 miles has been completed. 2000 Jobs – $100,000,000 – Streets/Roads

Sioux Falls Flood Control Project: This project includes raising the current levees, reconstruction of the 41st Street bridge over the Big Sioux River, and construction of a dam to protect property totaling $750 million in value from flooding. 700 Jobs – $35,000,000 – Streets/Roads

69th Street Extension/Interstate 29/Interstate 229 Reconstruction: The project will provide a critical east-west link for the region’s transportation system and will alleviate traffic congestion on local roads and the interstate highway system. 500 Jobs – $25,000,000 – Streets/Roads

85th Street and Interstate 29 Interchange: The project will provide access to over 200 acres of land planned for a new medical/office/retail center that will include the creation of over 8,000 new jobs for the region. 400 Jobs – $20,000,000 – Streets/Roads

Rail Relocation Project: The project includes construction of a new rail yard, trestle, and accompanying connections in Sioux Falls. The existing tracks would be removed to allow for redevelopment of land in downtown Sioux Falls. 160 Jobs – $8,000,000 – Streets/Roads

69th Street Railroad Overpass: The project will improve safety for a nearby residential area that includes a K-12 educational campus and a college athletic complex. 150 Jobs – $7,500,000 – Streets/Roads

Maple Street Expansion East: This project will expand the City’s transportation system and connect two heavily used regional recreation facilities. 140 Jobs – $7,000,000 – Streets/Roads

Southeastern Avenue Extension: The project will improve access to a residential growth area in southern Sioux Falls. 70 jobs – $3,500,000 – Streets/Roads

Maple Street Expansion West: The project will improve safety and access to a major university campus and residential neighborhood in northwest Sioux Falls. 68 Jobs – $3,400,000 – Streets/Roads
Benson Road Expansion: The project will improve access to a growing retail and office development in western Sioux Falls. 56 Jobs – $2,800,000 – Streets/Roads

Central Main Sanitary Sewer: This project includes the reconstruction and expansion of a critical segment of the sanitary sewer system located along the Big Sioux River. 620 Jobs – $31,000,000 – Water

Water Supply, Storage, and Distribution Enhancements: The project will include expansion of the City’s above and below ground storage capabilities, new well construction, and replacement of aging distribution lines. 560 Jobs – $28,000,000 – Water

Covell Lake Bank Stabilization: This project will stabilize the banks of Covell Lake to prevent erosion of the shoreline and improve the water quality. 20 Jobs – $1,000,000 – Water

Public Parking ramp: This project includes the construction of a new public parking ramp providing approximately 1,000 parking stalls in the downtown area. 360 Jobs – $18,000,000 – CDBG

City Hall HVAC System: This project will replace the obsolete HVAC system at City Hall, which includes replacing the original boilers, installing digital controls, and associated equipment that will bring the air quality in the building up to current ASHR standards. 10 Jobs – $900,000 – CDBG

City Hall Elevator: The project will replace the present antiquated elevator in City Hall. 6 Jobs – $600,000 – CDBG

City Hall Annex HVAC controls: This project updates the HVAC controls in the Annex. 6 Jobs – $200,000 – CDBG

Caille Branch Library and Ronning Branch Library Improvements including a new roof, ice and water shields, security systems and carpet. 30 Jobs – $200,000 – CDBG

Energy Efficient Traffic and Street Lighting Systems: These projects will replace older, inefficient incandescent traffic signals and streetlights with high-efficiency LED lamps. 40 Jobs – $2,000,000 – Energy

Construction of an instititutional fiber network. 144 Jobs – $3,000,000 – Public Safety

Fire Rescue Training Center Tower:This project will replace the 30-year-old training fire building that is utilized by fire departments and law enforcement agencies across the region. 50 Jobs – $2,750,000 – Public Safety

Fire Rescue Training Center Academic Building: This project will provide for an addition and major renovations to the current 30-year-old training center academic building. 30 Jobs – $1,250,000 – Public Safety

Almost $295 million in projects – Good Luck with that! South Dakota cities submitted a total of $472 million in projects. That’s right, Sioux Falls is asking for over 60% of that cut. Is it selfish – not really, because this is only a ‘Wish List’ I suspect Sioux Falls won’t even get half that amount, but I guess we will see.

SOURCE: http://www.stimuluswatch.org/project/by_state

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