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I’m blushing a bit, for the 2nd time in one night, a different television reporter decided to look into what I have been discussing, a lot of tax and fee increases (KELO-TV screenshot);

While this is just the beginning, absent was the compounding of taxes, fees, levees, etc. I’m pretty sure this will be the LAST time we hear about this on the TV screen.

On a unrelated note, I hung out with members of the Femmes at the Top Hat after their show at the Pavilion. They didn’t give me any tax solutions.


#1 D@ily Spin on 07.11.18 at 10:54 am

There will be tax increases. They should be fair. People have moved in and growth is a radius around city limits. City and county residents must not have to support outside intervention.

#2 Warren Phear on 07.11.18 at 1:18 pm

Shelly Conlon of the Argus did a good job of explaining the school bond issue in this Saturday article. Not sure I completely understand the $3 levy stuff tho. This much is clear. The 4% interest on 190
Million is for 25 years is 110 million. That is a lot of money. The only way this pyramid scheme can work is for home valuations to rise…considerably over the next 10 years. My home is already assessed at more than we can realistically get for it. From the S Conlon article.

“Over time, we would just stay at that $3 levy between the two,” Vik said. “Then as valuations rise, the bond levy would drop a little and the capital outlay levy would creep up a little, just like we did with the 1997 bond.”
The only risk is the district would have to make some assumptions, including the key assumption of what land values go up in the district, he said.

#3 ?!? on 07.12.18 at 10:21 am

Why do Mahrer and the school board refer to the school bond issue as 190m when the true cost is closer to 300m?

#4 Rufusx on 07.14.18 at 11:08 am

Not t worry – Trump’s tax cuts (what?) should easily cover all these increases. Right?

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