The Gargoyle Leader endorses McCain. This comes as no surprise. I argued with some of my contributors this week about it, a couple of them thought they would pick Obama. My argument for picking McCain? I know it seems cliche’ but the AL knows who butters their bread, and it ain’t liberal democrats – just read this statement about liberals (apparently boogie men to South Dakotans).

Sen. Barack Obama is a strong candidate and a compelling figure, but is a liberal Democrat by any measure. On many of the biggest issues facing the country, he simply is not the best candidate for South Dakota.

I always call a Argus endorsement ‘The Kiss of Death’. I guess Obama will win afterall.

6 Thoughts on “Sunday Shocker!

  1. Yup, today I read that Alaska’s largest paper endorsed Obama, as did Financial Times, and former SD GOP Senator Larry Pressler.

    Unless the Diebold/Premire touch screens perform a miracle for McCain on election night, I hope the Argus has a nice, steamy plate of crow to chow on with their endorsed, race baiting, off balance, pandering candidate. Given Diebold/Premire had a McCain bumper sticker on one of their trucks, wouldn’t be surprised if the win isn’t as great as it probably really is.

  2. I still like how the AL makes the word ‘liberal’ sound like a bad thing. They used it earlier in the week when they talked about Vanderlinde.

    McGovern wrote a great op-ed in Playboy a few years ago about being a proud liberal and all the things liberals have given to this country (social security for example). I should see if I can google it up.

  3. This just gets them off the hook to endorse Tim and Steph.

    It’s proof they are not a liberal rag (or they want to make that claim).

  4. Not sure what affect a Steph and Tim endorsement will have since they are both kicking ass in the polls, they could endorse Dykstra and Lien and it wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference.

  5. Ghost of Dude on October 27, 2008 at 7:17 am said:

    Logically, as a state that is on federal welfare (we take in many times more federal dollars than we send to DC), we should embrace liberal welfare programs and wealth redistribution. It works for us!

  6. I have a feeling that no matter who becomes the next Prez, there won’t be alot of handouts over the next 4 years, we can thank GW for that.

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